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Nimble unifies all your Voice Over contacts, communications and calendars. Automate follow-up reminders, boost your network outreach & streamline business processes.

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Marc Scott

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What Makes Nimble a Great CRM for Voice Actors

Nimble is the ideal CRM for voice actors, streamlining contact management, auditions, bookings, and client interactions. Its seamless integration with your workflow ensures effortless project tracking and optimized outcomes.


Relationship-focused CRM

Nimble is the perfect CRM for actors that value nurturing relationships, not just tracking dollars and deals.


Unifies Contacts

Imagine a CRM that automagically builds itself from your siloed contacts & enriches contacts with social and business data.


Works Everywhere

Create new or edit existing contact records directly from your inbox, LinkedIn and anywhere else you engage on the web.


Manages Business Processes

Nimble’s Workflows manage people-related processes that drive business growth.

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How Nimble CRM Helps Grow Your Voice Over Business

Streamline voice-over prospects, auditions, clients, and follow-ups. Efficiently categorize contacts, send tailored individual and group emails, and monitor auditions and projects.


Unify Contacts, Calendars, Communications

Nimble unifies all your contacts, calendars and communications into one contact record. It automatically finds additional business information for you and makes it easy to customize it to fit your needs.

database unification


Manage Contacts with Ease

Use Nimble’s custom fields and/or tags to organize your voice over contacts for easy segmentation and outreach.

contact organization


Automate Follow-ups & Touch Cycles

Set custom Stay in Touch reminders to get automatically reminded when it’s time to reach out to important contacts in your network.

relationship management


Create Advanced Segments & Send Trackable Group Messages

Nimble’s segmentation feature allows you to create targeted segments. Create dynamic saved searches or send up to 300 messages per day and get insights on all your clicks and opens.

segmentation & email marketing


Track Auditions, Client Projects and Other Business Outcomes

Use Nimble’s custom multiple Workflows boards and deal pipelines to ensure you are successfully tracking all your processes and business outcomes.

workflows & deals

Why Nimble is Uniquely Great for Voice Over Actors

Nimble's CRM, tailored for voice-over actors, effortlessly creates, updates, and maintains contacts, integrating seamlessly with email, LinkedIn, web apps, and websites. Leverage our Workflows and Automations to streamline people-centric processes and fuel business growth.

unify contacts

Unify & Enrich Contacts, Calendars, Communications

Easily bring all your contacts into one place and let Nimble enrich it with people & company data saving time on research and data entry.

organize database

Organize & Segment Your Database

Use tags, custom fields and saved searches to organize your contacts. Nimble’s Segmentation allows you to slice your database into targeted segments.

send messages

Send Personalized Group Messages

Send up to 300 targeted group messages per day and get detailed insights on the clicks and opens. Utilize templates to save time.

automatic process

Create Automatic Touch Cycle Process

Nimble’s unique Stay in Touch feature offers custom automatic reminders to help you build and nurture your voice over relationships.

track auditions

Track Auditions & Projects

All auditions, projects, leads, & deals can be tracked in a traditional pipeline or on Nimble’s unique customizable Workflow board.

manage tasks

Manage Tasks & To-dos

Setup tasks to email clients after your job goes live or to remind yourself to follow-up with a client that promised a collaboration in the future.

mail Integration

Gmail & Outlook Integration

Nimble seamlessly integrates with both Microsoft and Google environments. Utilize our Gmail & Outlook add-ins to use Nimble straight from your inbox.

browser extensions

Browser & Email Extensions

Nimble Prospector allows you to simply hover over any name anywhere on the internet to either create new or access/edit existing contact records.

I can easily attribute 7k to 10k of new revenue this year to Nimble. It helps me add new revenue to my business by simply semi-automating my tasks and touch points

Paul Boucher

Bilingual Voice Actor/Narrator

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