CRM for educational institutions Nimble CRM is a customized platform with which you can attract customers, manage marketing and sales, organize the learning process, and control payments. With Nimble CRM, you can create an internal portal of a public or private educational institution.

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Why Does an Educational Institution Need a CRM?

A CRM system should answer two main questions: how to attract and bring to purchase and retain the client, i.e., to gather complete information, determine the potential client, and properly segment them.
Educational centers that use CRM systems know more about their customers do not lose them, serve them better and sell more.

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How Nimble CRM Benefits Educational Institutions?

Modern CRM systems allow integration with all sources of communication: phone, email, social networks, messengers, and online chats.
If a potential client has made a target action and come to contact, he should automatically get into the CRM system.
The core of a CRM system for training centers is a card of the student where all the information is kept about the student and his activities.

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CRM Features for Educational Institutions

The typical learning process has changed dramatically. Even public institutions have moved online. At the same time, setting up the work competently has proven to be a difficult task for many.
With Nimble CRM, automation of the training center will be quick and efficient.
CRM will help to automate all processes - admissions, classes, etc.

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Maintaining Online Training

Nimble CRM will help you integrate a video link through which you can conduct online classes.
Multiple students can join these classes at once. Teachers will also be able to test on questions prepared in advance and added to the system.
Answers are transmitted and stored in the personal office of students and teachers.

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Improve Payment Process

Leads coming to the site are automatically registered in the client base. For each client, a card with a history of communication is formed.
Requests are recorded through an online form and distributed to the responsible managers.
Through the CRM for, a school, college or other educational institution can be invoiced to pay for training. A transaction is opened for each customer.
After payment, the user gets access to the student's personal account with the necessary materials. At the same time, the instructor receives the notification to open access to his course.

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