Nimble Rated #1 CRM in Customer Satisfaction

Today business software comparison site G2 Crowd released its crowdsourced review grid for CRM, and Nimble was rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction and as a High Performer with a 98 satisfaction score, the highest in CRM. G2Crowd also recognized Nimble with the most positive momentum growth in market presence and satisfaction in the CRM category.

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In today’s socially-savvy environment, software buyers rely on thoughtful peer reviews to make decisions. G2Crowd asks reviewers for thorough and balanced reviews, as well as incorporating data aggregated from online sources and social networks. As such, we encourage you to share your Nimble experience with others.

Nimble’s satisfaction rating (98) represents a significant increase since G2 Crowd’s last report. We also saw an increase of 20% in market presence, a measurement of the company’s overall market share (which includes growth in number of employees, employee satisfaction and engagement, market share based on share of voice, momentum based on web traffic, Google search trends, revenue and year over year revenue growth rate, and social impact based on Klout score, Twitter and LinkedIn followers, among other factors).

Several innovative product features contributed to Nimble’s nomination:

  • Nimble Contact Record — a single view of relevant, contextual knowledge about each contact, helping users increase their productivity and drive more effective contact engagement.
  • Nimble’s updated Home and Signal Screens — where engagement gains insight and context
  • Search improvements
  • Nimble Contact Widget and Apps Marketplace — ways to use Nimble with your favorite work tools

Here’s a sampling of what our users are saying on the G2Crowd reviews of Nimble:

Tom Marsh – Nimble Changed our Idea of What a CRM Should Do

Social integration of all my conversations into one platform so I can converse using the network that my contacts prefer and see it all in one place to track, maintain and continue the dialogue. The setup was extremely easy and I was productive in a matter of hours. This is in stark contrast to conventional CRM which takes significant resources and training to get up and productive. We had used SugarCRM and were looking at MS and Salesforce but found Nimble could handle everything we needed with integration the other applications like Hubspot and Mailchimp we planned to get.

Chad Stewart – Nimble CRM is a Social Selling solution

The Social Media integration and the Quick ease of getting contacts into the system and quickly sizing them up (knowing all their relationships) are excellent. This tool is great if you are just starting (alternative to ACT!, Goldmine, Outlook CRM Manager). In fact, as mentioned it’s awesome for providing insights into the social area which can even add to CRM tools like, Sugar, or SalesLogix CRM which are lacking in this area. And, with API’s can be integrated into the tool, it’s great for real estate, financial service, or other professional contact driven sales relationships. It is also excellent for Fundraising Development Officers hoping to gain insights into their Donors!

Erhard Ruettimann – Don’t manage contacts, engage them!

Nimble allows me to naturally evolve addresses into contacts, contacts into prospects and prospects into clients. The systems gives me the possibility not only to “manage” my contacts but to nurture relationships by adding the right value. By following the signals (this is how Nimble calls activities on social networks) of my audience I am able to comment or add exactly the values others are looking for.

Adam Metz – The Social CRM Piece You’re Likely Missing

There are two features that I really like Nimble for, in addition to the standard CRM features – the follow-up triggers, which are rather in line with the Never Eat Alone (Keith Ferrazzi) book I read in 2010, but also the social data remediation. Most CRMs are missing that piece. Also, the contact object layout is probably my favorite, of all of the CRMs that I’ve used.

Barbara Weaver Smith – Awesome, automated social CRM

Instant populating of your CRM from email and social sites; synch calendar with Google calendar; customizable fields for your sales process to track deals; daily aggregation of messages from all of your social sites; VERY limited data entry required (essential for your sales team’s buy-in!). It automatically appends all of your emails and other interactions with anyone in your deal flow.

“Nimble makes things easy to see that used to be impossible to see. 1) With Nimble, it’s easy to see where to find my leads and customers on social media and tell if we are connected. Now I can follow the important people on social media and engage them where they are already talking. This helps me build stronger relationships. 2) With Nimble, my to-do list activities are now tied to deals/projects so I can easily prioritize tasks throughout the course of the day. This allows me to organize my day better around my true priorities and shift things as client demands change. It also makes sure that small tasks don’t get overlooked when I’m dealing with the urgent demands.” – Charlene Kingston, Social Media DIY Workshop

“I enjoy Nimble’s baked-in ability to tell me who is important in my sphere. That sounds obvious, but I have a large sphere of people that I not only do business with but who are important for other reasons. When you literally have thousands of people that you connect with in some fashion over time, it’s easy to lose track. Nimble helps me stay on top of who I need to be in touch with on a daily, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.” – Tracy Weir,

“We have a team here who are adding and updating prospect, customer, and partner data every day. Nimble has been a tool everyone has raved about – so much that when I do a presentation to small or mid-sized companies I always mention Nimble – just did so today in front of a large group. “ – Lori Richardson, Score More Sales

“It’s all about relationships! With current and prospective customers, and Nimble makes that far easier and scalable than before.” – Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing

This new G2Crowd grid is exciting and gratifying. The results are a strong third-party validation of the high value we put on listening and responding to our customers’ suggestions. We believe our unique relationship with our users is a competitive advantage — one that continues to bear fruit. As always, we deeply appreciate your support.

Read more about G2 Crowd’s methodology and check out our user reviews here.