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Fast-Growing Startup Cuts Their Collaboration Time by 50% Using Google Apps and Nimble, While Saving the Planet

Fast-Growing Startup Cuts Their Collaboration Time by 50% Using Google Apps and Nimble, While Saving the Planet
By April 14, 2014 Case Studies, Customer Focus

A.M. Custom Clothing is the leading environmentally and ethically certified custom clothing company in the UK. Focused not only on revenue but also motivated by a desire for a healthy planet, co-founder Alex Franklin makes it a priority to achieve certification by external watchdog organizations.

“In the cotton industry, it’s the supply chain that needs to be cleaned up. It’s easy for a supplier to look good when buyers come in, and return to bad practices afterwards. Our system is modeled to keep the pressure on with continuous scrutiny. The Fairtrade and Fair Wear Foundations are both impressive and doing a lot to insure compliance.”

Alex and his business partner, Michael Williams, do their homework to find the best suppliers, and they also give talks at universities about the benefits of a focus on sustainability in business. They’re in business to help change the world.

a.m. huff post

A recent Huffington Post article tells their story.

According to Alex, “Our typical customer is universities, which are conscious of their environmental footprint. They purchase custom-branded clothing — logo-branded or for special events.”

“Once in the door, people come back to us. The quality of our clothing is very high — from raw materials right through the design process. We believe, though, that it’s our focus on ethical practices that resonates with our typical end buyer. We’re passionate about the planet, as are a lot of people in our generation.”

Getting On Board with Google Apps and Nimble

“We switched to Google Apps recently, and it’s a massive asset — far easier than any other platform we tried. We use Google Drive, for instance, so that we can travel and work ‘on the go’ on different devices. There’s no barrier to collaboration. Now we’re all on Gmail, too, and can read our email in Nimble — and our calendars are synchronized through Google. Mike tells me we immediately saw a 50% reduction on collaborative tasks. The team adjusted to the change to Gmail in short order.”

“Nimble adoption was dead easy. We just got into it immediately and saw tremendous benefits. We’re all using it with absolutely no difficulty. The Nimble interface is self-explanatory. There was no learning curve.”

The Big Deal That Almost Got Away

“We immediately were reminded of a huge deal in our pipeline — several thousand pounds — as soon as we set up Nimble. We had lost track of this prospect. As we were entering information in Nimble’s Deals feature we rediscovered them, reached out, got the Deal moving again, and it resulted in a very big sale.”

“In the past, we used untidy, inefficient spreadsheets for different client segments. That’s a recipe for having business ‘go missing’. Now with everything pulled into Google Drive and Nimble, we look at those contacts, see the communications history, and can keep it all straight. It’s like having a personal assistant who works for peanuts!”

For A.M. Custom Clothing, It’s All About Relationships

Alex knows that business workflow is not only keeping in touch, but keeping on top of people in a graceful way.

“We’ve managed to progress a lot faster. Before, when we’d complete a deal, we’d get as far as shipping the order but the process of invoicing was inefficient. Nimble has sped up this process and made it a lot easier to keep on top of. Nimble ensures nothing can slip through the cracks while maintaining efficiency.”

“For us the most dramatic feature of Nimble is the very complete and up-to-date contact record. You see every bit of related information. There’s no confusion, you can see all the email history, and the Social Tab is right there so you can remind yourself of the context. You can add a note, set reminders, or schedule tasks then and there, so you don’t crowd your brain with information you’ll never be able to remember.”

Finding Nimble Through an Evangelist

“We saw a tweet from a friend (at a mid-size app development firm down the hall from us) recommending Nimble. We had been looking for just such a platform. We tried it and loved it. Now we couldn’t live without it. It’s made us so much more efficient and productive.”

Nimble Everywhere Launch – Nimble Chrome Extension and Widget 2.0

Nimble Everywhere Launch – Nimble Chrome Extension and Widget 2.0

“Nimble” as a verb

Nimble has a lot to tell (and show) today. Over the past few months, we’ve added significant new features with a focus on insights, around the motto, Nimble Everywhere! We’re now introducing the Nimble Contacts Widget for the Chrome browser, as well as a completely redesigned experience (think of it as v2.0) for the Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail.

Nimble Chrome Widget Right-Click

Right-Click on a highlighted name directly from Chrome.

Our goal is to have our customers say, “Just Nimble ’em” to learn more… And start down the path towards better business relationships.

Nimble any contact instantly

The ability to add a contact profile in Nimble is as easy as highlighting a name in the Chrome web browser, right-clicking ‘A Nimble search for…’, and letting Nimble build that contact profile automatically, in seconds. This process enables the Nimble user to add contacts easily.  This is enormously helpful as you come across people you may want to learn more about and engage with, as you encounter them across the web. The Nimble Contacts Widget also helps you take action by communicating with contacts, across networks, adding tasks, curating the contact to start connecting and schedule follow-ups directly within the widget itself. It also works for companies, where you can look up all your Nimble contacts at a given company, by highlighting the company name.

Nimble Chrome Widget

“Nimble” Any Contact Instantly From Your Browser

Save time, build contacts everywhere you go

Today, sales people spend almost 20% of their time researching accounts and prospects by Googling them, with much of this time wasted. Nimble immediately trims the amount of time spent profiling contacts with it’s Smart Summary view, now inside the Nimble Contacts Widget. Better still, each contact can be curated, connected with, and a nurture cycle can start right there… In short, the power of Nimble, now accessible everywhere.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across an article or mention of someone I’d want to approach and wish that I’d have a system in place that tells me who they are and tracks all my subsequent conversations with them,” said Julio Viskovich, Senior Digital Strategy Architect at Glacier Media. “Now, I have that accessible to me everywhere I’m at, from my browser to my Inbox.”

The Nimble Widget in action

For a quick spin on the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome, check out this brief demo video:

Nimble Widget for Chrome

Brief Demo Video of the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome

Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome

Get it today!

Add the Nimble Widgets:

What customers are saying…

What will you say?

We’d love for you to try the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome and tell us your thoughts? If you like what you see, please help spread the word.

Nimble App for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013 Joins the Microsoft Office Store!

Nimble App for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013 Joins the Microsoft Office Store!
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But indulge us for a minute on some of the proof points that indicate that the social selling message is taking hold:

  • >2.5X year-over-year growth in revenue from Q3 2012 to Q3 2013

  • Active Nimble users have grown by 5X since January this year.

  • 20% of users adopt paid plan after free trial

In Nimble’s 3rd quarter, we saw signups span across 150 countries. Nimble Business subscribers saw its largest quarter to date, signing on its greatest number of new companies, and building on its global success with 55% of these new accounts headquartered outside of North America. Read more ›

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