Nimble Helps Sales Game

How Nimble Helps Lately Stay on Top of Their Sales Game

Lately is an artificially intelligent content curation platform and writing software. Lately also offers content scheduling and publishing features, but their ultimate goal is to help people to be better writers on social media. Lately is an early-stage startup that has been using Nimble since 2019.

Nimble is Lately’s Ultimate Source of Truth

Lauren Turow, Lately’s VP of Customer Success shared with us that before their team implemented Nimble, they were struggling with everyone having their notes about prospects and customers in different places.

Lauren Turow, - Customer“We were all struggling with not having one ultimate source of truth. Thanks to Nimble, we now have all of our notes and deals in one place and easily accessible by anyone in the company.” Lauren added that “We don’t have to go through eight thousand different spreadsheets to find what we are looking for.” 

Lately made it a part of their process to make sure that they always put all their meeting notes onto the appropriate deals. Having everything in one place is especially useful because it ensures that we don’t lose any important information even in the case that a salesperson leaves the company.  

Gmail Plugin for The Win! No More Time Wasted on Data Entry

“Being able to easily add people straight from Gmail has changed my entire process and has been extremely helpful. Rather than taking their name, their email, opening Nimble in a new tab, and copying all the information in there, I use the Gmail plugin to create new contact records in seconds”, says Lauren.

Lately also uses the Nimble Gmail plugin to create deals straight from their inboxes. When creating a deal, it’s very easy to select the appropriate pipeline, put the deal into the appropriate stage, setup expected close dote, as well as to schedule any possible followups, add notes, etc. “I spend most of my time in my inbox so it’s convenient to have the ability to quickly add anything I might need to add,” shares Lauren.

nimble g suite plug in

Another feature that the guys over at Lately rely on in their sales process is email tracking. It does not matter if you prefer sending emails from Gmail or from the Nimble platform directly, you can easily track all your emails and get notifications when your prospects or customers are interacting with your email. This arms you with the ability to immediately follow-up by email or phone at the right time — when people are actually thinking about you and are reviewing what you sent them.

Customize Your Today Page Dashboard to See Where to Focus Your Attention

Nimble’s Today Page provides an intuitive, high-level dashboard that displays the pulse of your business to help you take smarter actions. Each individual Nimble user gets to completely customize their dashboard based on their role and responsibilities. The Today Page offers the following widgets: Tasks, Calendar Events, Deals, Email Tracking, Stage Funnel, etc.

Towards the end of each day, I also log into Nimble directly to review my Today Page and review all my Tasks, and what’s on my calendar to make sure that I don’t forget about anything important”, shares Lauren.

Prospecting Made Easy

Nimble Prospector is available to be used in an email inbox as well as on any website, including social media sites. In addition to making it easier for everybody to be able to quickly create new contact records, it also has a contact discovery feature. This feature helps you to find missing email addresses, phone numbers, social platforms, websites, and more). 

How to Get Started

If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Office 365 and G Suite teams.