How the Wampler Foundation Uses Nimble

Wampler Foundation - Nimble Customer

To learn more about how Stephen J Wampler and the Wampler Foundation use Nimble we need to know a little more about this amazing human being. Stephen J Wampler is a unique person. He defines the definition of persistence, tenacity and inner strength. We all look up to him as a leader. The strength of his mind is found in his message.

It’s all about what you CAN do! adventure, optimism, self-reliance & ambition.

Stephen has cerebral palsy and climbed “El Capitan” in 2010. No man or woman with his conditions has attempted or completed this daunting task. Stephen is in the class of his own. Learn more about what Stephen has accomplished in the video below.

Video: Wampler Ascent MOVIE TRAILER ?

Stephen’s efforts in climbing “El Capitan” doing something nobody has ever done before with his condition has allowed him to focus on Camp Wamp.   

Camp Wamp Mission, “To provide life-changing outdoor education experiences to physically disabled children.”

The Camp Wamp Experience 

After becoming the CMO Chief Marketing Officer of the Wampler Foundation as a Nimble Solution Partner we began to work together to integrate the efficiencies Nimble creates into the foundation process. This includes distributing the brand and message across social channels, donation support, volunteer work and organizing events.

The following five Nimble features bring tremendous marketing efficiencies to the Stephen J Wampler Foundation:

  1. Group Messaging feature is OUTSTANDING for updating volunteers, donations and organizing events and reaching out to local groups – Stephen loves when he can see who opened the message and which links they clicked on
  2. Nimble offers a unique ability to segment data (ie) slice and dice it for various purposes like updating donators, organizing events keeping past donators updated on new updates  
  3. Signals for insights uncovering new opportunities for donators and volunteers
  4. Recently began using Pending Deals for larger donations
  5. Contacts – Organization of all contacts for the Foundation
  6. Prospector – Prospecting tool which allows us to find contact information for new donors

Going forward the foundation will be using Nimble focusing on the grant process and creating digital efficiencies using Nimble for organizing donations and surveys sent to our past and current donators. We plan on using Nimble to be a very intricate part of the marketing efficiency process.

In July of 2017, a large donation allowed Stephen J Wampler to finally live out his dreams of owning the land for Camp Wamp.  A large donator acquired 129 acres in the High Sierras located near Soda Springs with a 9-acre lake that has brook trout. Stephen now has an amazing place to take Camp Wampers to.  It’s called Camp Wamp Deer Lake. Link to:

Our main focus going forward will be to use Nimble to create efficiencies for new donations so we can sponsor every single child with physical disabilities ages 10-18 to come to camp over each summer. Children come from all over the USA and International to get inspired by Stephen and become more self-reliant.  

Stephen J Wampler is really excited about the efficiencies Nimble has created for the Wampler Foundation. It allows him to focus on doing what he does best. Inspiring young physically disabled children to create adventure, optimism, self-reliance & ambition in their lives. For more information, his website is

Please contact us for more information on how we use Nimble. As a Nimble CRM Solution Partner, we are consistently looking for ways to create efficiencies and growth.  

This includes the foundation and businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

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