The Do’s And Don’ts of Winning Influencer Marketing Campaigns (+Infographic)

In order to win over today’s over-connected, advertising-averse consumers and prospective B2B buyers, brands need to rethink their strategies for generating website traffic, conversions, and sales.

Based on my experience using Influencer Marketing extensively over the past 6 years, and using the strategy to help the Nimble team grow our CRM community, I believe Influencer Marketing (when done right) is often just what’s needed to move the dial in any given brand’s favor.

Sadly, despite its potential, many Influencer Marketing campaigns fall flat. Browse any social media channel – most especially Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter – and you’re sure to encounter at least one transparent influencer endorsement that a well-intended brand paid an exorbitant amount of money for.

To help you reach your goals for Q3 and beyond, Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara recently invited 26 Influencer Marketing experts to share road-tested success strategies and sure-fire fails to avoid at all cost. I am honored to be among them, myself.

The common denominator among best practices is authentic relationship building. When you put people first, everything changes from a transactional model to a win-win collaboration. The odds of success quickly stack in your favor when people believe in you and your product.  

Fails that can easily sink a campaign range from poor goal setting and short-cutting the tedious research process, to one-sided negotiations and counterproductive micro-management. The small details add up within Influencer Marketing campaigns, and trust siphoned from your demographic is difficult to regain.


Influencer Marketing Campaign Infographic

I’ve summarized these do’s and don’ts in the nifty infographic below. Download the ebook The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide of 2018 for a compilation of outstanding Influencer Marketing campaigns from brands big and small: including Alphabet, Oracle, Agorapulse, Brand24, and Zbody Fitness.

Check out more successful strategies and mistakes to avoid at all costs in our hot-off-the-presses eBook, and be sure to check out the pro’s recommendations to build a winning toolkit as well.

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