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Introducing Nimble Today: The Smarter Way to Start Your Day for Success

Nimble’s newly optimized Today Page gives you a clear, customizable dashboard view of your sales pipeline, calendar appointments, tasks, and social signals.

Combining sales intelligence and social insights, the Today Page helps you gauge your most important priorities and work more effectively. Start your day with essential business insights about your contacts to take actions that will help you build better relationships and close more deals.

Take Control of Your Sales Process: The Deals Pipeline widget lets you track deals directly from your dashboard. Hover over a deal to access engagement history and view insights on the people and companies involved. Update deal statuses, add notes to existing deals or create new deals.


Visualize Your Sales Funnel: This high level view of your sales pipeline performance enables you to know exactly how many opportunities you need to close in order to hit your goals. Zoom into any opportunity stage to take your next steps.


Follow Up on Tasks: Follow through on today’s to-dos to ensure you’re on top of everything you need to complete to grow your business. Review and assign delegated tasks to optimize accountability and communication across the board.


Be Prepared for All Your Meetings: Know everything you need to know, exactly when you need it. Nimble prepares you with both social and customer relationship insights about the people you’re meeting with. See profiles complete with an in-depth history of communication with your entire team.


Connect with Highlighted Contacts: Nimble recommends people to connect with based on the preferred keywords you plug into our AI-powered intelligence engine. You’ll only see the highlighted contacts you want to see based on the parameters you’ve set, such as title, location, company, or interests.


Scan Business Engagement Signals: Discover engagement opportunities with customers and prospects by seeing their Twitter profiles, birthday, and more to let you know the important details about those in your network.


More widgets to be added in 2018!

Start Using the Today Page now:

Our newly designed Today Page is available for all Nimble plans today! If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

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