Top 7 Reasons for Companies to Be Present in the App Store

Being present in the App Store is more than just prestige. It gives you a bunch of advantages to run your business successfully. Keep reading to learn the true value of presence in the App Store.

An average user checks their phone every 12 minutes and uses 30 mobile apps at least once in a month. To date, a smartphone is the most preferred device to navigate the Internet, accounting for 57% of all digital media usage. It combines convenience and multifunctionality and for this reason, becomes a versatile tool for both personal and business purposes.

What makes a smartphone literally indispensable to every owner is its ability to give instant access to various products and services, most often through mobile apps. There are two big players in the mobile app market at present: Google Play and the App Store between which the App Store is regarded as the best platform for business. Though often matched against Google Play, the App Store gathers more users with a higher payment capacity. This difference in solvency makes the App Store extremely appealing to any business owner.

These are seven primary reasons why you should consider putting your business app in the App Store:

1. Customer Engagement

The use of the App Store for business is a steady trend across all industries. Both startups and big companies know that the App Store is the number one place their customers are likely to go to search for products and services. Since the primary purpose of the store is to direct people to the companies and organizations that match their needs, having your app there is a sure-fire way to engage more customers and grow your clientele.

For this reason, the App Store is way more effective than social media that require more effort and time each to give you the same number of potential customers.

2. Marketing channel 

Being published on this platform is a huge advantage in terms of customer engagement. The App Store is the world’s second-largest app store with over 2.2 million apps available for download. It gathers millions of people from different locations many of which can potentially become your prospects on condition that your business app exists in the App Store.

It gives you direct access to various demographics and allows targeting several markets at a time. Similarly, the App Store is an amazing option if you decide to launch a digital marketing campaign as it delivers a good audience to reach irrespective of the number of years of your company’s existence.

why you need to be present in the app store3. Brand awareness  

A mobile app in business is not only a way to engage and interact with customers. It is an essential attribute of a company’s image which equally shapes the audience’s attitude towards one or another brand. A well-designed app is likely to grab customer attention faster and generate more leads.

The App Store, in this case, provides a favorable ground for promoting your app as the more downloads it has, the higher it is ranked, which eventually gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors. Moreover, with a good customer base that genuinely enjoys using your app, it is easy to cultivate brand loyalty through marketing campaigns that involve sales, exclusive offers, and loyalty programs.

4. Market expansion

The App Store is a good start for every company that decides to go beyond its domestic market. With the app on this platform, your business becomes visible and accessible to customers from other regions which may find what you are offering worthy but are just not aware of it yet.

The App Store allows targeting many demographics at a time without investing additionally in marketing campaigns. As a consequence, you can expand your business globally and generate more sales and profits.

5. Valuable analytics

There is another reason why many entrepreneurs start using the App Store for business as soon as they set up their startups. The App Store analytics can give huge insights into your business performance. The most common indicators such as downloads, updates, ranks, reviews, etc. help you explore your audience’s behavior and changes in their preferences. Based on this knowledge, you can understand your business weaknesses and come up with smart marketing strategies that will let you increase your market share.

6. Unfair advantage

The appeal of the App Store for business also lies in its ability to promote good apps that meet specific search criteria and factors such as keywords, updates, engagement, etc. Although it takes effort to comply with all these requirements at the early stage of app promotion, it pays off completely once the App Store marks your app as a good one. Getting ranked in the App Store gives you strong organic traffic and allows you to cut spending on ads campaigns.

7. Business optimization

The rise of mobile app development in recent years has made the App Store a powerful tool in the business world. Being a credible source to rank and estimate the quality and relevance of mobile apps, the App Store is regarded as the best measure of business success.

However, it is also an excellent opportunity to improve your entrepreneurial skills and learn other ways of business development on the example of other brands presented in the store. The degree of competition is high, but so is business owners’ willingness to build successful and recognized companies. With the right mindset, the App Store opens up plenty of opportunities to grow your business fast.  

How to get featured in the App Store?

If your company is planning to submit its app to the App Store, there are a few rules to make your app stand out among thousands of similar apps. First off, it is recommended to develop a native app only as cross-platform apps deliver worse UX and are difficult to integrate.

Next, make sure you can provide regular updates once you have your app published in the App Store. On average, one update per three months is desirable to adjust to user needs and keep up with the information security standards. Finally, what you should plan carefully is your mobile’s app interface design as it will embody your business values in the eyes of your target audience.