How to Send Personalized Mass Email from Nimble

We’ve been hard at work in the past few months developing Nimble into a Social Sales and Marketing platform.

One of our latest marketing updates gives you the ability to send group email messages and track the open and click rates.

Our group message feature is not meant for blasting people with sales pitches. In a combination with our smart segmentation, it is supposed to allow you to stay top of mind with people that are important to you. Your project team, your business contacts or a group of friends.

If you take the time to identify these people and create targeted group messages, you will see that the open and click rates on your emails will increase.

Each message looks like it was sent to only one person

One of the best things about this feature is that it allows you to send personalized messages from your own email identity. It means that your message will show up in the recipient’s inbox as if you sent it only to them making each outreach appear as a sincere one-to-one conversation.

Read on to find out details on how to send group messages from Nimble!

Sending mass messages from Nimble


  1. Add recipients (individually or as a group)

Selecting recipients manually is easy, just start typing their name and Nimble will start bringing them up for you to click and add.

Individual Email

You can also message a group of contacts that you have previously tagged. Are you planning a business trip to Los Angeles? Here’s how you can easily use the segmentation feature in Nimble to find all the CEOs you know in the area.

You can further refine the search by keywords, interests, tags, etc.

  1. Select the email address you will be using

You have the option to connect multiple email accounts to Nimble. After connecting, you will be given the option to chose a default account to send from. Nimble will default to this email address whenever you send emails from your account. Having the ability to chose from multiple email account is important for personalizing your outreaches. Check out the screenshot below to see how easy it is to switch:

Select a different email address

  1. Select an existing template

If you would like to pre-create a bunch of email templates or copy and paste them from a different program, go to Settings >> Email Settings and select “Add Template”.

This will bring up our template editor, where you can insert all of your email fields, including attachments and merge tags. Once you create a few templates, they will be available beneath the “Select Template” option on the Group Message screen.

  1. Save existing message as a new template

To save a message as an email template for future use, select “Save as New Template” before sending your new message.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.40.44 PM

  1. Send yourself a test message

Before you send your group message, especially to a large group of people, send yourself a test message to make sure that everything is the way you want it to be.

How do I see who has interacted with my messages?

You get notified the moment someone opens your emails and how many times they open it. To access the complete report on how many times people opened and clicked, navigate to “Group Message” tab in Nimble.

Reports - Group Messages Nimble

If you have any questions about using this feature, feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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