How to Choose a CRM for Recruiting Agencies

CRM for Recruiting Agencies

A CRM system is a must-have for those companies where maintaining internal documents using Google Docs or similar apps is no longer effective. The larger the company becomes, the more need it has for creating, controlling, and optimizing processes. CRM allows you to reach a whole new level of business. This is a natural stage of growth.

What is the Use of CRM for the Recruitment Industry?

The number of companies that need skilled employees is growing every year. As a rule, these are specialists in the IT industry. The labor market does not have enough time to respond to demand with supply. This leads to difficulties in finding the right candidate.

According to GIA, by 2022, the market for recruitment software will reach $2.7 billion. This is indicative of an increase in the recruiting market. CRM software for recruitment companies will help you reach a new level.

What Is the Purpose of CRM Software for Recruiters?

CRM software for recruiters is designed to automate routine processes. It reduces the time spent searching and hiring employees and simplifies the monotonous operations of HR managers, such as the collection and processing of CVs, email correspondence with candidates and clients, the formation of a single database, ongoing approvals, event analysis, etc.

The time saved can be spent on processing quality information after interviews and on holding meetings with candidates.

Advantages of Nimble CRM – Best CRM for Recruiting

  • The system independently collects data about the candidate available on the network. It is enough to have a phone number, email address, or the person’s first and last name.
  • The necessary documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • If necessary, you can make the information publicly available to other company employees.
  • The automated process of data exchange.
  • Copies of all available information are kept in the agency.
  • The quality of services is being constantly expanded and improved.

Nimble CRM System for Recruitment Structuring Information 

Employee Search

Searching for employees is the main task of any recruiting agency. In this case, automation will help to structure the work processes. Consider an example. The agency receives a request to search for a candidate. The project manager creates a task in the system, describing the main skills required and the deadlines. The recruiter adds to the system suitable CVs of those candidates who responded, interviews them and adds notes on the results. Thus, all candidates and comments on them are in one place. And the information is available to all participants of the process.

In addition, it’s convenient that CRM systems for recruitment agencies display employee calendars. If you need an appointment for an interview, you can see when the right person is free. This eliminates the need for additional correspondence and calls.

Candidate Base

All available CVs, questionnaires, and test tasks are stored in one system. Thus, a company’s own base is formed. The best recruitment CRM software allows for creating quick search filters by position, previous job, level of the desired salary, etc. This helps to find the right document in a couple of clicks.

Hiring Process

The larger the customer company, the more steps you need to follow when hiring an employee to work. The candidate needs to get the necessary documents. The recruitment agency needs to check and fill in everything correctly, sign the papers on their side, instruct the new recruit, etc. Establishing tasks in the CRM will help you remember every step and carry them out in the right order. The system monitors the sequence and reminds you of the next steps.

Employee Performance Monitoring

crm for recruiting

A CRM system gives you the ability to set tasks and deadlines and monitor their progress. Based on the information collected, it is possible to analyze the performance of each employee. You will be able to see the processes that need optimization and encourage the employees or identify those who need help.

Customer Reviews

Our customers especially appreciate the possibility of finding the right person in the database having only their phone number, email address, and/or name. Other useful functions of Nimble CRM for recruiters are structuring and storing data in a single place, access to information at any time, and the possibility to make business decisions based on the available data.

Why Choose Nimble CRM for a Recruiting Company?

In addition to the basic functions that the system has, Nimble CRM includes the best free CRM for a recruiting tool called Nimble Prospector. This extension helps to compile a complete profile of candidates from the information available on the network. This data will help the recruiting agency evaluate candidates better and, as a result, close job openings faster.


Recruiting companies are growing, and the market is not standing still. The larger the company becomes, the more information it has to structure and cluster. Never get lost in a sea of data, do not waste precious time searching, and start efficiently distributing employee hours now with the help of a CRM system.

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