How Nurturing Business Relationships With Gratitude Helps You Reach Your Life Goals

Thanksgiving With Nimble

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a great time to reflect on what we have to be grateful for in 2022. The first few things that come to mind might be friends, family, or loved ones. But what about your most important business relationships

At Nimble, we believe that Service to others is the New Sales and that one of the most effective ways to achieve your dreams is to serve others by fostering long-term “Pay-It-Forward” relationships. Connect with key people in your business community, build trust, take time to learn about them, and discover their needs so you might help them reach their goals. 

By nurturing and supporting your business relations, they will be more than happy to extend the same courtesy to you. The more you invest in these relationships, the longer you can benefit from their support.

The more people you help grow, the closer you’ll be to achieving your own life goals.

So, how can Nimble help you manage your important contacts and show gratitude for your business relationships?

Nimble CRM – Built for Social Relationship Management

Nimble is constantly striving to be your go-to social CRM focusing on building and maintaining solid relationships for you and your team. With relationship marketing on the rise, it’s the perfect time to get the most out of your Nimble experience. For Thanksgiving 2022, we’ve written a guide on how to use Nimble to show your relationships your gratitude for them and pay them forward

Strengthen Relationships with Contact Management 

Utilizing Nimble’s contact management system means having all your contacts in one place. You’ll always be able to keep track of your meaningful relationships by using Nimble’s ability to “automagically” create or update contact records with necessary details, avatars, and synchronize your team’s e-mail and calendar history. You can use our tags, notes, custom fields, and, most importantly, our Prospector browser app. These features will help you always remember a face, a name, or when & how you met them.

Having all the information you need about your contact at the tip of your fingers means keeping your relationships intimate and personalized. You can foster real, genuine connections with ease.

The Nimble contact card delivers the relationship context and insights you need to be prepared for any engagement. This lets you keep tabs on your relationship timelines, so you always remember people, including who they are, what their company is about, the history of your team’s interactions, and the next critical step. Staying on top of your interactions will help you and your contacts nurture each other, thus strengthening business relationships.

Nimble works everywhere you engage by delivering contact and company insights where you need them. Most importantly, it provides an easy way to log notes and schedule critical follow-up tasks to ensure you deliver on your promises. Doing what you say you’re going to do is the best way to build trust and deepen relationships!

Build New and Old Relationships with Workflows 

Nimble Workflows not only present you with a kanban board-style visual of the stages and processes of your relationships, but they also work to help you organize those relationships. Utilizing workflows allows you to have a standard process with matching steps for nurturing your relationships, helping you make the most of your relationships.

Each stage of the workflow process has a reflected action on your part, such as scheduling a meeting, sharing content, or sending an e-mail. Defining each relationship stage with a reflected action means the relationship never goes stale, and you’ll always know what to do next.

Stay in Touch with Workflow Task Automations 

Maintaining relationships can be challenging. You can easily forget to send that follow-up e-mail or reschedule a phone call. 

Automating tasks within Workflows Nimble helps you stay on top of your interactions. 

Your contacts know they can rely on you to be a consistent business partner. Automated responses and scheduling allow follow-up conversations to happen in the moment, keeping your relationship a top priority. When you reply promptly, your contacts will feel that you genuinely care about staying connected and respecting their time. 

Build and Nurture Relationships to Reach Your Dreams

By using Nimble’s contact management, task automation, and workflow features, your business relationships will never go stale.

Contact cards help remind you about vital information regarding your contact, allowing you to create personalized interactions that your business partners will remember. Workflows help you visualize the stages of your relationships to help you decide the best way to nurture them. Automation keeps the conversation fresh and keeps you top-of-mind.

Utilizing these three powerful Nimble tools, you can start nurturing your contacts with gratitude and begin building sincere relationships. These strong bonds will bring you long-term success and help you achieve your goals.

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Happy Thanksgiving!