Nimble App for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013 Joins the Microsoft Office Store!

Today, we are excited to announce a new Nimble Contacts Widget for Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook 2013. The new Nimble App for Microsoft Office makes it easy for Office and Outlook users to take action from their Nimble full and detailed view of any contact — right from their email!

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Get your Nimble Contacts Widget for Outlook now!

That’s right, you can now access any Nimble Contact Record within Outlook as you review your email.  We know how much of your day is spent conducting email tasks, and now we’re right there to help.

Click on the Nimble Contact card,  and immediately take action to grow relationships in an even more efficient and productive way without jumping from app to app or browser to browser.

Our mission is to save you time and keystrokes, by presenting all the information you need to interact meaningfully — to build, deepen, and nurture your most important asset — your business relationships.


Here’s what Outlook users can do by using the Nimble Contacts Widget from within email:

  • See contact Name, Title, Bio, Description, and more

  • See the Last Contacted date (by you or your team)

  • Mark a contact as Important

  • Set Stay in Touch Reminders

  • Monitor and post to social streams like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+

  • See all contact history (including messages on social channels)

  • Manage Deals, Activities, Tasks, Notes, and Reminders — and create new ones

  • Import contacts Into Nimble

  • Edit and save a contact’s information

Nimble is constantly working to improve your workflow, productivity, and efficiency as you juggle the tasks and details of thousands of people and companies. We continue to automate  processes that foster genuine person-to-person engagement with prospects and customers — creating an airtight system where important opportunities for engagement don’t fall through the cracks.

Our current motto is: Nimble Everywhere! We’re building Nimble to fit into leading applications that business people live in as they address their daily workflow. Look for more widget news shortly!

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