Nimble Delivers Relationship Insights to Microsoft Outlook on Android

The New Nimble Add-In For Microsoft Outlook on Android Enriches Contacts with Social Business Details for More Effective Engagement

Nimble is making it easier for you to gain insights into new contacts with the new Nimble add-in for Outlook on Android. The add-in can help you prepare for meetings and engage with customers more effectively right in your Outlook inbox, helping you make more meaningful connections.

Our new Nimble Smart Contacts add-in for Outlook on Android makes it easy for users to benefit from Nimble’s full and detailed view of any contact’s social business insights for people and companies, right next to your inbox.

Get Business Insights with the Nimble add-in for Outlook on Android:

  • Automatic Matching of Social and Public Details for People & Companies
  • Instant Business and Social Insights for People and Companies in Outlook Mobile
  • Company Insights Including Biography, Industry, Number of Employees, Year Founded, Keywords, Company Type, Revenue, Ticker, CEO Name, Address and Phone
  • People Insights Including; Persons Name, Company Name, Title, Biography, Location, Keywords, Work Experience, Education, Social Identities

Starting today, the new Nimble add-in for Outlook on Android is available to all Microsoft Office 365 commercial customers and users.  This Outlook mobile add-in compliments the existing Nimble add-ins for Outlook on the web, iOS, Mac and Windows.

“We’re all over-connected and over-communicated by too many email messages,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble. “By putting Nimble’s powerful social contact insights right into Outlook, we will help millions of business users to no longer flying blind with relationships and engagement.

How does the Nimble add-in work with Outlook Mobile?

The Nimble add-in for Outlook on Android enables you to get comprehensive profiles of contacts in or outside of your social networks to inform your engagement and help you grow your relationships in an authentic and meaningful way.

“Customers have told us that easy access to contextual information about email contacts helps businesses and relationships flourish,” said Rob Howard, Director, Microsoft Office Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp. “Extending Nimble’s simple social relationship manager to Outlook on Android is a logical step.”

Nimble Perfects Your Workflow in Outlook on Android

Nimble is constantly improving the workflow of your sales force with a focus on fostering genuine human engagement with prospects and customers. Nimble surfaces contacts’ social streams and digital footprint to help business people build deep relationships and create an airtight system where important opportunities for engagement don’t fall through the cracks.

See It In Action: 

Nimble Add-In for Outlook on Android