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CRM for Talent Management

Nimble empowers staffing and recruitment agencies to forge stronger connections, streamline the hiring workflow, and elevate return on investment.

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Why Nimble Stands Out as a Premier CRM for Talent Acquisition Professionals

Nimble CRM is perfectly tailored for talent acquisition specialists, offering comprehensive management of applicant data, interview schedules, and communications. Its adaptable framework supports the seamless monitoring of project results via Workflows, ensuring accessibility from anywhere.


Relationship-focused CRM

A perfect CRM for recruiters who focus on building mutually beneficial business relationships rather than just tracking deals.


Streamlines and Enhances Data

Nimble seamlessly consolidates contact details, integrates interaction histories, and augments profiles with social and professional insights, simplifying your workflow.


Accessible Across Platforms

With Nimble, effortlessly add new candidates or update existing ones from your email, LinkedIn, or any online platform where you connect.


Optimizes People Processes

Offering a variety of customizable Workflows and templates, Nimble efficiently oversees both client and candidate management, facilitating your firm's expansion.

Elevating Your Recruitment Business with Nimble CRM

Visualize candidate progress with Nimble’s Kanban board or list view, oversee all candidate and client interactions, and access a full history of communications within a customizable database. Leverage social media profiles and data enhancement for current information, engage with contacts collectively using templates, and measure your achievements through comprehensive reporting.

Simplify Applicant Tracking

Effortlessly navigate your candidate pipeline, advancing applicants through each phase until a successful hire is made. Switch seamlessly between Kanban and list layouts, with instant access to detailed candidate profiles at a click.

Enhance Candidate and Client Management

Centralize your management of candidate and client data, email interactions, and follow-up tasks. Utilize extensive custom fields to tailor contact records to your recruitment firm's specific requirements.

Automate Candidate Data Updates

With Nimble's automatic profile enrichment, including social media integration and data updates, your client and candidate databases remain current, significantly reducing the time spent on data entry and research.

Efficient Communication with Candidates and Clients

Utilize Nimble's segmentation capabilities for targeted communication, enabling dynamic searches and the ability to send messages to up to 300 individuals daily, with detailed insights on engagement metrics.

Streamline Candidate Sourcing

The Nimble Prospector browser extension accelerates your ability to discover and engage with potential candidates and clients, enhancing your capacity to close deals swiftly and manage candidates from any online platform.

Track and Analyze Recruitment Success

Gain comprehensive insights into your recruitment strategy with detailed analyses of every facet of your operations. Manage client engagements through customizable Deal pipelines and assess your performance with tailor-made reports, benefiting from the flexibility of Kanban boards and list views for organizational ease.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.