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Nimble Today - The Simply Smarter Way to Start Your Day

Our newly redesigned today page allows you to quickly scan your Sales Pipeline, Calendar Appointments, Tasks, Sales Intelligence and Social Signals to track priorities and work effectively. Learn More


Nimble Mobile 3.0 CRM

Nimble’s social sales and marketing CRM and pipeline manager for mobile teams and professionals unifies contacts from mobile, cloud-based and desktop records into a comprehensive relationship manager. Nimble surfaces the history of conversations, provides social context. and enables enables Office 365 and G Suite users to quickly and effectively follow up and and follow through on opportunities using Nimble’s templated emails, email tracking and visual pipeline manager. Learn More


Nimble Prospector - The Simply Smarter Way to Prospect

Fill Your Pipeline & Close More Business with Nimble Prospector

Your contact data comes from all over and it’s tough to keep everything up to date. Our Prospector feature uses AI to complete and update contacts with the latest email, phone number, location, title and company. Prospector is available in our Smart Contacts App or our Nimble Web App. Learn More


Built for Office 365 and Google Apps for Work

Nimble Unifies Office 365 and Google Apps for Your Whole Team

Nimble delivers simple CRM to Google Apps and Office 365 by unifying contacts, email, calendar and social history into a powerful contact manager enabling everyone in your company to work as a team. Our Social Sales and Marketing features makes it easy to connect with prospects and grow your business.


Smart Insights Alongside your Office 365 and Google Apps Inboxes

The Nimble Smart Contacts App for Chrome, Safari and Firefox delivers business insights on people and companies you work with to help you connect intelligently and take action inside Office 365, Google Apps and everywhere else you work. Learn more about Nimble in Google Apps


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