Plastic Surgery CRM is used in this growing industry for marketing and patient management purposes. They are often employed alongside patient management software and complement these specialized solutions, which are not capable of processing clients without an appointment.
Nimble is used by 140K+ professionals of all trades, inclusive hundreds of plastic surgeons world over.
Let’s see why this CRM for plastic surgery is worth a try, on top of the fact that the try is absolutely free for 2 weeks.

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Why Plastic Surgery Practice Needs A CRM

Once you have your patent management software all set up and running, why would you want to get a CRM system for plastic surgery?
Short answer: to grow your business and to drive a higher check.
First, you grow the quantity of the patients that come through your door. Once you hit the ceiling in terms of only having as many hours in a day and just 2 hands, you start filtering your incoming prospects for the highest check.

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What software do plastic surgeons use?

A modern Plastic surgery practice uses a few systems simultaneously:

  • Practice management software or Electronic Medical Records Software
  • Medical Imaging Software
  • Medical Billing software
  • Medical Inventory Software
  • CRM software for plastic surgery
They are all used for different purposes and can be integrated for seamless flowing of data from one system into another.
Below we will review how one of the best CRMs for plastic surgery Nimble can help you grow your clinic with less effort and higher revenues.

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Nimble CRM for Plastic Surgeons: Features
Foster Relationships With Patients

This Social Networking based CRM will keep your relations with clients trustful, close, human, and professional. Get visibility of all social media signals and communications with your patient on one easy-to-read screen.

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Schedule like a Pro

Life is life, plans change, appointments get canceled. Never send another "When is the good time" letter. Your patients can book into the time slots available in your calendars. Send reminders and notifications to ensure reduced no-shows.

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Track Everything

For smaller plastic & cosmetic surgery private practices, Nimble can be used as an inventory management tool too.
Highly customizable fields and the ability to create tags and segments allows creating a data point out of any entry at any level: contact, tasks, pipelines.

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Hone Sales & Lead Generation Processes

This is one task that CRM cannot be replaced with by the specialized medical software. Convert incoming leads into clients with timely follow up and communications, that are programmed & assigned to sales and administrative colleagues.
Keep an eye on your conversions with extensive reporting features.

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Start With Nimble CRM

Management of plastic surgery patients may get tedious if reduced to excel or primitive systems.
Take advantage of Nimble’s leading CRM solution for just $19-25 a month per user.
Get access to all of the cutting edge customer relation management system features with no risks: try this user-friendly solution for free for 2 weeks. No credit card. Just your email to start growing your practice now.

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