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KSU Center

"Nimble saves a salesperson a lot of time in the sales process and makes it easier and more enjoyable to do."

Scott Inks

Director of KSU Center for

Professional Selling

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"Having worked with many other CRMs, I have to say I absolutely love Workflows. I can easily drag people to the next stage and it gives me a clear view of my next steps. I immediately know if I haven’t thanked somebody yet, all the people I sent my work sample to."

Shana Pennington-Baird

Shana Pennington-Baird

Voice Over Artist

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"Nimble has been a game-changer for Nave Strategies. No one can manage 100% of their business by themselves and do it well. That’s where Nimble comes in."

Nave Strategies

J.L. Nave, III

Principal / Nave Strategies

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B Squared Media

"The Nimble and Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) pairing saves us time and money, which is very important to me. We are a fast-growing small business and a lean startup, so anything I can do to save the time on inputting data and focus more on selling is a big win for the company."

Brooke B. Sellas

CEO | B Squared Media

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

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"Traditional CRM solutions have gaps that reduce their value in the modern workplace. Nimble addresses these gaps by integrating with social media and web search to automatically enrich records in the system with context and eliminates the time spent by sales agents searching for background information on prospects."

Nucleus Research

Daniel Elman

Research Analyst | Nucleus Research

"The Nimble Prospecting tool, the app. I can simply, without going into Nimble, right from a webpage, right from LinkedIn, I can completely fill out somebody’s profile."

Adroit Integrators Inc.

Larry Levine

Author | Selling from the Heart

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"Nimble makes it far easier to access auto-enriched views of every customer and contact, as well as take next steps such as schedule meetings, assign follow-up tasks, and send messages."

Eamon Moore

CEO | Hikari

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"Nimble is the secret genius tool that I have been using for years to help automate my business. What got me hooked was the ability to tag and add contacts from social media into an organized CRM system and finding people's other matching social profiles without ever having to do any data entry or leave the social platform I'm working on."

The Digital Gal

Amanda Robinson

Founder |The Digital Gal

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

"What makes Nimble CRM unique is that it’s squarely focused on relationship-building, empowering the whole company (not just salespeople) to communicate effectively with all the requisite context & social insights they need to engage"

Sell More Now LLC

Rich Bohn

President | Sell More Now LLC


"I’ve been involved with a number of high-growth tech start-ups and have evaluated many CRM systems. Nimble has proven to be the right tool to achieve our goals of qualifying prospects quickly, increasing sales effectiveness, managing sales activity and tracking, and scaling our business processes. In the last six months alone, we have doubled our sales team. Nimble’s ability to automate sales processes and quickly access background and social information has been key to making this happen."

Oliver Deng

Co-Founder | Headhuntr.io

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"Nimble minimizes the amount of research our sales reps have to do, so they can focus on making productive connections."

Jane Edmonds

Marketing Administrator | Headhuntr.io

"My favorite thing about Nimble is that it helps me to segment my contacts, which increases the effectiveness of our Marketing, and enables me to build strong, lasting relationships."

The Client Orchardist

Ross Keating

Founder | The Client Orchardist

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"Before using Nimble, I knew I should be doing a better job of staying in touch with prospects and clients, but distractions always seemed to get in the way. Now, Nimble helps me keep in touch with the people who are important to me. Through its activities and reminders features, I never forgot to keep in touch with VIPs and I'm able to stay front of mind with them."

IT Business Growth Expert

Richard Tubb

Founder | IT Business Growth Expert


"We wanted a solution that would fit into our existing suite of products and solutions in place, and Nimble has done that very well. There are hundreds of CRM products out in the marketplace, but the level of integration and ease of use is really the differentiating factor."

Steve Slaughter

Channel Manager | AppSmart

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"I use Nimble as much as I use Gmail. It is a huge part of my work day. With Nimble, I have been able to cut my workflow time in half; it allows for more productivity and time to connect with prospects. The UX/UI improved drastically, allowing us to continue adding information like notes without having to launch the main app. The new Nimble Prospector has exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Nimble!"


Nicole Ponce

Influencer Manager | SEMrush

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"When Nimble says it's the first CRM that works for you everywhere you work, they aren't kidding. Their new Nimble Prospector works in Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), Outlook, Gmail, and Google Workspace (formerly known as GSuite). It even works in third-party apps like QuickBooks, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you haven't taken a look at the Nimble CRM recently, you should."

