Nimble Releases New Add-in for Microsoft Teams

Nimble Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Business professionals rely on their favorite communication applications like Microsoft Teams to connect with prospects and customers and collaborate with their teams. 

That’s why we are excited to share that we have built an in-app add-in for Microsoft Teams! This add-in will enable users to prepare before meetings, log details during meetings, and most importantly follow up after meetings. 

We are big believers that CRMs need to work with and for you, wherever you work. You shouldn’t have to leave the places where you prospect or interact with customers. Nimble works directly in your inbox and anywhere on the web via our Nimble Prospector browser extension. As part of our continuous effort to streamline collaboration and allow our customers to focus on what matters — relationship building — we have integrated with Microsoft Teams!

“Knowing exactly what our customers are all about when was the last time we talked to them, what was discussed, and what the next steps are is crucial to developing and sustaining successful business relationships. This is why we are so excited about our integration with Microsoft Teams,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble. “Nimble customers can now view key customer records, take notes, and send follow-ups directly from the Teams interface.”

Make Your Meetings as Effective as Possible 

More of us are easing back into normalcy and starting to travel and meet people in person. That means we need to be able to easily access our customer information from anywhere, at any time. 

The Nimble add-in allows users to prepare for meetings by accessing information about the people they are meeting with before, during, and after calls. It’s also easy to take notes, and send trackable and templated follow-up emails.

“It’s your job as a business professional to find out everything you possibly can about the people you are meeting with. Coming into the meeting prepared shows your prospects and customers that you value them and their time. This part is crucial, but what’s even more important is a timely and proper follow-up. Our Microsoft Teams add-in allows you to achieve all that before, during, and after your meetings directly from Teams,” says Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble.

Access Nimble Contact Records from Microsoft Teams

Boost your productivity by bringing Nimble with you into the Microsoft Teams meeting experience. The Nimble add-in for Microsoft Teams provides users with the tools they need to prepare for meetings. This add-in makes it easy to create new contact records and add them to Nimble and access existing, rich contact records within the MS Teams interface.

Microsoft Teams - Nimble - Build Live Profile

Nimble automatically enriches contact records with personal and social information.  This arms Nimble users with the information they need to engage intelligently while saving time on research and data entry. Create new contact records, open up existing ones, and read through people’s biographies to learn more about their experience, work history, and areas of interest and influence.

Microsoft Teams - Nimble - Contact Record Smart Summary

This is especially useful for getting a quick refresher on who the person is before launching the meeting. You can show them that they matter to you by demonstrating that you have taken the time to learn more about them and their business.

Sync Your Meeting Notes Directly to Nimble

It is crucial to make sure that you keep a record of everything you discussed in your meetings. The Nimble Microsoft Teams integration enables you to take notes during meetings. You can also sync them to related contact records in Nimble.

Microsoft Teams - Nimble - Sync Notes

As long as all meeting attendees have been added to Nimble, the notes will display on all their records.

Nimble - Notes Display in Contact Record

Send Trackable and Timely Follow-ups

Never forget to send follow-up emails with next steps again! You can now send follow-up emails right after the meeting and have them synced to your CRM. 

Microsoft Teams - Nimble - Follow-up

To save you even more time, the title of the event will be the name of the subject line. Additionally, the details you’ve added in the follow-up section will be in the message body. All attendees are added to the message as well. 

Follow-up Email

The Future of Work Requires You to Be Nimble

The hybrid work model is here to stay and business professionals expect their apps to adapt along with them. Because of this, Microsoft announced its plans for opening programming interfaces, components, and tools to third-party developers during the annual developer conference, MS Build.

Microsoft Teams Jeff Teper

“The new reality of hybrid work requires structural change to how we build and interact with applications. We need a new class of applications centered around collaboration versus individual productivity. Apps that enable synchronous and asynchronous modes of collaboration with real-time meetings, ad hoc messaging, content creation, automation of business processes. All in a single organizing layer. Microsoft Teams was built for this very purpose of enabling collaboration,” said Jeff Teper, CVP-Microsoft Collaboration with Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, during his opening keynote.

With over 145 million daily users, Microsoft Teams has become THE digital platform for work and learning. That’s why we developed this add-in— to help YOU collaborate and grow, wherever you work, the Nimble way.

Add Nimble to Microsoft Teams

For detailed information about how to add the Nimble add-in to your Microsoft Teams account, follow the steps in this support article

Messages sent from Nimble are done from your connected email accounts. Ensure that you have connected an email account to Nimble before taking this step. Learn more here: Get Started: Connecting Your Email and Social Accounts To Nimble

Additionally, you get the option to track the messages sent from Nimble for Open/Clicks as well as send templated messages. For more information about this, please take a look at the following: How To: Send Tracked Messages With Nimble.

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