Why Mortgage Lenders Need to Use a CRM

CRMs for mortgage lenders come in all different shapes & sizes with a diverse set of features and at a widely varying price range. On top of the industry-specific mortgage software solutions, the mortgage and loan domain also uses universal CRMs for marketing, lead generation purposes, and vendor management. 

Best Mortgage Lenders CRMs in 2022

1. Nimble.com CRM
2. Zoho CRM
3. Pipedrive

With an $11,05 trillion mortgage market in the USA alone in 2020 and 6,24 million home sales, even after COVID impact is accounted for by year-end, the figures will still be impressive. In its quarterly housing trends report for Q2 2020, Bankrate’s Natalie Campisi mentions Digital Technology as one of the 5 top trends for this multi-billion industry.

Are you looking for the best mortgage CRM? Planning to beef up your mortgage lead management system? Trying to figure out what’s the best CRM for a small mortgage business?

Let’s dive into this complex matter. This 7-minute read may save you lots of time and money, after all.

The Best Mortgage Software: The True Life Saver

Mortgage and loan software solutions help mortgage lenders, loan officers, mortgage brokers, and other mortgage professionals save time, increase efficiencies, comply with overwhelming regulations, and convert more.

Features of CRMs for mortgage professionals

Do the benefits of using mortgage CRM software sound useful? Let’s vivisect the functions that most of the systems in the industry have (for both commercial & residential mortgages as well as governmental loans):

  1. Client database
  2. Contact management
  3. Customer statements
  4. Electronic application
  5. Refinance management
  6. Pre-Qualification
  7. Credit reporting
  8. Closing docs
  9. Amortization schedule
  10. Mortgage calculator
  11. Loan servicing
  12. Pipeline management

Such technology is available for installation, web-based, and SaaS deployment. The pricing for mortgage industry-specific CRM systems starts at around $100 per user with some players having a set-up fee of $299.

The Best CRM For Mortgage Lenders

The offering on the market is rather extensive. Let’s enlist some of the major mortgage and loan software systems:

LoanSphere MSP by BlackNight

LoanSphere MSP is one of the leading solutions developed by Black Knight Inc. It has been used for over 25 years by Quicken Loans – the best mortgage lender of 2020 as per the comprehensive Money analysis, which includes over 16K data points. The Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans also got the second spot in the NerdWallet’s 2020 ranking.

Moreover, BlackKnight recently purchased a communication CRM of Quicken Loans.

Black Knight offers the following solutions for the mortgage & home equity lending niche:

  • Loan Servicing System
  • Loan Origination System
  • Data as a Service
  • Remote property inspection app
  • Loss Mitigation SM Solution

SureFire CRM by TopOfMind

This mortgage lead generation software is all about marketing, offering an array of creatives to keep your clients educated, entertained & retained.

Pricing plans are not disclosed on the website. Features include lead generation, POS, Customer Relations Management module & partner management. It’s a blend between the CRM & industry-specific solutions (with calculator and mortgage video & image content features added to usual CRM capabilities).  

Mortgage IQ CRM

Mortgage iQ solution has been around for over 15 years. It’s a robust software system for loan officers & mortgage brokers, that includes the following features:

  • Marketing automation
  • Template editor
  • Borrower Relationship management
  • Partner Relationship management
  • Lead management & tracking


Just like SureFire CRM, BNTouch is more about marketing content that focuses on making things easier in terms of flyer creation and lead generation.

This mortgage marketing software features a digital loan platform, post-funded follow platform, and refinance opportunities alerts module.

The pricing starts at $148 per month with a $99 activation fee.

crm for mortgage lenders

Whiteboard CRM

Whiteboard CRM emphasizes the added value provided by the CRM in the form of ready-made templates and call prompts with scripts designed for easy usage of the client.

Featuring lead & mortgage pipeline management, partner management, and a task manager, this system comes at $79 per user per month if billed annually with a $299 set up fee. Team texting is an extra $33 per month per team.

CRM for Mortgage Lenders: The Valuable Asset In Your Arsenal

CRMs are addictive. It’s all in human nature: we love anything that saves us time and will do the dirty job for us. Just on the same grounds, mortgage professionals love CRMs. They make life easier and help you make money.

crm for mortgage loansThis is why when you choose a CRM, you have to make sure you spend some time researching the best CRMs for mortgage lenders. In the best-case scenario, you will have done a free trial with all of them. Once you invest all the time and money in the setup, the sunk cost fallacy kicks in and people tend to just proceed with what they’d invested so much into.

See our tips below on how to choose the CRM for your mortgage lending company to avoid falling prey to sunk cost fallacy.

How can CRM make your life easier?

  1. Time-saving. Spreadsheets are the thing of the past; get AI and big data algorithms on your side — it’s 2020 after all.
  2. Put your team communication on steroids. Powerful task management features help assign, control, and move tasks along the pipeline.
  3. Boost your lead generation. Send targeted group messages, track them, and respond to partner and client communications.
  4. Automate everything. Customization and email templates are available in a click from any part of the CRM.
  5. Measure & improve. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Next-generation analytics & reporting modules allow users to convert insights into actionable steps.

CRM Software for Mortgage Companies: How Does It Work?

The CRM is a tool that works with the data you feed it with, systemizing it and enabling users to segment, manage, control, and assign every data point uploaded to it.

