5 Ways a CRM Can Make You An Influencer Marketing Ace

How many times have you opted out of receiving ads on the web, while visiting blog posts, or browsing social media?

If you’re like everyone else on the internet, you’ve probably done this more times than you can count. This raises an obvious issue for brands and sales teams — how do you deliver relevant, effective ads to your target audience if they don’t even want to see them?

Working with influencers amplifies your digital marketing and social media marketing efforts. Influencer Marketing campaigns help raise brand awareness within relevant communities and help garner consumer trust.

Influencer Marketing utilizes well-respected public figures (not necessarily limited to celebrity endorsements) to draw attention to your product or service and influence purchase behaviors of consumers within your target market. This can be achieved through content marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing.

influencer marketing crm


Influencers work across multiple channels through various social media, blog posts, or digital marketing platforms and use an individual’s status, expertise, or relationship with their audience to share their personal recommendation in order to change consumer behavior.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, such as Nimble, can help to streamline your communications with influencers, as well as to optimize your marketing efforts as a whole.

Here are five ways your CRM solution works in unison with your Influencer Marketing strategy to improve the sales process and marketing strategies of B2B and B2C companies alike.

1. Build Better Relationships

Instead of focusing on the sale, focus on building a mutually beneficial relationship with your target audience. Build relationships with your target market by cultivating a community in which your product or service helps to facilitates their own business growth, or adds value to their life. Your promotional efforts will not stand out as abrasive advertisements; rather, they will become a seamless facet of your target audience’s web or social media browsing experience.

Spark thought leadership-based conversations and communities among audience members who are your potential clients. Social CRM tools like Nimble, or other marketing tools such as BuzzSumo, to listen and identify the influencers within those communities that are a good fit for your brand and are driving conversations around areas you wish to participate in. You can also tap into apps such as Kred to help with targeting influencers.

2. Send Effective Group Outreach at Scale

Want to grow your influencer program at scale? Send effective outreach at scale.

At Nimble, our goal is to make it easier for you to send personalized messages at scale. You can send up to 100 group messages (upgrades available) per user per day using Nimble. This feature is not meant to blast your entire email list, but rather to message targeted groups of individuals.

Once you create a group of brands and influencers you want to reach out to, cycle through the contacts with our Nimble Prospector feature to find their missing email addresses for your outreach. Next, write the message to want to send to your target audience. After sending, wait for the open and click tracking customer stats to flow into Nimble so you can keep up with customer interactions and follow-up with influencers who engaged with your email.

Add our Nimble Smart Contacts app to your desktop and mobile device to send and track templated emails everywhere you work. Enable email tracking to get open and click notifications in Nimble and on your desktop when someone interacts with your message!

You can learn about group messaging here.

3. Tune into Social Insights

Influencer Marketing campaigns help generate more user-generated content for your brand; this puts you at a huge advantage from an SEO perspective, as user-generated content accounts for 25% of search results for some of the world’s most successful companies.

influencer marketing crm

Working with influencers not only helps boost your visibility on social platforms and puts your brand in front of your target audience on a more meaningful level but also amps up your ranking within search engines. Working with influencers can spark more conversations within your target market and draw more eyes to your product or service.

Don’t let the conversation end after one interaction! Respond to people’s comments, feedback, or questions on social platforms to let them know you’re listening to their needs.Tap into the social insights your CRM system provides you to better understand who is having conversations in the areas you want to be prevalent in. This proactive approach helps generate conversation surrounding your product or service, thus ensuring a bettering SEO ranking and a positive impression on potential customers.

4. Leverage Kred Scores

Nimble now integrates with Kred to help you directly identify key influencers in specific communities on social sites like Twitter and Facebook — all within the Nimble platform.

You can now use Nimble to identify heavy-hitter influencers within your company database to discover the impact your contacts have within the communities that count online.

Kred is a social scoring system that rates contacts based on two criteria: “Influence” and “Outreach.” Within Nimble, we display the Influence Score directly on a given contact record. We also give you the ability to search contacts by the influencer communities they belong to via Kred.

influencer marketing crm

The Kred Influence Score is on a scale of 0-1000 and points are earned through retweets, replies, and follows from contacts on Twitter. The bigger the reach of the community mentioning the contact, the higher their Influence Score will be.

By utilizing these Influence Groups, you can find areas of commonality that can be leveraged in your outreach with your contacts. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to break the ice using email outreach or if you want to get to know a prospective customer better.

5. Schedule Follow Up Reminders

It’s been proven that each person is capable of maintaining approximately 150 relationships in their lives without aid. Therefore, the Nimble team has made it our duty to ensure you build, scale, and maintain as many relationships as possible with key people who are important to your business.

With our new Stay in Touch reminder widget, it’s easier than ever to cultivate and maintain relationships with key influencers within your Nimble account.

Stay in Touch reminders are demonstrated in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual intervals to help you make sure you’re connecting with contacts in the proper intervals. If you ever fall “out of touch” with someone, they’ll appear atop your Stay in Touch reminder list in Nimble.

With the widget integrated into your Today Page dashboard, everyone you’ve fallen out of touch with will be top of mind. This enables you to know which connections require your immediate attention. Not ready to reach out yet? Simply hit the refresh button to reset and snooze the reminder.

Closing Thoughts

By using a CRM to build natural relationships with the right influencers, both parties can benefit for years to come. Influencer Marketing is more of an art than a science, but the potential gains from running a successful campaign can launch your brand into the stratosphere. If you can use the technology at your fingertips to keep up with the pace of Influencer Marketing as it continues to change and evolve, you will continue to cultivate long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.