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Christopher King’s Nimble Approach to Connecting with Intent in Consulting

About Christopher King

Christopher King is a conscious leader who is principle-centered, value-driven, growth-minded, and servant leader who possesses a grateful spirit. King has over 30 years as an entrepreneur, business consultant, systems engineer, real estate developer, as well as the former founder and president of two business organizations: the D.C. Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and the Business League of Greater Washington.

King is also the Chief Value Creator for King Connections and a strategic thinking partner to Conscious Leaders to help them to define the strategy, create the systems and workflow processes that guides them the Connecting With Intent formula.

Company Name: King Connections

Industry: Consulting

Title: Chief Value Creator


The Challenge: Connecting with Intent

In today’s consulting world, meaningful connections with like-minded individuals drive personal growth and collective progress. King emphasizes that having commonalities alone doesn’t guarantee a deep alignment of principles and values, stating, “The problem with systems is that we are often pushed into forcefully created tribes with people that we have things in common with.“.

To foster transformative collaborations, King suggests connecting with conscious leaders who share similar principles. He states, “What I focus on is helping conscious leaders connect with conscious leaders with whom they have things in alignment with.” It’s crucial for conscious leaders to prioritize connections with individuals who share core beliefs and aspirations, rather than relying on superficial similarities.

Facilitating this process, King highlights the significance of Nimble’s relationship building software in conjunction with LinkedIn. He explains, “Nimble’s relationship building software allows me to look for other conscious leaders in conjunction with LinkedIn and find folks based on their group affiliations, enabling me to seek alignment.” By leveraging these tools, conscious leaders actively seek out like-minded individuals who align with their values, initiating the formation of a professional tribe.

According to King, preparation is key in connecting with intent. He states, “The way that you connect with intent is through preparation.Nimble empowers King to adequately prepare before establishing professional connections, ensuring he enters interactions with confidence and readiness.

The Solution: Simplified Contact Importing & Streamlined Communication

Nimble Prospector has revolutionized the way King outreaches to potential clients and connections. One of Nimble Prospector’s stand-out features is it’s capability to automatically populate contact information. King particularly appreciates this and says, “I love that I don’t have to fill out the bio and all of those things because Nimble does it for me.” Nimble’s automation capabilities eliminate the need for manual data entry, saving King from the tedious task of filling out bios and other details. 

King also utilizes Nimble Prospector to quickly add connections. When composing emails, he can seamlessly add people on the fly, even importing contacts directly from platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. King notes, “I’ve been able to use Nimble’s widgets when I send out emails, I can just add people on the fly, I can add people from Facebook on the fly, so that feature has been extremely helpful.” The ease of use and real-time integration with multiple platforms allow King to streamline his communication process, saving him valuable time and effort.

When using Nimble Propsector, King takes time to fully examine his new contacts’ social media profiles. He essentially uses Nimble’s auto-population capabilities to conduct research on his connections prior to formally contacting them. With the insights gathered through this research, King can reference topics and discussions individuals have been engaging in on social media. He says, “When I actually do send out an invitation to them [new contacts], I can reference some of the things that they’ve already been talking about on social media sites based off of my Nimble research.” This personalized approach allows King to establish a connection right from the start.

​​King highly values the Marked As Important contact feature and Stay In Touch Reminders provided by Nimble. He emphasizes the importance of these features, stating, “Weekly reminders are key because my focus is connecting with intent, vetting 30 people per-month is a lot of time and effort. So having Nimble there to let me know who’s important and how often I need to stay in touch, has been a huge asset for me.”.

With the assistance of Nimble, King can efficiently prioritize his efforts and maintain regular communication with key contacts. The reminders ensure that he stays on top of his relationship-building activities, allowing him to connect with intent and nurture important connections effectively.

Why Using a CRM is Crucial for a Consultant

Nimble has significantly improved King’s ability to stay in touch with the right individuals, enhancing his effectiveness in relationship management. King says, “Nimble has helped me become much more effective with staying in touch with individuals, and staying in touch with the right individuals.” This capability allows King to nurture and maintain relationships, which are vital for success in the consulting industry.

In King’s experience, the ability to stay in touch with clients and prospects is a determining factor in winning or losing deals. He emphasizes, “A lot of deals are won and lost based on how you stay in touch with somebody.”. Nimble’s functionalities, such as Stay in Touch reminders and Task Reminders, have been instrumental in King’s business growth. These features empower King to maintain regular and timely communication with clients and prospects, enabling him to increase his chances of winning deals and driving business growth.

King believes success in consulting is rooted in nurturing relationships, as he emphasizes, “At the end of the day, everything is about relationships.” Nimble’s unique capabilities provide him with holistic insights into his contacts, enabling personalized approaches, tailored solutions, and a focus on genuine connections rather than mere networking. With Nimble as his secret weapon, King prioritizes relationship-building and establishing trust and collaboration, which are indispensable for consulting success.

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