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How Nimble Helped This Lead Generation Expert Grow His Business from $0 to $25,000 Per Month

With over 20 years of experience in sales under his belt, Jim Duffy operates a lead-generation business specialized in forensic accountants, business evaluation experts, and economic damage experts. Since starting his own business over 5 years ago, Jim has been using Nimble to help his company go from $0 in revenue to $25,000 a month. 

Jim relies heavily on the rich contact database of attorneys he’s built in Nimble over the years, as well as Nimble’s Segmentation and Group Messaging features.

Using Nimble’s Data Segmentation to Build Detailed Segmented Lists

Nearly 70,000 contacts are stored and organized in Jim’s database, including almost 54,000 attorneys. Jim uses Nimble’s segmentation tool to filter through and narrow down his database to find clients with the right backgrounds and experience. He can target his contacts by name, company, title, location, bio, influence groups, tags, and more. 

Nimble tip: Manually put all the additional critical information into the Description field that was not automatically added by Nimble. This will allow you to use Nimble’s Segmentation to create personas.

Nimble will automatically create searchable bios for your contact records from various different sources, including their social media accounts. As Jim says, “the best thing about these bios in Nimble is that they consist of the information that people wrote about themselves.” He recommends doing additional research and adding any information you might find about your contacts that is important to your specific business case and the way you would be segmenting your Nimble database.

Frontside research builds your contact database and enables you to build different personas; the way you use this data enables you to quickly extract relevant and personalized information for your prospecting needs.

In the video below, Jim is using Nimble’s contact listing to segment his database to find out all the attorneys that have the keyword “white collar” in their bios and are based in Chicago. He then narrows down the search to find a specific attorney that prosecuted John Gotti. Jim made sure that this information is available on the person’s contact record so he was able to just add another filter with the keyword “Gotti” to find this one specific attorney.

Build Your Database with a Cold Calling Success in Mind

Building a useful database requires a lot of work. Jim has amassed a comprehensive list of each contact’s biographies from their different online platforms and he uses it as a reliable source of information. He stresses that looking at unstructured data can be more important than structured data. Unstructured data, like biographies, tell us stories of who individuals are as people. The best way to really get somebody’s attention is to bring up something about them that they are proud of.

Nimble Tip: Gather biographies from different platforms to create a more comprehensive overview of each contact.

Jim Duffy - Nimble Customer“When you’re cold calling somebody, they are usually going to be on their guard. They are in fight or flight mode and they want to get you off the phone. A great way to bring the draw bridge down is to start talking about them. This immediately buys me more time and I’m usually able to book an appointment.”

Nimble Tip: Use keywords and consider capitalizing them to make it easy for you to quickly identify relevant background information about your contacts which you can use when cold calling and/or crafting a message for them.

Creating Personalized Points of Contact 

Jim knows that one contact is a perfect match for his client to call on because he has used the biography feature to highlight his contact’s specialization in copyright infringement, past education, and work. Use interesting pieces of information to warm up a cold call; knowing that his contact had previously worked with the Black Eyed Peas, Jim may reach out with something like this:

“Hi, I’m working with Jim Smith of XYZ company, I work on his behalf, specifically with a number of litigators focused on intellectual property in the music business. I see that you formerly worked with the Black Eyed Peas…” 

Personalize Group Messages to Reach up to 70% Open Rates

Jim has been relying heavily on the Group Message feature in Nimble and says that some of the critical factors are working with a smaller segment, using a persona, and personalizing the subject line.

In the video below, he’s showing one specific outreach that got a 70.8% open rate. He attributes the success to dedicating time to proper segmentation and personalization. 

A Closing Testimonial from a Happy Customer

Jim has been using Nimble for about five years now and was kind enough to record a short video testimonial to help other sales professionals like him to be more successful at what they do. 

Here are some quotes from Jim’s video:

“I would highly recommend Nimble to any small and medium-sized business and certainly if it’s an enterprise business, there are ways to incorporate Nimble as well. 

“Nimble is designed for salespeople so they could work with something that would help them to actually do their job, close more deals, and make more money and also do it in a fashion that you can be very proud of.”

“With Nimble, you can get very granular about the people that we are calling. Everything is about relationships and the more you know about your customers, the better.”

You can also watch the entire video here.

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