Learn How This International Company Uses Nimble’s Group Messaging to Increase Engagement and Open Rates

Nimble’s Messaging Increase Engagement

StateCraft is a subsidiary of State Industries, their mother company. They are an international company with about five divisions with offices in the US and Canada. We were lucky enough to have a chance to catch up with StateCraft’s VP Tara Mohajeri to talk about how StateCraft uses Nimble and its Group Messaging feature to send personalized outreach at scale. 

What do you do?

StateCraft is a custom architectural fabricator. We specialize in being able to cut almost any material to any shape. We bring architects, landscape architects, and interior designers’ visions into reality. We build what they design.

We use state-of-the-art waterjet technology to cut precise designs and intricate shapes into almost any material.

statecraft architectural fabricators

How big is your company?

State Industries employs about 90 people.

What is your role?

Tara Mohajeri

I’m StateCraft’s Senior VP focusing on strategy and operations for marketing and sales and an international market. Our focus is on the US and Canada.

What challenges did you face in your business that prompted you to look for a CRM?

As we are growing, we need a robust way of reaching out to our clients. It’s all about relationships, and we need to collaborate with our clients in a systematic way. We looked into several CRMs and decided that Nimble was the right fit for our business needs. We are still in the learning process, but Nimble has been good so far. We also like the fact that we can integrate it with other applications as we grow into a bigger company. 

What features of Nimble did you feel were best suited for the challenges your industry typically faces? What features do you love the most?

We like having the ability to regularly send emails to our customers and take advantage of Nimble’s Group Messaging. It allows us to blast a large number of people at once, but make the emails look personable at the same time. 

Since we are using Nimble to manage relationships with our prospects and customers for two divisions of our customers, we’ve been heavily utilizing custom fields in Nimble. We created custom tabs and custom fields for each division. Our sales team was able to create saved segments for our customers in various locations for easy access. We like that saved segments are dynamic so we don’t have to manually update them. Every time a new customer matches the saved search criteria, they are automatically added to the segment.

nimble custom fields

We use Office 365 and use the Outlook add-ons to be able to add new customers into Nimble straight from our inbox as well as to update existing contact records. 

We like the fact that we can access Nimble in our Outlook and on the web using the Nimble Prospector browser plug-in.

What other systems do you use? Do you integrate them with Nimble?

Our company uses Office 365. We integrate our emails, calendars, and contacts with Nimble. We also enjoy the social media integration with Twitter and being able to use the Nimble Prospector browser extension on other platforms like LinkedIn.

Who is using Nimble and why? 

Our management team who is responsible for the overall strategy of our company, both our marketing and sales teams are also using Nimble. 

Any metrics or positive business results you can share?  

Nimble allows us to reach out and send mass emails to certain groups of targeted audiences, which saves us a lot of time on outreach and marketing. It helps us nurture our current relationships with customers and also keeps our sales and marketing organized.

Any feedback/what would you like to be improved/changed?

We are looking forward to Nimble integrating with PowerBI so we’ll be able to create dashboards and report on more of our business activities and derive results from it and adjust as necessary. 

We very much appreciate all the training materials that Nimble provides. There’s a lot to learn as we are growing, but the training webinars and videos are very useful.

Tips for other users

Our sales team heavily relies on custom fields in Nimble, segmentation and saved segments, and (of course) the already mentioned group messaging.

How to Get Started

If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Office 365 and G Suite teams.

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