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Relationship Management

Nimble Makes it Easy and Fun to Prospect Better, Smarter, Faster.

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The Smarter Way to Start Your Day

Every professional needs a dashboard that provides relationship insights and history about the prospects and customers who matter most. Quickly scan your Sales Pipeline, Calendar Appointments, Tasks, Sales Intelligence and Social Signals to track priorities and work effectively. Read More

Less Data Entry Equals More Customers With Less Work

Spend more time engaging your customers and less time logging CRM data. Nimble automatically syncs your team's Google Apps or Office 365 contacts, calendars, email and social interactions to give you the most accurate and current information.

Find People with Smart Social Search & Segmentation

Nimble is the first CRM that updates contacts with the information you need: company name, title, location, experience, education, shared relationships, mutual interests and more. We add social profile links for all of your contacts and companies to help you find critical details to allow you to take action. Read More

Smart Agenda & Activities

Nimble makes it easy to manage your tasks and calendar events. Relate events and tasks to contact and companies or delegate to other team members to know when they've followed up with a critical customer.

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Sales and Marketing

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