The 30 Best Marketing Tools for Sales Teams

The marketing sphere is growing rapidly, and there are a lot of new tools for increasing the efficiency of the marketing indicators popping out everywhere.

We need those tools to analyze our competitors, clients & customers, to develop advertisements and bring the required information to the consumers. It is also important to spend the resources in the most productive way possible to take the lead in the marketing category.

About Sales Tools for Internet Marketing

Marketing tools provide help with optimization of the available resources (budget, human resources and time) on every stage of working on products. Every task can be allotted with a specific tool that will save hundreds of hours of work for the employees, and help your company to become the leader in the technical performance aspect.

Features of Digital Marketing Tools for Sales to Look For

Before searching for a tool, you should first outline your requirements for the product you are looking for. What objectives do we have? What functions do we need? What interface will suit us well? What budget do we have allocated for the product? And so on. The next thing you want to do is analyze the market: choose the right tool and test it in action for a certain period of time. This trial period usually ranges from 7 to 14 calendar days.

Estimation Criterions for Online Sales Marketing Tools

In order to estimate the efficiency index of a marketing tool, you need to identify the criteria relevant specifically to the business you work with. For example, the list may include: the number of working hours saved in a week/month due to the implementation of the tool, whether or not the quality of communication between the employees or the number of interactions with clients increased, what effect the program had on the overall financial figures, and so on.

Top 30 Online Sales Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools for Sales Teams


  • Nimble is a CRM-system, a complex product for sales automation. With the help of this system, you can collect user information having only one of the following parameters: email address, job title, social profiles, phone number, company address. And then, you can build the sales funnel strategy with all the steps done for you automatically. Convenient sales and the overall efficiency of the team data analysis is achieved by integrating communication into a single workspace.

nimble crm

  • Calendly is a tool that makes it easier to plan meetings. A manager can share with the public that they are going to be occupied at some point in the future so that the person making arrangements will not have to worry about contacting this manager just to learn that they are not going to make it to a meeting. This saves a lot of time and effort for both parties, freeing them up from extra communication.
  • Zendesk is a client relationship management platform. It has the basic CRM-system functions that serve the purpose of collecting the data on completed transactions.

Tools for Marketing Automation


  • Marketo is an online platform for marketing process automation. With its help, you can collect and store user information, manage leads, conduct hypothesis testing, analyze data and so on.
  • Eloqua is a tool for potential clients and the management of completed sales.
  • is a platform that collects user behaviour data and forms conditions for sending messages to users.
  • Constant Contact is a tool for creating mailings. It has some adjustable templates available right away and also some instruments allowing to analyze the email marketing results.



Tools for Organization & Task Management


  • Asana is a platform for coordinating the working process for shared projects. It allows to create tasks, provides conditions for corporate communication, and document exchange.
  • Evernote is a workspace designed to increase the efficiency of work processes. With the help of this program, you can download and storage separate files as well as articles you like from any website that you can save into cache and access offline later.
  • Google Calendar is a Google tool for arranging meetings, calls, conferences and so on. Of course, it connects to your Google account. You can share your calendar data to inform your colleagues of the times you are off work.
  • Trello is a tool for planning work-related tasks. The architecture of the program consists of boards (both group ones and single), workspaces and work cards.



Tools for Marketing Communication


  • Status Hero is an instrument that allows to set up communication inside a team. With its help, you can also create tasks, track and discuss questions of interest and analyze the work results.
  • Intercom is a platform for communication and operation with the company’s internal teams and clients. With the help of this tool, you can set up communication with the product users who connect with the company via website, mobile application or email.
  • Flowdock is an application for the organization of coordinated work of several teams. It has its own web-application and provides its users with online chats where they can share documents and files.
  • Skype is a tool for chatting and making calls. You can initiate both personal formats of discussion and video-conferences. 



Tools for Influencer Marketing

  • Scrunch is a marketing platform that contains a database of bloggers and influencers. More than 20 million influencers ready to work with brands are available in the base.
  • Google Drive is Google’s file storage where you can collect and store data in a variety of formats, as well as create and share access to your own files. You can create texts, presentations, charts and survey forms. 
  • Indesign is a program for desktop publishing. With its help, you can create documents for your typographic machine, desktop printers, and save documents in different formats.

Email Marketing Automation Tools

  • Mailchimp is a service for creating mailing lists, which has a large number of mail layout templates. It has an intuitive design and includes guides for using the program. 
  • UTM Tracking Links is a tool for creating and tracking your own UTM tags in Google Analytics. It is used to analyze conversions, advertising channels and campaigns.

Tools for Content Marketing

  • Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool for analyzing user behavior with websites and web applications. Data collection starts from the first user visit and continues through to the end of the session. Google Analytics provides a complete analysis of user activity on a website.
  • Outbrain is a platform for publishers to post and promote their content on the top media websites. The platform allows you to get more coverage and attract a wider audience. 
  • Grammarly is a spell checker platform. The program can find both grammatical and logical errors. It is an excellent tool for anyone writing large amounts of text.


Social Media Tools for Marketing Agencies

  • Hootsuite is a platform for managing posts on several social networks simultaneously. It has customizable analytics, data export, automatic planning tool, and so on.
  • Bitly is a service that automatically shortens the necessary links. The advantage of the program is that it also provides transition statistics for them. 
  • Canva is a 2-in-1 graphical product. It can be used to edit photos and create your own web projects.
  • Photoshop is a graphical editor by Adobe. The program is mainly used for photo editing and other designing purposes.

Tips for Choosing Sales and Marketing Tools

To establish efficient work of the marketing department and implement the right tools for successful teamwork, we recommend using complex and comprehensive solutions. Programs that contain a wide range of functionality have advantages such as a single information and analytics base, a single communication field, and so on.

Try to combine the tools you are currently using. It is not only more convenient but also more financially beneficial than buying each tool individually.

Why Nimble CRM? Features and Benefits of the Digital Marketing Tool

Nimble combines a wide range of tools. It is a platform for communicating within teams, integrating messages from other channels such as emails and chats and collecting user information, as well as for email marketing and in-depth data-based analytics. There is a free 14-day trial period to get acquainted with the product and decide whether you want to buy it later.


Marketing tools can help you significantly increase the financial figures of your business in the long run. Depending on the market segment and stage your company is currently at, you need a particular set of helpers to achieve considerable growth that is impossible without them.