The Friedman Group LLC

Brad Friedman

President | The Friedman Group LLC

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Wampler Foundation

"Going forward, the foundation will be using Nimble focusing on the grant process, as well as creating digital efficiencies using Nimble for organizing donations and surveys sent to our past and current donors. We plan on using Nimble to be a very intricate part of the marketing efficiency process."

Paul Bradley Smith

CMO | Wampler Foundation

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"Innovations in Nimble’s 5.0 release ensure the company has a solid, exciting, & powerful future. I can’t recommend it highly enough."


Stuart Palm


"Nimble helps you develop individual connections by gathering your contacts into a single system of record and providing relationship context, engagement signals, contact data, and messaging tools within a single view that’s easy to navigate."

Seriously Social

Ian Anderson Gray

Founder | Seriously Social


"I started down the road with the intent to organize my contacts within a single system of record. When I tested Nimble and saw for myself the power of the sales intelligence capabilities and persona enrichment, I knew it was exactly what we needed to modernize our company."

Brad Banyas


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"I’ve been a Nimble user for a few years now. They really impressed me with the new Nimble Prospector. Now, I can go from ‘that looks like a cool person to contact' to ‘they’re all queued up and I’m ready to reach out to them’ in just a minute. I don’t even have to go into the CRM side of the program. It works wherever I’m working at the time. Nimble saves time, builds more complete first contact records, which means better time spent with prospects. Thanks, Nimble!"


Mike Wittensten

Founder & Managing Partner | StoryMiners

"Nimble Prospector is the additional tool you want to add to your toolkit. How much time does it take for you to research a new prospect and their social media? Having all options right in front of me makes it easy to do. Saving seconds (or minutes) per contact gives me more time to explore their details."


Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert | AHAthat


"Companies are looking for a trusted adviser to direct them on how to work more effectively, get visibility into their business and ensure all their tools are connected. We can do that for our customers with Nimble and they see the value very quickly."

Rosalyn Arntzen

CEO | Amaxra

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"As an entrepreneur, building relationships with prospects and clients is one of my top growth activities. Having good data is part of that equation, but data sits in so many places these days. With Nimble Prospector, I can easily build contact lists with accuracy across multiple platforms and websites. I can integrate that data easily into the Nimble CRM. That means better prospecting and higher value opportunities, because I can build better relationships."

Impact Instruction Group

Amy Franko

CEO | Amy Franko Associates

"The new and improved Nimble Prospector Chrome Plug-in is a godsend for anyone needing to quickly and efficiently create sales prospect lists or influencer lists. Because Prospector lives in your browser, you can simply surf, select and save a handful or hundreds of contacts into a custom prospecting list. This has already saved me countless hours and I've only been using it for a week."

Converse Digital

Tom Martin

Founder | Converse Digital


"Since we are using Nimble to manage relationships with our prospects and customers for two divisions of our customers, we’ve been heavily utilizing custom fields in Nimble. We created custom tabs and custom fields for each division. Our sales team was able to create saved segments for our customers in various locations for easy access. We like that saved segments are dynamic so we don’t have to manually update them. Every time a new customer matches the saved search criteria, they are automatically added to the segment."

Tara Mohajeri

Senior Vice President | StateCraft

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"I have never had a software meet my needs as well as this one. I can't imagine how much it will pay off after a few months of communicating with my clients and partners more regularly. I am a very organized guy, but this software is helping me take it to the next level."


Justin Biance

CEO | J. Biance Financial

"I would highly recommend Nimble to any small and medium-sized business and certainly if it’s an enterprise business, there are ways to incorporate Nimble as well."

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"Thanks to Nimble, we now have all of our notes and deals in one place and easily accessible by anyone in the company. We don’t have to go through eight thousand different spreadsheets to find what we are looking for."

Lauren Turow

Head of Growth Operations | Lately

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"The Today Page gives me a clear understanding of the lead generation and sales tasks I need to prioritize in order to close more deals. Single-click access to contacts’ enriched profiles helps me communicate more effectively with all my customers and prospective buyers."


Shane Barker

Founder | Shane Barker Consulting

"Nimble is very intuitive, simple to use, and gives us so much useful data. We’re excited to increase our use of Nimble to help us improve our prospecting and relationship management efforts."


Magdalena Urbaniak

Founder & Head of Strategy | MaxTractor.Agency

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