Can Digital Transformation Answer The Big CX Improvement Question?

At a point, the Game of Thrones Main Title Theme gave us shivers of excitement – the urge to hug our pillows, grab the marshmallow-dipped cup of hot chocolate, and stare wide-eyed at the screen. Sadly enough, this lasted only till the sixth season. 

The reason? For once – the pace, the character crowd, and the absurdity and stereotyping of the plot. With character transformation down the drain, viewer preference dropped from marshmallow fluff level to soggy subway level!

There you go – an appetizer for the idea about digital transformation strategy and user experience. Now shift this metaphor to our topic of discussion – digital transformation & CX: a parallel journey or an intersecting one!

The entire journey of digital transformation is not a day’s turnover but the fruit of a decade-long endeavor. Remember how boardrooms used to be the cradle of product and service creation? Well, the scenario has now evolved. All businesses, irrespective of the genre of their trade are paying heed to the preference of their targeted clientele.  

The Preamble To Digital Transformation

Digital business transformation, in all its glory, is the call of the year. Unlike popular belief, this transformation is inclusive of but conclusive to metamorphosing the legacy system for organizations. This digital solution integrates the latest technologies in the system, customizes the tools as per their trade-requirement, and assists them in their digital journey. 

Realizing the impact that these digital solutions can have on the overall productivity of the enterprises, more and more companies are spending increasingly on this venture. As per predictions made by International Data Corp, the expenses made towards digital transformation will soon be touching $2.1 trillion in 2021.

digital transformation and customer experience

While the digital transformation journey continues to perform exceptionally, there is a secret to perfecting it. As each business acknowledges the role of clients, the digital transformation approach gets more transparent. At the core of this transformational journey sits the needs for honed customer experience or CX. 

The Tip Of The Iceberg – Customer Experience (CX)

The changing digital scenario has, in a domino effect, changed the business landscape considerably. The precursor of this entire digital transformation strategy lies with client experience and expectations. Sans addressing their requirements, dipping the toes into any product or service becomes a challenge that entrepreneurs are not willing to take. 

However, this is where it gets tricky. You think, appeasing clients and creating services that cater to their requirements – how challenging can that be? 

Well, let’s give you an idea – one phrase for you: ‘gauging the dearth of precise client insight’. Those of you who are knee-deep into this, already have your eyebrows disappearing into your hairline. As for the others –

  1. The issue with gaining access to client data is that more than often, this information is trapped underneath the enterprise’s silos of marketing, sales, finance, and client service departments. 
  2. These data even if gained, do not provide a holistic client view.
  3. With an absence of synchronized data, the ‘how’, ‘why’, and ‘where’ of client experience becomes debatable. 

Irrespective of whether businesses look into CX as customer service or client accretion, CX sits at the center of digital transformation. 

What entrepreneurs, however, need to know is how to cater to client requirements with optimum digital transformation? Here is a look at how you should approach customer experience in digital transformation

3. How To Appease CX With Digital Transformation?

First of all, get this straight: your prospective and existing clients are the new-age digitally conscious ones. Ones, who have significantly alternated the clientele landscape. 

With the expectation benchmark already raised high, digital transformation is yet another way to touch and surpass the benchmark. There are a few helping hands to appease the CX in the case of this digital business transformation. Check them out –

  1. Personalization

@Entrepreneurs: “Channel your prayers to the AI Gods.” They have given you the chance to acknowledge and map out the –

  1. Preferred past purchases
  2. Recommendation to be offered as per the last buys

-of the clients. Considering that you look into the client data, this will be a convenient approach. Additionally, you can always invest in CRM or Customer Relationship Management that will offer you convenient access to client-related data. 

crm statistics

These data are then used to develop targeted messages that are on par with the client’s individual preferences. Hence, the output is a far more enhanced personalized experience. 

A Seamless Multi-Channel Experience

The availability of multiple options in the service sector has made clients exposed to choices. They now expect speedy customer service responses, irrespective of the day of the week. 

With instant gratification at bay, organizations are catering to their prospective and current client base by remaining accessible for client-demand 24 X 7. 

Since real-time is the latest trend in the digital world, personalization, immediacy, and accessibility for clients, in the long run, is a convenience that enterprises can afford. 

With multi-channels on the loose, clients are enjoying their share of PB & J, (or is it the candy store at large?), with 

  1. In-store browse, 
  2. Sharing reviews over mobile applications, 

III. Online shopping, 

-and throwing questions on products and services on the social media platforms of the enterprise in question. 

