2016 business model for 2015

When you are outlining your business model for 2015, it’s important to consider how your plans for the next year affect the overall future of your business. As technological innovations continue to change the face of business, it’s important to plan ahead for the future before it comes. The corporate practices of yesterday will quickly become outdated, so bring cutting-edge practices to your business before they arrive at your competition’s doorstep, leaving you in the dust. As Accenture says in their study of 2014 technology trends, “For business leaders everywhere, the next three years will be about determining their organizations’ pace in this digital race—and their place in the new world of digital” (via Accenture).

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Nimble Rated #1 CRM in Customer Satisfaction

Today business software comparison site G2 Crowd released its crowdsourced review grid for CRM, and Nimble was rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction and as a High Performer with a 98 satisfaction score, the highest in CRM. G2Crowd also recognized Nimble with the most positive momentum growth in market presence and satisfaction in the CRM category.


In today’s socially-savvy environment, software buyers rely on thoughtful peer reviews to make decisions. G2Crowd asks reviewers for thorough and balanced reviews, as well as incorporating data aggregated from online sources and social networks. As such, we encourage you to share your Nimble experience with others.

Nimble’s satisfaction rating (98) represents a significant increase since G2 Crowd’s last report. We also saw an increase of 20% in market presence, a measurement of the company’s overall market share (which includes growth in number of employees, employee satisfaction and engagement, market share based on share of voice, momentum based on web traffic, Google search trends, revenue and year over year revenue growth rate, and social impact based on Klout score, Twitter and LinkedIn followers, among other factors).

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Why You Can’t Buy Market Leadership on Craigslist

It’s never been more challenging to achieve market leadership. Product life cycles are shorter, there is greater price transparency, both stockholders and customers have higher expectations and are less loyal, and there are more channels, countries, competition, and distinct segments to manage.

The “mores” also make it extremely challenging to lead the marketing function. Whether you’re a marketing manager, director, vice president, or CMO, there is more data to crunch, more silos to tear down, more marketing disciplines to manage and more marketing technology to evaluate and implement. And certainly there is more pressure from the C-Suite to prove and improve the value of marketing.

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The Power of First Impressions and Branding

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