Top 4 CRMs For Recruiters

Nimble CRMs For Recruiters

While recruiting, finding the perfect fit for a job goes hand in hand with managing a plethora of candidate information and nurturing client relationships. The ever-evolving landscape demands a powerful solution that can efficiently streamline recruitment while providing personalized experiences for candidates and clients alike. This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software steps in as the game-changer for modern recruiters.

In this blog, we will explore the best CRMs specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of recruiters. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter seeking to optimize your workflow or a recruitment agency looking for the perfect tool to drive success, this roundup will be your ultimate guide to making the right choice.

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Nimble CRM 

As a leading CRM software company, Nimble empowers recruiters to achieve their goals and objectives. Nimble is one of the best solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of recruiters, offering a range of powerful features to streamline their workflow and boost productivity.

Candidate Sourcing

Nimble Prospector is a free browser extension, making it an accessible and budget-friendly solution for recruiters seeking to optimize their contact management processes. With Nimble Prospector, recruiters can enrich contact records while navigating any social site, website, or cloud application. The extension automatically updates essential contact details, including email, phone, company name, job title, and location. This real-time enrichment saves valuable time, ensuring recruiters have up-to-date information.

 Nimble browser extension

Understanding a candidate’s current or potential employer is vital for recruiters. Nimble Prospector enables recruiters to access valuable company profiles, including industry, number of employees, year founded, revenue, CEO details, address, and phone number. This comprehensive data empowers recruiters to tailor their recruitment strategies and approach businesses confidently and precisely.

Robust Candidate Management System

Recruiters deal with vast amounts of candidate data daily, and Nimble CRM excels at helping them organize and manage this information efficiently. With Nimble’s candidate management system, recruiters can easily store, update, and categorize candidate profiles. Additionally, Nimble enables quick searching and filtering, making finding suitable candidates for specific roles a breeze.


Nimble helps you manage all your applicants’ and clients’ information, email communications, and follow-ups in one place. You can take advantage of hundreds of custom fields, such as adding a candidate’s LinkedIn, resume, and references, to fully customize contact records to the needs of your recruiting business.

Nimble’s profile auto-enrichment with social profile matching and data enrichment will keep all your client and candidate information up-to-date and save hours on data entry and research.

Applicant Tracking System 

Nimble’s Workflows allows for a native ATS within your CRM. By building Workflows to match your recruitment process, you can visualize your candidate pipeline and quickly move candidates from stage to stage until a successful outcome is reached. 

Digital Marketing Director

Recruiters deal with various processes, from initial candidate sourcing to final placements. Nimble CRM’s workflow feature allows recruiters to create customizable templates for each stage of the recruitment process. These templates can be tailored to the specific needs of different roles, industries, or clients, ensuring that recruiters follow a standardized and optimized process every time.

Additionally, with automation, routine tasks such as sending follow-up emails, scheduling interviews, or updating candidate status can be streamlined, saving time and effort.


Currently, Nimble doesn’t feature any SMS integrations or automation. Logging any phone calls or text messages with potential candidates would be manual. While you can attach resumes to contact cards in Nimble, there is currently no bulk import for uploading resumes. 

Pricing: $24.90/user (yearly); $29.90/user (monthly)


Manatal, a leading CRM software for recruiters, offers a comprehensive set of features designed to streamline the entire recruitment journey and elevate how recruiters engage with candidates and clients.

Pipeline Stages

Manatal stands out for its dynamic Workflow feature, enabling recruiters to model their recruitment process using an intuitive Kanban board. This user-friendly interface, complete with templates, allows recruiters to visualize the entire candidate pipeline, from sourcing to hiring, at a glance. This structured approach ensures consistency and optimizes the recruitment process for better results.

Spotify CRM

Manatal’s pipeline feature empowers you to tailor the stages of your sales pipeline, seamlessly integrate email for centralized communication, add contacts and notes to foster team alignment, facilitate smooth collaboration with clients, and more.