Once you tie all these virtual interactions together, your brand has a shot at the creation of a single and unique client profile any time he/she opts to reach out to your organization. 

  1. Follow The ROI

While CX enhancement sounds like a plan, the original blueprint lies with investing time, talent, resources, and talent apart from the money. Digging so deep into the pockets can be relatively reduced if entrepreneurs can kick off the process with extensive data research for the ROI or the Return on the Investment. 

With the data from service, marketing to sales, organizations and its associates can gauge the potential of building on their CX. This will help them evaluate –

  1. The time to Increase client retention
  2. Boosted sales for their newly launched service or product that caters to their data-derived requirements.

III. The main attraction point for potential and existing clients. 

  1. Agile Development

As personalization breaches professional and personal boundaries, design thinking approach, and website designing gain momentum. An integral part of this is the agile development methodology. 

To build on this agile approach, know this – it is all about iteration and periodic tests. These two-some contribute to the swift development of services and products prior to a significant investment.  

For agile product development, –

Step 1: Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that comprises only the elements that have to be validated. 

Step 2: Refine the product idea over market input and iterations. 

Step 3: Refine post-testing features rapidly to ensure the scope of the developed service or product. 

With such a strategic approach in the digital transformation services blueprint, the chances of failure at the market level are significantly mitigated. 

A well-designed product – can anything be more appealing for enhanced CX? 

  1. Thinking by Design

From phone covers to tee-shirts, it’s all about customization. And what is it about the customization that gives it the throne in this discussion? Yes! You got that right – it’s the client’s higher power. 

In the case of designs too, this is the case. For website designing, the very first factor is end-user preference. Website designers strive to address their requirements and their environment. 

In this case, however, designers require a detailed analysis of rich data sets regarding clients. Such insights are collected and analyzed and ultimately lead to the designing of proper prototypes that aid in the agile development process. 

While all of the aforementioned pointers can substantially hone client experience, the last one is one of the most crucial. 

Considering the importance that online presence is creating, websites are a mandate. In this case, an important element of website designing is the choosing of the design ensuring a signature style for clients. Needless to say, the digital transformation impact on customer experience, in this case, is highly efficient and boosted. 

Let’s dig into this a bit deeper, shall we?

An Evergreen Digital Golden Trio – Transformation, CX & Website Design

For starters, here is a statement that should be your motto – enhancing customer experience in web design is the new ‘normal’

An integral part of the digital transformation strategy journey is website building and designing. This can be attributed to the growing concern over creating and leaving an online presence. Then again, in 2020, with the pandemic kicking off, an online presence is the only way through considering the 6 feet-factor. 

Under such circumstances, entrepreneurs and businesses are pooling in the top website design company in New York and others across the globe, resources, and investment to design their sites. 

Nothing speaks customization and appeasing CX like website designing that does not copy from templates. With unique designs, your brand’s voice and its story get its much-required exposure. 

So, how do you align the CX and design? 

Tip 1: Work on the navigation of your website

Tip 2: Think of fast loading websites

Tip 3: Enunciate client reviews

Tip 4: Optimize content as per trend demands 

Tip 5: Bring in the pros at work who will give you tips like –

Pro Tip: Load handling for websites will be the ace to trump CX improvement. Think of it, a site with low traffic – that’s bad for business, right? But what happens when the traffic increases for a site? 

Are you equipped enough to handle your database and server to avoid your site from crashing? We say, don’t go pro bono on this, find your choice of proficients and hold on to their expertise!

The Pros Of Enhanced CX With Digital Transformation

“This is an obvious section”, some would say! However, we believe that this is the section that will convince you enough to pursue the idea. CX enhancement is a mandatory requirement for all businesses. Sans the support of your clients, much like the GOT-viewers, your business falls flat. So, with CX honing, you get –

  1. Digital change creates a seamless experience
  2. Cloud makes data handling easy
  3. Improving customer service experience

These are only the tips of icebergs. With an improved CX and an enhanced Client-Company relationship, your brand is set for its entry into the premier leagues. 


Whether you look at the soccer stadium or the Netflix couch or the bean bag in your comfortable room, this time it’s all about clients and their preference. As a digital transformation strategy grows its roots into the business realm, even this transformation has to submit to its priority entity. 

After all, it’s all a performance! Even Shakespeare couldn’t detach himself from the audience it played to, and hence the audience-based scenes. Where do you think you can escape without this factor in mind?