Use PieSync to Strengthen Your Sales & Marketing Teams

Keeping your contacts in sync within your CRM is crucial to staying organized. Whenever I hear from a prospective or current user of Nimble, I’m often asked, “Will Nimble stay in sync with my contacts from my email, MailChimp, and other CRM?”

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How Medical Professionals Can Use Social Media to Build Relationships with Patients

According to a study by Pew Research Center, 80% people use the internet when they are looking up symptoms for sick loved ones or themselves. A PwC study also shows that social media is favored by 1/3rd people to get immediate and quick answers to their ailments. Initially, medical professionals weren’t sure how social media could benefit them but the above figures clearly show that it is an underutilized tool. It can be used to connect with patients and build relationships with them much more easily than traditional options. Let’s take a look at how this can be done –

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What Do You Need To Achieve Twitter Success?

Is Twitter a means to an end or is it the end goal? Do you need 100,000 Twitter followers to be successful? Do you need to have engaging content to be a winner on Twitter? Or, do you need to increase your social and personal brand currency to help you reach your bigger goals?

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Four Best Practices for Improving Customer Experience

Headlines and articles on the topic of Customer Experience are everywhere – and for good reason. In their 2014 Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, eConsultancy declared that “customer experience is the single most exciting opportunity for 2014.” A recent study by Forrester and Harvard Business Review found that ONLY:

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