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Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome
Customer Focus

Nimble Everywhere Launch – Nimble Chrome Extension and Widget 2.0

“Nimble” as a verb

Nimble has a lot to tell (and show) today. Over the past few months, we’ve added significant new features with a focus on insights, around the motto, Nimble Everywhere! We’re now introducing the Nimble Contacts Widget for the Chrome browser, as well as a completely redesigned experience (think of it as v2.0) for the Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail.

Nimble Chrome Widget Right-Click

Right-Click on a highlighted name directly from Chrome.

Our goal is to have our customers say, “Just Nimble ‘em” to learn more… And start down the path towards better business relationships.

Nimble any contact instantly

The ability to add a contact profile in Nimble is as easy as highlighting a name in the Chrome web browser, right-clicking ‘A Nimble search for…’, and letting Nimble build that contact profile automatically, in seconds. This process enables the Nimble user to add contacts easily.  This is enormously helpful as you come across people you may want to learn more about and engage with, as you encounter them across the web. The Nimble Contacts Widget also helps you take action by communicating with contacts, across networks, adding tasks, curating the contact to start connecting and schedule follow-ups directly within the widget itself. It also works for companies, where you can look up all your Nimble contacts at a given company, by highlighting the company name.

Nimble Chrome Widget

“Nimble” Any Contact Instantly From Your Browser

Save time, build contacts everywhere you go

Today, sales people spend almost 20% of their time researching accounts and prospects by Googling them, with much of this time wasted. Nimble immediately trims the amount of time spent profiling contacts with it’s Smart Summary view, now inside the Nimble Contacts Widget. Better still, each contact can be curated, connected with, and a nurture cycle can start right there… In short, the power of Nimble, now accessible everywhere.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across an article or mention of someone I’d want to approach and wish that I’d have a system in place that tells me who they are and tracks all my subsequent conversations with them,” said Julio Viskovich, Senior Digital Strategy Architect at Glacier Media. “Now, I have that accessible to me everywhere I’m at, from my browser to my Inbox.”

The Nimble Widget in action

For a quick spin on the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome, check out this brief demo video:

Nimble Widget for Chrome

Brief Demo Video of the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome

Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome

Get it today!

Add the Nimble Widgets:

What customers are saying…

What will you say?

We’d love for you to try the Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome and tell us your thoughts? If you like what you see, please help spread the word.

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Case Studies

Michelle Kawka Grows a Social Photography Business with Nimble

Michelle Kawka, Photographer

Michelle Kawka is a photographer  in metropolitan New York City and beyond.  She photographs corporate events, portraiture, landscape, travel, and fashion photography for private and business clients.  Michelle works both in the studio or on location, using photography and video to capture the spirit of a person, a place, or an event.


Finding Nimble

Michelle became aware of Nimble when her business coach Regina Bonolo from Aspire Higher suggested Michelle sign up for top CRM software and try them out. Most were either confusing, expensive, or lacked the features she needed. Nimble had a strong emphasis on making social business easier, and she also found the software intuitive and easy to implement. She found it simple to import contacts from Google. “I just kept coming back to Nimble and becoming happier and happier with it.”

A Example of Social Business Serendipity

Social interactions are very important to a photography business. Once she was using Nimble, something happened to illustrate the tremendous power of social.

Michelle recounts:

“A bride I had photographed, Kate Magee, is a Sex in the City fan, and waited in line at a promotional event to meet Sarah Jessica Parker and get her Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes (the same shoes Parker’s character, Carrie, wore at her wedding) signed by the actress. A security guard sent her away before she met Parker, because she had not made her shoe purchase that day. She was very disappointed, and tweeted to Sarah Jessica Parker about what had happened. Parker responded with an offer to make things right, to which Kate replied that she would come back the next day. She returned, Sarah signed the shoes, and they even had a private conversation.”

“I saw the exchange happening, so I added to the Twitter conversation and tweeted a wedding picture that showed off the shoes.”




Nimble Works with Her Workflow

“I am an enthusiastic user of LinkedIn, and Nimble helps me keep up with my LinkedIn connections. In the contact record, I can see quickly whether I’ve connected on LinkedIn or not. It’s easy to forget to do that if you’ve started communicating through email, so I love that reminder in the sidebar.”

Deals are also an important organizational tool for Michelle:

“I can keep track of how my business is progressing through the Deals Tab. It’s easy to track quotes and agreements, see what stage the client is in. I can also remind myself of what I need to do as I enter my handwritten notes from meetings. Nimble keeps me from letting important things fall through the cracks.”

The Difference a Few Weeks Can Make

“I am definitely aware of how much more organized I am — now far advanced from the days of Post-It notes, colored star systems, calendar entries, and my often faulty memory!”

“I’m a relatively new user, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to be without Nimble. I’ve come to depend on it — and it is obviously designed to grow with my business, affordably.”

“I love how Nimble shows me people I might want to interact with up, offering me the option to make them important. I can set those reminders and Nimble remembers for me. It’s a great feeling of confidence.”

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Social Selling

5 Days to a Healthier, Happier, and More Effective Network

We hear the dieting tips; we read what the self-help experts teach us about growing our nails, hair, and lifespan through discipline, focus, and healthy living. But what about our business? Can we grow a happier, healthier, and more effective personal and professional development strategy through similar healthy tips? You bet!

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