With 783K electricians the USA alone CRM for electricians is a subject of interest for many professionals in the field.
If you are a one-man-show supplying private services in the neighborhood or a supplier of scale with big contracts, Nimble software will help your business grow and thrive. Here’s how.

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What Is A CRM anyway?

Customer Relations Management systems, or CRMs help businesses manage client data across many functions: communications, acquisition, marketing, meeting scheduling, invoicing, inventory management, reporting.
Nimble is one of the best CRM systems ranking #3 on Capterra. It is designed for all businesses and our 140K user portfolio features many construction professionals, inclusive of electricians.
The universal application of this system guarantees a user-friendly interface and high extent of customizability.

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Why Electricians Need A CRM

Short answer: because they have clients and want to be able to have and manage more of them with limited resources.
CRM software for electricians allows users to market your product easily to grow your base, retain your existing clients and manage more tasks at the same time.
Managing inventory, liaising with contractors, planning your projects, storing your client documentation templates is so much easier with a centralized CRM like Nimble.

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Nimble CRM System For Electricians: Features
Plan Away To Complete Projects on Time

Calendar is a CRM feature that inherently helps you plan your time and make the most of it. The visual representation of the module is color coded, which further promotes prioritization as the method to make sure the vital missions are accomplished on time. Never miss a deadline with this module for punctuality geeks as well as those, who need technology on their side to enhance planning routines.

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Get a Helicopter View To Focus on Priorities

It is way too easy to lose sight of what you want to do in 1, 2, 5 years. By utilizing the dashboard, you always have the tasks and missions for today, week, month lined up in an orderly column for your overview.
Drag and drop your tasks so that to cater for the urgent matters while keeping your big focus always at bay and attended to.

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Accelerate Your Sales Growth

Electrical contractor software helps to both: attain new customers as well as retain the existing pool of clients. Sending a group email to segments that users can create based on demographic or custom parameters is a few click’s job.
Access to templates can be performed from within the CRM to draft contracts, issue invoices and create reports in minutes.
With Nimble Mobile application you can attend to your tasks and check schedules, reply to clients’ emails on the go. So Nimble is a solution to consider for those in the market for apps for electricians too.

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Automate Your Business

Task distribution, monitoring and reporting can be customized to suit the needs of your business. Automating processes from hiring new colleagues to tender procession with the versatile functionalities of the Nimble CRM in the capacity of electrician management software.

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Start With Nimble CRM

The best CRM for electricians can be both: electrician-specific and universal. Just ype in your email to get access to 2 weeks of free no-credit-card-required trial of one of the best CRMs for small and medium business - Nimble.

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