Once a user uploads the client info, it is possible to perform a myriad of actions, like combining clients into a specific group to send them a mass email, assign your subordinate to a deal, create a custom pipeline, and so on.

Nimble CRM is unique, as it literally builds itself for you. You just need to insert your email for the system to pull your contacts and start providing you with social media insights and adding them to deals, pipelines, get overviews in dashboards, and much more.

What To Look For In Customer Management Relations systems


It is normal for industry-specific solutions to cost more, as they can only sell to a limited amount of customers. If your loan office is only small, you may want to consider universal CRMs for customization, intuitiveness, and minimal monthly per user payments [$19 per user per month when billed annually and no set-up fee with Nimble].

nimble pricing

Free trial

We believe free trial signals that the product is so good, that providers can take the risk of giving it away for free without risking losing a client. Try as many products as you can before making a decision. Nimble CRM offers a 2 weeks trial. Just insert your email to start.


Do you need a solution that’s cloud-based and is accessible via mobile phones, or are you looking into an enterprise-based system that’s stored on your servers? SaaS gives more flexibility and is in general very well protected in terms of data, most of the suppliers are GDPR compliant, like Nimble.

Intuitive interface

People come and go. Turnover happens. Your CRM needs to be super easy to master. Your team members need to be able to click their way through the system without having a Ph.D.


Check if your CRM of choice is on Zapier? This platform helps to integrate all of your tech stacks in a few clicks. Your data should be flowing from one tool into another with minimal friction or hiccups.

Ratings & social proof

Check out Capterra, G2Crowd, and other SaaS rating services to see what current users think of the CRM.

Industry-specific vs universal

If you are a smaller office, you may do with the universal CRM in the beginning and think about purchasing a mortgage-specific software later, when you can afford it. It’s your first step away from excel sheets.

The bigger companies may want to get both: loan tech solutions and general ones, that offer much more extensive lead generating and marketing opportunities.

If you are a mid-sized mortgage broker, then an industry solution might be best for your needs.

How To Use Nimble CRM For Mortgage Lenders

The real estate stratosphere is a competitive niche; this is why you need the best tools to survive and outperform.

Referral Email Marketing

There’s a pool of people who keep referring business to you. Sustaining communication with this league is vital for keeping your business afloat and growing it. The great thing about the referral business is that it’s exponential.

But you have to make an effort to keep yourself popping up here and there. Tag your referrers, so that you can monitor, mass email, track open rates, and analyze this lead generation stream.

Loan Pipeline Management

Manage your pipeline with the help of CRM for actionability, higher conversion, and enhanced user experience. 

Mortgage Event Alerts

Calendar management is a robust feature inside Nimble CRM. This universal CRM helps thousands of professionals manage their work routine and schedule, so you will love the usability too.

Manage your events, add it to deals and pipelines, assign to your team members, and mass-email your customers about events.

Follow Up Your Leads

The email module is as sophisticated as it gets. No worries, we didn’t say it’s hard to use. It’s pretty intuitive too.

Lead follow up automated emails, that can be your biggest leakage in the sales funnel or your biggest conversion touchpoint, are easy to set up and schedule.

Harness Your Email Marketing

Emails can be a pain to manage, but when your CRM has as extensive an email marketing feature as Nimble CRM, you may fall in love with doing so much – in just a few clicks.

Tag your emails, segment them, track open rates, mass-mail to select contacts, schedule automated email campaigns. It’s all that easy.

Track Everything

The Today Page dashboard is the way to start your day as you sip on your charcoal black double espresso. Get a helicopter view of your agenda, meetings, go through your emails, get in touch with your dear customers in the social media module. You are only one click away for all those tasks.

Want to deep dive into data and see what’s wrong and what needs more investments? Try our dynamic analytics & reporting module for custom reports and actionable insights.

Document Management

Attach your most used templates to deals and pipelines, so they are there for you and your team when you need them.

Integrated with Dropbox and GDrive via Zapier, Nimble CRM allows quick access to your docs from anywhere in the system.

Build Strong Relationships

The mortgage and loan industry is a people business. You need to have strong relationships with partners, referrers, clients, prospects. Nimble CRM is a social-media centered software. We provide a social media feature inside of the CRM. Comment, share, mention your contacts right from within Nimble. 

Choices, Choices: What’s The Right CRM For My Mortgage Brokerage Office?

Cut your clothes to the cloth.

Check out your budgets, your status quo, and your ambitions.

If you are only starting and want to move beyond the spreadsheets, selecting one of the universal CRMs, like Nimble might be a good idea. It’s 3 cups of latte cheap, stuffed with amazing functionality, and can be scaled to match your ambitions due to integration. 

If you are a mid-sized to a larger company, you will need a specialized mortgage software solution to be able to cater to your clients best. But being a big company, you will also want to throw a marketing-minded CRM, like Nimble, into your tech stack mix.

Do always try and get yourself a free trial across the short-listed solutions, so that you don’t have to choose a cat in a sack.

Why Choose Nimble CRM?

If you are looking for a CRM for mortgage loan officers, Nimble may fit your bill as it’s the only solution for smaller practices or a marketing engine for bigger ones.

140K+ professionals from every industry out there trust our user-friendly intuitive CRM to make their lives easier, lead generation steadier and customer relations stronger than ever.

With a two-week free trial (no credit card required), we trust no more sales pitching needed. Pass your own judgment. Grow your loan & mortgage business with Nimble.