Salespeople Love Using Nimble

Why Salespeople Love Using Nimble

In the sales game, repeated customer interaction and relationship building are the keys to success. 

As a company grows, salespeople consistently reach out to new prospects while maintaining relationships with current customers. To keep their database properly organized, they’ll need a CRM that can keep up with the workload. 

Here at Nimble, we provide the perfect CRM solution for your sales needs. However, you don’t have to take our word for it… See what our users have to say!

Time Saved on Research Now Spent on Engaging

One of the biggest benefits of using Nimble CRM as a salesperson falls in line with saving your own time. Nimble allows users to streamline their sales process through database management, efficient use of time, and ease of use. It allows users to automatically find a contact’s missing information given their name and company domain.

Customize Your Today Page to See Where to Focus

Upon logging into Nimble, the Today Page will be populated with valuable business information. You can customize your page to fit your specific needs and the role you play in your company. 

Salespeople might want to add the three sales-related widgets we offer: Deals, Stage Funnel, and Pipeline Chart. We recommend moving those widgets to the top of your dashboard to ensure you are always up to date with the status of all your deals.

Shane Barker, Founder of Shane Barker Consulting, had this to say about his company’s usage of Nimble: 

The Today Page gives me a clear understanding of the lead generation and sales tasks I need to prioritize to close more deals. Single-click access to contacts’ enriched profiles helps me communicate more effectively with all my customers and prospective buyers.

Creating Relationships That Matter

Nimble provides your company the opportunity to expand, even if you are don’t see it initially. It allows your employees to save time on prospecting while keeping all information in an easily accessible location. 

Just as Jane Edmonds, the Marketing Administrator at, states:

Nimble minimizes the amount of research our sales reps have to do, so they can focus on making productive connections.”

And here’s what Founder & CEO of OMI Brad Banyas has to say about Nimble:

“I started down the road with the intent to organize my contacts within a single system of record. When I tested Nimble and saw for myself the power of the sales intelligence capabilities and persona enrichment, I knew it was exactly what we needed to modernize our company.”

Nimble Works Wherever You Work

At Nimble, we like to say that our CRM works for you, wherever you work. The Nimble Prospector browser extension allows you to add new contacts into your database without having to open your CRM. It’s one of the more preferred functions that Nimble offers, as our customers have raved about the feature.

Larry Levine, the author of Selling From the Heart, is a long-time user of Nimble. His favorite aspect of Nimble is “The Nimble Prospecting tool, the app. I can simply, without going into Nimble, right from a webpage, right from LinkedIn, I can completely fill out somebody’s profile.”

Mike Wittenstein, the founder of Storyminers, a business consulting firm, was especially impressed. Here’s what he had to say:

I’ve been a Nimble user for a few years now. They really impressed me with the new Nimble Prospector. Now, I can go from ‘that looks like a cool person to contact to ‘they’re all queued up and I’m ready to reach out to them’ in just a minute.” 

Even Tom Martin, Founder at Converse Digital, absolutely loves using Nimble Prospector. 

The new and improved Nimble Prospector Chrome Plug-in is a godsend for anyone needing to quickly and efficiently create sales prospect lists or influencer lists.

A CRM that is Easy to Use

We wish for our customers to have a pain-free, easy experience when using Nimble CRM. As a business owner, to have your employees sift through an endless list of contacts to find the one you are looking for is not acceptable. 

Magdalena Urbaniak, Founder & Head of Strategy at MaxTractor.Agency, was very appreciative of Nimble’s easy-to-use interface. 

Nimble is very intuitive, simple to use, and gives us so much useful data. We’re excited to increase our use of Nimble to help us improve our prospecting and relationship management efforts.” 

No More Shuffling Through Contacts

Since Nimble unifies your contact data, it’s easy to find important information about your prospects and customers. Lauren Turow, Head of Growth Operations at Lately, doesn’t waste time scrambling through her contacts:

Thanks to Nimble, we now have all of our notes and deals in one place and easily accessible by anyone in the company. We don’t have to go through eight thousand different spreadsheets to find what we are looking for.

You can easily search through your contacts by using our Segmentation feature. A segment is a group of contacts defined by the filter you selected. For example, if Lauren wants to see notes recently updated and created by her team, she can use our Segment Search feature to see the new notes and the contacts related to them.

How to Get Started

If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace teams.