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Nimble Pricing. Simple. Easy.

per license/month
when billed annually
$25 per license/month when billed monthly

Sell Smarter Today - 14 Day Trial

  • Contact Management
  • Sales & Marketing Automation
  • 100 Group Messages/Day*
  • 25k Contact Records
  • 25 Prospector Credits*
  • Deal Pipeline and Reporting
  • E-mail Tracking and Analytics
  • 2 GB Storage/User*
  • Android and iPhone App
Have questions or need help with onboarding?
Contact care@nimble.com

Everything you need to grow your business

  • Contact Management
    Relationship Management
    Easily prepare for every meeting with Nimble’s rich contact and company details including automatic syncing of contacts, calendars, emails, social details, notifications and messages.
    Email, Contact and Calendar Sync
    Never miss an important engagement with our automatic email and calendar event sync.
    Contact and Company Profiles auto-complete/Update
    Let Nimble automatically create and update contact details to save time and have more accurate CRM data.
    Task/Activity Management
    Keep organized and in touch with robust activity management features.
    Calendar Management
    Manage your calendar in Nimble, including Google Cal sync and the ability to sync with your mobile calendars on our iPhone and Android app.
    Intelligent Stay In Touch Reminders
    Set Stay in Touch reminders to ensure that you don’t accidentally lose an important relationship.
  • Sales Automation
    Nimble Prospector
    Artificial Intelligence to help you automatically discover emails, phone numbers, and address details for all of your prospects.
    Account Management
    Stay top of mind with key accounts and collaborate as a team using Nimble’s company details and unified email, calendar and contacts history.
    Sales Intelligence
    Automatically find detailed contact insights from various sources to paint you a better picture of your contacts.
    Custom Data Fields and Tabs
    Customize data fields for companies and contacts to best suit the needs of your organization.
    Automatic Lead Data Capture
    Seamlessly add new leads from your inbox or while browsing the web with our Nimble Contacts App browser extension.
    Opportunity & Pipeline Management
    Track and report on all of the opportunities in your company's pipeline to keep a finger on the pulse of your business.
    Custom Pipeline Stages
    Tailor Nimble's Deal Pipeline to work the way your team manages prospect stages.
    Gmail & Outlook Email Plug-in
    Add Nimble to your existing email workflow for instant contact insights.
    Document Storage/Attachment
    Store important files from Google Drive or Dropbox to any Contact, Company, or Deal.
  • Marketing
    Group Messages
    Send personalized group messages to any segment of your contacts.
    Email Open and Click Reports
    Gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns with detailed reports.
    Real-time Open and Click Notifications
    Know the moment someone opens and interacts with your targeted message.
    Email Template Builder
    Build templates with custom fonts, formatting, images, file attachments, and hyperlink tracking.
    Messaging Templates
    Save time by using saved message templates for group or one-on-one communications.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Deal Dashboard
    Track and close more deals with our intuitive visual pipeline.
    Pipeline Forecast Reporting
    Measure the pulse of our sales team with our simple pipeline forecasts.
    Closed/Won/Lost Deal History Reporting
    Measure and understand your sales team’s effectiveness with detailed reports.
    Marketing Message Reporting
    Gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with detailed reports.
  • Social
    Social Media Listening and Engagement
    Listen closely to the people that matter to your business. Create, import, and share lists of influencers and important clients.
    Social Twitter Integration

    Easily import Twitter friends and followers to turn connections into conversations and relationships into revenue.

    • Nimble Contacts App Integration
    • Automatic Contact Profile Mapping
    • Syncs DMs, Mentions, RTs to your contacts
    • Status Updates
    • Follow Contacts
    • Import Lists
    • Post Scheduling
    Facebook Integration

    Start connecting with your business associates beyond the boardroom and office to develop trusted relationships that last.

    • Nimble Contacts App Browser Extension
    • Automatic Contact Profile Mapping
    • Status Updates
    Facebook Pages Integration

    Quickly respond to common questions or customer requests on your Facebook Business Page.

    • Nimble Contacts App Browser Extension
    • Notifications on Likes/Comments
    • Status Updates
    • Post Scheduling

    A picture tells a thousand words and so does our Nimble Instagram integration. Get to know people through their photos to deepen connections and conversations.

    • Nimble Contacts App Browser Extension
    • Notifications on Likes/Comments

    Nurture and Engage Prospects and Customers on Google+

    • Nimble Contacts App Browser Extension
    • Notifications on Likes/Comments

    Learn where your contacts love to visit by seeing their check-ins in Nimble.