Talent Acquisition

Manatal offers the convenience of importing contacts via resumes or collections of resumes. By simply dragging and dropping a resume into the “Create Candidate” menu, Manatal will automatically extract and populate information on your candidates

Manatal’s Chrome Extension, explicitly designed for sourcing, allows you to import candidate profiles directly from LinkedIn. It automatically parses candidates’ public information and seamlessly attaches it to their profiles in your ATS. This convenient tool empowers you to connect with, shortlist, and save the candidates who best match your job requirements, streamlining your recruitment process.

Bill Gates LinkedIn Profile

With Manatal, recruiters can also create job postings on their websites or third-party career page sites. Like web forms, this functionality streamlines the job posting process, reaching a wider audience and attracting potential candidates to the recruitment pipeline. You can share your job openings on 2,500+ free and premium channels, including local, global, and specialized job platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerJet, JobStreet, and many more.

AI Recommendations

Finding the ideal match for a position or candidate can be a time-consuming endeavor, often stretching to days or even weeks. However, Manatal streamlines this process through its cutting-edge AI-powered recommendation engine. With this powerful feature, Manatal swiftly suggests the most fitting jobs for your candidates and identifies the most suitable candidates for your open positions within seconds.

Ai Recommendations

Leverage Manatal’s customizable criteria to filter and refine your recommended candidates, enabling you to shortlist top choices based on specific factors such as skills, work experience, academic background, and other relevant conditions. Embrace the power of the recommendation algorithm, which strikes the perfect balance to match applicants with their ideal jobs, ensuring the best possible fit for both candidates and job openings.


The most significant drawback users tend to note is the limitation on resume uploading. Manatal is capable of mass-uploading 1,000 resumes at a time. Some users may have multiple recruiting campaigns happening simultaneously, which results in a large number of resumes. This limitation on uploading resumes to create candidates can result in a significant amount of time spent on uploading resumes. 

Users also note that when creating candidates using the resume upload feature, users have found it can result in incomplete or incorrect information. While the contact import feature streamlines the initial data entry, recruiters should perform manual checks to ensure the accuracy of candidate details.

Pricing: $15/month (Professional); $35/month (Enterprise); Custom 


RecruiterFlow is positioned as a dedicated and complete ecosystem, catering to the needs of running and scaling recruiting and staffing businesses. As with any software, RecruiterFlow offers a range of features with advantages and limitations.

Recruiting Automation

RecruiterFlow offers robust automation capabilities, where triggers (e.g., stage changes) prompt specific actions (e.g., automated email sending). This feature streamlines repetitive tasks and saves valuable time, allowing recruiters to focus on building relationships.

Recruiterflow Automation

For example, RecruiterFlow features SMS automation options, allowing your candidates to stay informed at every step of the process by sending them a text message notifying them that their resume has been submitted to the hiring manager.


RecruiterFlow provides straightforward reporting dashboards, offering valuable insights into recruitment performance. This ease of access to essential data enables recruiters to make informed decisions and refine their strategies for better results.

Recruiterflow Reports

With Recruiterflow reporting, you can gain comprehensive visibility into your team’s performance and recruiting activities by tracking essential KPIs that drive success. Monitor and analyze crucial metrics, including the number of candidates sourced, the efficiency of different sourcing channels, and the number of screenings, submittals, client interviews, and successful placements. With the ability to measure the conversion rate at each stage of your recruitment process, Recruiterflow empowers you with data-driven insights to refine strategies, optimize workflows, and achieve unparalleled recruitment efficiency.

Client Portal

RecruiterFlow’s client portal offers a seamless solution to foster effective collaboration and transparency with your clients. Present your candidates in a fully branded and personalized client portal, ensuring a professional and tailored experience. With complete control over shared information, you can confidently decide what your clients can access, promoting data security and privacy. The client portal becomes a centralized hub, enabling real-time collaboration and streamlined communication between your team and clients. 

Client Portal

By integrating with popular platforms like Slack and Teams, communication becomes even easier, allowing instant updates and ensuring everyone stays on the same page throughout the recruitment process.


While RecruiterFlow is a great all-in-one solution for recruiting, there are a few drawbacks. Namely, that it can be hard to get started with. Users report that if you have no prior experience with CRM software for recruiters or ATS software, RecruiterFlow can feel clunky, hard to set up, and overwhelming. 

