How Nimble Empowers Elite Introductions to Matchmake at Scale

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At Elite Introductions, under the leadership of its founder Trudy Gilbert, matchmaking isn’t just a service—it’s a mission. With a dedication to transforming relationship-building through personalized connections, Elite Introductions has been a trailblazer in redefining the matchmaking landscape for nearly two decades. Guided by the belief in empowering individuals to find meaningful connections, Elite Introductions takes a tailored approach to matchmaking

Company Name: Elite Introductions

Name: Trudy Gilbert

Title: Founder

Company Location: Sydney, Australia

Linkedin URL:

 The Challenge: Modernizing Executive Matchmaking with Nimble CRM

Trudy Gilbert, a seasoned matchmaker specializing in executive placements, encountered roadblocks with her outdated CRM system, ACT. Its limitations hindered her efforts to grow her business effectively. “At first, it did the job, but it fell short as we expanded,” Trudy noted. Seeking a solution that could keep pace with her ambitions, she set out to find a modern CRM equipped with intuitive tools tailored to her needs. Trudy prioritized features like customizable fields and seamless photo integration to enhance her workflow. “Adapting it to fit our evolving needs was a must,” she stressed. 

Additionally, Trudy aimed to simplify lead generation processes while maintaining a wealth of specific data fields attached to each contact record. “We needed a system that could handle high-volume lead generation seamlessly,” she explained. 

Elite introductions also stressed they needed a crm with robust data collection while still maintaining an easy to use platform “We needed something everyone could navigate with ease,” she emphasized. Nimble CRM became the ideal solution, offering the modern functionality, customization options, and user-friendly interface necessary to propel her business forward.

The Solution: Detailed Fields and Segmentation

Trudy and her team capitalized on Nimble’s customizable data fields, allowing them to capture detailed client information such as preferences, interests, and relationship goals. This feature-rich capability empowered Elite Introductions to curate highly personalized matches, fostering deeper connections between clients. This also enabled Trudy and her team to segment potential clients with those specific fields, finding the perfect match with just a few clicks.

“I needed the photo of the person on the page when I opened it. I needed to be able to search for parameters like, age bracket or gender or anything. All of the fields needed to be searchable.”

Nimble’s powerful segment search functionality further refined Elite Introductions’ matchmaking process. By defining criteria for matches through segment searches, they could precisely target potential matches based on specific attributes, ensuring compatibility and satisfaction for their clients.

“I feel a lot more organized and a lot more in control of where everybody’s in the sales process.”

Leveraging Nimble’s advanced workflow automation capabilities, Elite Introductions streamlined their operational processes, from lead generation to post-match follow-ups. Automated workflows facilitated timely communication with clients and prospects, enhancing engagement and satisfaction throughout the matchmaking journey.

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Matchmaking Simplified

In essence, Nimble proves to be an indispensable asset for businesses like Elite Introductions, especially those operating in data collection and lead generation. Trudy Gilbert’s insights highlight Nimble’s adaptability, intuitive interface, and customizable features, all finely tuned to cater to the distinct demands of her industry. By simplifying processes, streamlining data management, and offering valuable features such as automated LinkedIn profile suggestions, Nimble empowers Elite Introductions to find the best match for their clients, making it easy to foster relationships.

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