    • Nimble Contacts App Browser Extension
    • Automatic Contact Profile Mapping
    • Import friends
    • Syncs check-ins

    Discover new ways to connect with investors, tech startups and people interested in technology on AngelList.

    • Nimble Contacts App Browser Extension
    • Automatic Profile Lookup
  • Mobile, Browser Apps and Other Apps
    Android and iPhone
    Bring Nimble with you on the road and let our mobile app add insights to your daily calendar and address book.
    Outlook/Office 365
    Add Nimble to Outlook or Office 365 for instant contact insights in your inbox. Learn more.
    Google Chrome Extension
    Work Everywhere You Work - Interact with Nimble records or add leads from Gmail, webmail, any web page, or web app.
    Firefox Extension
    Interact with Nimble records or add leads from Gmail, webmail, any web page, or web app.
    Safari Extension
    Work Everywhere You Work - Interact with Nimble records or add leads from Gmail, webmail, any web page, or web app.
  • Integration
    Data Import/Export
    Import and Export contacts from Spreadsheets (.CSV), Social, Google Contacts, or Android/iOS.
    Data Synchronization
    Synchronize contacts between other apps and Nimble via PieSync, BedRock Data, Zapier, or other 3rd party app.
    Dozens of 3rd Party App Integrations
    Visit our Nimble Marketplace to see our third party application integrations.
    Third Party API for Developers
    Import and update contacts over our API or build your own integration.
  • Google Apps for Work
    Google Drive
    Easily add files to Deals, Contacts, and Companies.
    Google Contacts Import
    Seamlessly import Google Contacts into Nimble.
    Automatic Gmail Sync
    All messages sync to your contacts so you’ll never miss an important communication.
    Google Calendar 2-Way Sync
    Sync all of your calendars and enrich your daily agenda with Nimble’s social contact insights.
  • Platform
    User Permissions
    Restrict message visibility, exports, and deletion actions for your team.
    CSV Contact Import
    Upload contacts from any data source
  • Business Plan
    License $25 per license, per month
    First 25,000 contacts included. Account upgrade available.
    Up to 2 GB of storage per user. Account upgrade available.
    Prospector Credits
    25 credits per user per month included.
    Group Messaging
    Up to 100 messages per user per day. Account upgrade available.
    Email Accounts
    Multiple email account support.
    Unlimited number of deals.
    Third Party Integrations
    Unlimited integrations and Third Party API.
    Customer Support
    Email and Twitter support included.
    Advanced Customization
    Add custom data fields for contact records to personalize your account experience.
  • Account Upgrades
    First 25,000 contact records included. $10/month for an additional 10,000 account contacts.
    Up to 2 GB of storage per user. $10 for an additional 10 GB.
    Group Messaging
    Upgrade to 200 or 300 group messages per user/day for an additional $10 or $20 per user/month.
    Contact Customer Care to upgrade.
    Prospector Credits
    Add 50, 100, 500, or 1000 Prospector Credits to your account.
    Learn More

Join the community of over 10,000 happy customers now!

Wes Schaeffer
Ivana Taylor
I meet all my best connections online and Nimble helps me make sure that each of these relationships gets the opportunity to grow.
Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer
PureMatter Digital Agency
Simply put, I can't work without Nimble. It's with me everywhere I go, and there every time I need it.

Common Pricing Questions

What counts as a contact in Nimble?

A contact is any named company or person record in your Nimble database.

How does the free trial work?

Your free trial lasts for 14 days and there is no credit card required. You may try Nimble with up to 5 licenses during your trial period.

How do I purchase Nimble?

After your free trial ends, you will be billed based on the number licenses on your account. Nimble is a recurring monthly subscription and you may cancel anytime. We also offer annual plans at a 12% discount for your entire account. Additional upgrades or licenses will be billed on a pro-rated basis.

When am I billed for user licenses?

Nimble's pricing is based on the number of licenses you have on your account. You will be billed at the time you add a license to your Nimble account Learn more.

When am I billed for storage and how is it calculated?

Each team member will have 2GB of storage for messages in Nimble. If you or a team member reaches this limit, you will be prompted to upgrade to add storage in 10GB increments at $10 per month. This bill is applied on a prorated basis for the remainder of the current billing cycle, and you will be billed the full amount at the start of the next billing cycle.

What’s a Solution Partner?

Nimble works with Solution Partners to provide a full spectrum of small business solutions. You may have been referred to Nimble via a partner, and their name will appear on the billing page in your account. To find a Solution Partner near you, visit our Solution Partner Locator.

Have another question?

Our Nimble Customer Care team is always happy to help you with any additional questions you might have. Send us a note at care@nimble.com and we will be in touch!