Compared to other CRM/ATS software on this list, RecruiterFlow is also one of the most expensive, with its base plan starting at $85 per user per month. 

Pricing: $85/month (Growth); $90/month (Scale); $99/month (Enterprise)


Bullhorn stands out as an all-in-one staffing and recruiting software. Positioned as a central hub for your entire stack, Bullhorn goes beyond managing the recruiting process end-to-end and covers the complete talent lifecycle. Let’s explore the key advantages of using Bullhorn:

Recruitment & Staffing Automation

With Bullhorn’s AI-powered automation, recruiters can bid farewell to manual busywork. By quickly automating key activities within the recruiting workflow, recruiters can concentrate on fostering connections and identifying the best talent for their clients. This time-saving advantage ensures a smoother recruitment process and improved overall productivity.

Recruitment & Staffing Automation

In the age of tech-savvy talent, speedy and convenient communication is paramount. Bullhorn’s omni-channel engagement allows recruiters to automatically engage with candidates via email, SMS, and chatbot. This personalized communication approach accelerates the hiring process, ensures timely interactions, and creates a remarkable staffing experience for candidates and clients.

Leveraging AI and machine learning, Bullhorn can also intelligently match candidates with current job openings in the ATS. This powerful feature enables recruiters to engage candidates with relevant job opportunities, cultivating a talent pool that aligns perfectly with the organization’s needs.


Bullhorn meets candidates where they are by providing a responsive UI and mobile-first design, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience on any device. This candidate-centric approach empowers candidates to complete tasks conveniently, even while on the go, enhancing their overall satisfaction and engagement with the recruitment process.

Nimble Mobile CRM

Bullhorn eliminates the need for candidates to jump between portals or track activities across multiple locations. By offering one platform for application and onboarding tasks, Bullhorn creates a cohesive and consistent candidate experience from the beginning to the end of the onboarding process, leaving a positive impression on candidates.

Bullhorn’s straightforward form management features minimize the time spent on compliance-related tasks, such as e-signatures, state and federal requirements, remote I-9s, and e-Verify. These streamlined compliance processes give recruiters peace of mind, allowing them to focus on building relationships and identifying top talent.


Bullhorn’s real-time, customizable, automated dashboards transform valuable data into easily understandable insights. Recruiters can access crucial information at a glance, enabling them to focus on the most useful tasks that drive placements, improve contractor/temp redeployment rates, and boost profits. With insights delivered to the desk level, recruiters can make informed decisions and optimize their performance effectively.

Nimble Recruitment

Bullhorn’s gamification screens engage, motivate, and inspire healthy competition across offices and teams. With leaderboards, trends, deal flashes, incentives, custom images, and external web pages, Bullhorn Analytics brings company branding, messaging, and values to life.


Many users have reported that the complexity of Bullhorn makes it challenging to get started with. It can also be difficult to get in touch with their support team to resolve any issues with your account.

Bullhorn is also our list’s most expensive CRM/ATS solution, starting at $99 per month per user

Pricing: $99/month (Team); $199/month (Corporate); Custom Pricing (Enterprise)

Wrap Up

In conclusion, this article has delved into top CRM software solutions for recruiters, exploring the unique features and benefits of Nimble CRM, Manatal, RecruiterFlow, and Bullhorn. Each platform offers a range of capabilities tailored to streamline and optimize recruitment processes. 

Nimble CRM stands out with its seamless workflows, empowering recruiters to manage candidate interactions efficiently. Manatal’s AI-powered recommendation engine and customizable workflows make candidate sourcing a breeze. RecruiterFlow’s comprehensive suite encompasses applicant tracking, CRM, and powerful reporting, enhancing collaboration and decision-making. Bullhorn’s all-in-one platform excels with its automation, onboarding, and reporting features, revolutionizing talent acquisition.

Ultimately, these CRM software solutions for recruiters to navigate the competitive landscape, build meaningful relationships, and achieve unparalleled recruitment success. As recruiters embrace the power of these cutting-edge tools, the path to attracting top talent and building thriving businesses becomes clearer than ever before.

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