How Amaxra Closes the Office 365/Dynamics Gap with Nimble

Dynamics Gap with Nimble

About the Company

Based in Redmond, WA, Amaxra is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Solutions Provider, Business Management, and Technology Solutions firm that helps customers meet their specific business needs and goals.  Amaxra’s technology and process consultants evaluate their customers’ processes, technologies, and current challenges to deliver cost-effective business solutions. Amaxra’s business is focussed on licensing, collaboration, CRM and security.

Founded in 2007, Amaxra has ranked among the fastest growing companies on the Inc 5000 list.

The Challenge

Amaxra specializes in providing custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions that deliver a significant return on investment.  However, they saw a need for a solution that could help SMBs (small and medium-size businesses) and small workgroups to get to that next level.

Many of their SMB customers were using Outlook or Excel as their contact relationship manager but weren’t a good fit or ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a result, some customers struggled to get any real value out of the systems they were using because they weren’t integrated and their teams couldn’t work together effectively.

When Amaxra heard about Nimble, they tested the solution for themselves because a core tenet of the company is that they must use and believe in a platform before they can sell it to their customers.

rosalyn arntzenIt’s much harder to evangelize a product solution to your customers if you’re not using the solution yourself. Using Nimble allowed us to understand its capabilities and what it can help you achieve. We saw the difference Nimble can make in your business, and we knew it was the perfect solution for our SMB customers,” explains Rosalyn Arntzen, President and CEO.

In Amaxra’s case, they were already using Dynamics 365 so they were particularly interested in the extra functionality provided by Nimble when combined with Dynamics 365 but they also reviewed from the perspective of a customer who had no CRM or found their current CRM solution too complex to fully use. After experiencing Nimble for themselves, Amaxra knew they’d found the right solution not only for their team but their customers as well.

The Amaxra + Nimble Solution for Office 365 Workgroups

Amaxra resells Nimble as both a simple but powerful stand-alone CRM for Office 365 users and as an add-in to Dynamics 365.

The Amaxra + Nimble combination allows Amaxra to offer a solution that unifies contacts from each individuals’ Office 365 email, contacts, and calendars as well as from social media and more than 160 applications under one roof.  Staff can access enriched profiles — including social identities, business insights, and engagement history — for each contact in one location. With access to contact profiles enriched with business and social insights, as well as the history of interactions across the organization, clients can engage with prospects and customers in a more meaningful and personal way.

Amaxra resells Nimble


Clients enjoy the flexibility and convenience of being able to access enriched company and contact records in whatever application they work in, including Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Skype for Business, Web browser and more than 160+ SaaS business applications.  ​

Nimble acts as a powerful relationship and pipeline manager, allowing Office 365 users to send personalized emails and assign follow-up tasks without ever leaving their Inbox, making it easier to connect with prospects and grow their business.

Amaxra + Nimble for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customers

It can be challenging for customers with small teams that have limited IT budgets and support resources, to get the most out of their Dynamics 365 investment because it can require extensive customization and consulting to fit the product to their needs.  In these cases, Amaxra recommends combining Nimble with Dynamics 365 to enable customers to derive greater value out of their technology investment.

Nimble closes the gap for customers who have invested in Dynamics 365 CRM for customer engagement but are using it more like a Rolodex. Nimble can help you further the capabilities of Dynamics 365, resulting in the customer getting more value out of their investment and their relationship with you as the partner, which leads to a happier client,” adds Rosalyn.

Thanks to Nimble’s social media integration, clients can easily qualify and add leads from Office 365 and social sites to Dynamics 365 with the click of a button. Nimble then enriches those contacts with sales intelligence and social information for targeted outreach.

Nimble’s CRM capabilities and integration with Dynamics 365 allow customers to access their data in either Nimble or Dynamics 365 application and use the best tool for the job, whether it’s following up on any contact using Dynamics 365 workflows or using Nimble’s social prospecting and sales intelligence tools within the browser.

Clients also appreciate the ability to access their Dynamics 365 contacts, as well as other business contacts, anywhere they work with the Nimble Mobile App, improving productivity and connectivity with customers.

Companies are looking for a trusted adviser to direct them on how to work more effectively, get visibility into their business and ensure all their tools are connected. We can do that for our customers with Nimble and they see the value very quickly,” concludes Rosalyn.