Don’t Be a Fantasy Social Seller

Professional football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Over the past few years, a related interest has arisen – Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is based on individual player stats, not a team’s Won-Loss record. The difference provides some insights into how people approach Social Selling differently.

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11 Steps to Your Social Media Success

Social media for many small businesses is a cost-effective marketing tool that can help grow one’s brand name recognition, online presence and customer loyalty. However, it isn’t a slam dunk or quick-fix and the mindset with which we approach it will impact our success or failure.

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Selling Webmaster Tools by Spamming Webmasters

Webmasters are increasingly troubled by referrer spam. Let alone the unsolicited traffic and the garbled visitor statistics, the real damage is done to the victims SERP position.

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Raising Venture Capital on the Internet

Many people in today’s topsy-turvy world have what they believe are million-dollar ideas for the next great business, but don’t have the funding necessary to see their idea become reality. Unfortunately, to start most businesses today a person needs a significant amount of start-up capital. While many people seek help from family and friends, often they simply don’t have enough funding for the project. Rather than suffer disappointment, many people are turning to the internet to raise venture capital for their businesses. While the world wide web is a seemingly endless mix of sites, there are many avenues available to those seeking money for their amazing start-up ideas.

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