Unveiling the Secret Behind John Cilch’s Real Estate Contact Management Success with Nimble

About John Cilch

John Cilch is a real estate agent for Shafran Realty Group who is passionate about helping people find their dream homes. Creating and maintaining relationships with clients is crucial for Cilch’s day-to-day activities. Right now, John Cilch from Shafran Realty Group is driving success in the real estate industry.In this case study, we focus on how John Cilch streamlines his lead generation and relationship management success using Nimble.

Company Name: Shafran Realty Group

Company Size: Solo

Industry: Real Estate

Use Case: Contact Management, Lead Generation

Customer Name: John Cilch

Title: Real Estate Agent

Website: https://www.zillow.com/profile/John-Cilch/


From Real Estate Contact Chaos to Control: How Nimble Revolutionized John Cilch’s Approach

In order to keep track of contacts and leads, Cilch needed a number of capabilities. The number one capability is generating leads and opportunities, followed by maintaining relationships and keeping track of deals and tasks. To accomplish this, Cilch tags his contacts creates tasks, and adds them to workflows all so he can structure his contact management. 

Cilch likes to put all these main functions together in order to run his business successfully. It allows him to do everything from checking when to reach out to someone, tagging and organizing contacts, and setting up tasks so he always stays up to date on his activities

The more that I reach out to people and have conversations, the closer I get to my goals, and Nimble certainly helps me get to that point ”, adds Cilch

Cilch shared with our team that the missing part of his business was the functionality of staying up to date with hundreds of contacts that allows for reminders and tasks to follow up with key clients and relationships.

 “Before using Nimble, my personal challenge was what do I have to do today, and if I want to grow my business and be available for clients and be organized I need this CRM to keep it all together”, says Cilch

Nimble CRM Upcoming Deals
This image displays the Nimble Today Page.


John Cilch’s Secret Weapon: The Nimble Features That Keep Him Ahead of the Game

John Cilch’s meticulous process for maintaining relationships and completing tasks with Nimble showcases his dedication to providing exceptional service to his clients. The Today page serves as a central hub for his daily activities, ensuring that no important task or milestone goes unnoticed. By having a clear view of his tasks for the day, including home anniversaries and material reminders, Cilch can efficiently plan his interactions and outreach efforts.

Cilch emphasizes the critical role of the organization in the real estate business, where time-sensitive opportunities and client needs can easily slip through the cracks. Nimble’s Today page acts as a virtual assistant, reminding him of important events and follow-ups, helping him maintain a high level of organization and professionalism.

With Nimble, I can confidently tackle my day because I know exactly what to do, who to reach out to, and I can stay organized while doing so”

Having such a structured approach ensures that he never misses a beat and can proactively address his clients’ requirements, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

After getting an overview of his daily tasks from the Today page, John Cilch seamlessly transitions to the Contacts tab, where Nimble’s tagging system becomes his secret weapon. Tags are like custom labels that he can assign to each contact based on specific criteria, allowing him to segment his client base effectively.

Cilch strategically uses the stay in touch reminders within each tag, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of which contacts require the most attention at any given time. This feature helps him prioritize his outreach efforts and ensure that no lead or client goes unnoticed. By leveraging Nimble’s stay in touch reminders, John can implement a proactive follow-up strategy, staying in touch with people, nurturing leads, and showing genuine care for his clients. This approach not only fosters stronger relationships but also positions him as a reliable and accessible resource for his clients’ real estate needs.

I believe in the value of genuine connections and staying available to my clients, and Nimble has been instrumental in helping me achieve that efficiently”.

Nimble Workflow
This image displays a tagged contact list.


How Nimble Helps Realtors like John Succeed

In the competitive real estate market, time is of the essence. John acknowledges that Nimble’s ability to keep all information in one place has significantly increased his efficiency. The platform’s seamless integration with various communication channels and apps means that he no longer wastes time switching between platforms to access crucial data. With Nimble, he can quickly reach out to clients, respond to inquiries promptly, and stay on top of important tasks

John also discussed that having everything in one place ultimately helps him succeed. He dives in on why having everything in one place from everywhere you work is so essential and points out that going through the client journey all the way from tagging his clients to creating a deal without losing track of interactions is vital to seeing results and closing more deals.

“The biggest result that I’ve seen is more business and more deals close, and previous to using Nimble I wasn’t organized.” Says Cilch