Cross Promotional Marketing Strategies for Hospitality Leaders

What happens when a customer needs to get to a hotel or a meeting after a flight? It’s evident. They have to pick up the phone to find someone, but it’s not worth it. You can pick up your phone to find a great cab, but why not an Uber? You could create partnerships with cabs and airlines to introduce new customers with a lovely discount vacation and/or strive to gain group bookings by making their travel easier. Below are some suggestions by Adagold Aviation, who have been blogging and using social media as a way of attracting new clients for several years now. They’re also hook up with other travel brands to multiply impact through cross promotions.

Design THE Message

Social media cross promotions require a finesse. Your messages have to meet certain expectations which highlight benefits of each company, why your companies are the best and how easy it is for travelers to get to you. Cross promotional marketing strategies with a single, focused message tend to attract more people as it spreads to the masses. You can use this as your vantage point to target specific travelers, with specific budgets and fulfill their wants instantly. An example of this marketing message targeted towards recent high school graduates in early February; you can market the same packages starting at lower prices in February while increasing costs by 5-10% up to the week of graduation. As you streamline the message over a course of 10 weeks encouraging parents, students and friends of the family to invest in their graduate’s celebration.

Offer Group Discounts

Airlines, hoteliers and cab services can offer discounts as a promotion. Flight, room and car services at a given discount ignites excitement when buyers feel they’re stealing a great offer. Unlike before, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer so many options for marketing services to its followers. Discounts can be given for restaurants near a hotel’s location, specific mileage used by the cab services and flights booked before a certain deadline. The angles of cross promotion marketing is unlimited as long as it’s favorable to consumers. Sale promotion ideas for building influence in group travels are also unlimited if you consider the opportunities available.

Streamline the Sales Process

Nothing matters most than streamlining the sales promotion ideas to match the messages & discounts offered on social media sites with that of the company’s personal websites. You may be concerned about how to handle this with so many competitors online (read more here). Promotion codes are the easiest, most reliable way of gaining the attention of your buyers. You should make the promo code accessible after followers like your page, comments or posts; try to make your process 2-3 steps to ensure they are serious about booking a service with you.

Keep Everyone Happy

Tie in the additional service like a cab to make sure the users can get around when they reach their destinations. You may also find it helpful to cross promote local businesses, amusements and other fun aspects of travel for your target market. Keep everyone happy in the cross promotional marketing strategies your hotel chooses to use for strong partnerships. If others begin to feel that they are losing money, re-evaluate and re-engage your audiences until requests are met. It’s a team effort in designing cross promotions effectively. Create a team theme, stick with the messages to draw buyers and move forward as a one-stop shop for your travelers’ needs.