Nimble Transformed Marc Scott’s

How Nimble Transformed Marc Scott’s Voice Acting Business

About Marc Scott

As a full-time professional voice actor, Marc enjoys getting in the booth and telling stories. Taking words on a page and speaking them into something that’ll keep your audience engaged and prompt them to take action. Marc teaches you what you need to know to become the consistently working voice actor you want to be. As a Business and Marketing Coach for Voice Actors, Marc’s objective is simple. Give you the tools, resources, and coaching you need to help you grow your voice-over business.

Name: Marc Scott

Company Name: Marc Scott Voice Over

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Location: Ontario, Canada

Title: Voice-Over Coach

The Challenge: Scattered Information

In the highly competitive voice acting landscape, staying organized and effectively managing contacts and opportunities is crucial for success. Before discovering Nimble, Marc Scott, a renowned professional voice actor, and voice acting coach, faced numerous challenges that hindered his productivity and caused missed opportunities.

Marc struggled with scattered organization, a common issue faced by many professionals juggling multiple projects and contacts simultaneously. Marc had all his information in numerous places, such as his inbox, spreadsheets, and various task managers, creating a chaotic web of data that lacked cohesion and consistency. 

Marc often forgot to reconnect with important contacts without a centralized system to track follow-ups. Whether it was a potential client, a collaboration opportunity, or a promising industry connection, the lack of an organized reminder system resulted in missed follow-ups and potential partnerships slipping away. This costly oversight affected his productivity and hindered his professional growth.

“If there were one thing I could go back and do all over again early in my voice-over business, it would be to start with a CRM sooner.”

The Solution: Adopting Nimble to Boost Organization

Marc knew that in order to grow, he needed to get a handle on how he operated his business.  Having a disconnected view of all of this information was limiting his opportunities. Marc needed one software that would hold his contacts, provide a rich contact history, streamline his processes, log his to-dos, and assist in marketing efforts. That’s when Marc discovered the beauty of CRM and fell in love with Nimble. 

Lead Details

Using the Lead Details feature changed the way Marc communicated with his database. By leveraging this powerful tool, he captured specific information about each lead, allowing him to make informed decisions and prioritize his actions effectively.

With Nimble’s Lead Details feature, Marc gained the ability to mark the status of each lead, providing him with a clear overview of where each prospect stood in his pipeline. Whether a lead was actively engaged, inactive, considered dead, or already contacted, Marc could easily identify the status and take appropriate actions accordingly. 

The ability to label the source of each lead proved invaluable to Marc’s lead attribution strategy. By categorizing leads based on their sources, such as website leads, referrals, or other channels, he could track the effectiveness of his marketing efforts and understand which lead-generation methods yielded the best results. This insightful data allowed Marc to refine his lead acquisition strategies and allocate resources more efficiently.

Identifying the type of lead—whether a prospect, client, or general lead—proved crucial for Marc’s personalized engagement approach. By utilizing Nimble’s Lead Details feature to categorize each lead type accurately, Marc could tailor his communication and engagement strategies to cater to different leads’ specific needs and interests. This targeted approach enhanced his chances of building stronger relationships and securing new opportunities.

Personalized Outreaches

In his pursuit of personalized outreach, Marc Scott harnessed the power of Nimble’s advanced features—Tags, Segmentation, and Group Messaging. These tools saved him valuable time and allowed him to tailor his marketing efforts, ensuring that his messages resonated with each contact’s specific interests and needs.

Marc understood the importance of categorizing his contacts for targeted engagement. With Nimble’s Tags feature, he assigned relevant tags to each contact based on their genre and geographical location. By labeling contacts with specific tags, Marc created a structured system that enabled him to quickly identify and filter contacts with similar attributes.

Once Marc had tagged his contacts, he utilized Nimble’s Segmentation feature to create customized lists based on those tags. With just a few clicks, Marc could pull up every contact who is a prospect in e-learning who he hasn’t contacted in more than 30 days.

After creating a segmented list of contacts, he could seamlessly compose and send mass emails to the entire group, all from within the Nimble platform. This efficient and time-saving functionality enabled Marc to deliver consistent, tailored messages to his target audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement, response, and conversion.

Stay-in-Touch Reminders

Marc’s number one challenge when starting his voice-over business was being unable to keep track of who he had already contacted and who he hadn’t. Recognizing the significance of maintaining consistent communication, Marc turned to Nimble’s Stay in Touch Reminders feature to ensure he never missed an opportunity to reconnect with important individuals in his database. This built-in accountability tool proved indispensable in overcoming his previous challenges and forging lasting connections.

Marc says that consistent engagement was key to remaining top of mind for his clients and prospects. By staying connected, Marc nurtured relationships, solidified his professional reputation, and ensured that his expertise and services were at the forefront of people’s minds. This proactive approach minimized the risk of missed opportunities and positioned him for continued success.

“When you don’t forget about your clients, they don’t forget about you.”

Why Using a CRM is Crucial for a Voice Artist 

Voice actors like Marc Scott navigate a competitive industry where effective organization, personalized outreach, and timely follow-ups can make all the difference. Nimble CRM emerges as an indispensable tool, addressing voice actors’ unique challenges and providing solutions that empower their success.

Marc says without the help of Nimble’s robust features, “there is a 0% chance [he] would be able to keep everything straight.” Running your own business is hard, time-consuming, and exhausting.

One of Marc’s most significant benefits with Nimble overall is the amount of time he saves, and absolutely no contacts get left behind. Marc can rest easy, knowing he’s running his business efficiently and making the most of every opportunity. 

Nimble empowers voice actors to streamline their workflows, nurture relationships, and seize every opportunity that comes their way.

“The long-term benefits of taking the time to set up your CRM more than pay for themselves”

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