CRM for Traders and Trading Companies: Keep Your Time for Money-making activities

It is safe to say that traders are one of the brainiest types out there with an eye well-trained to monitor and pick up the tiniest signals from the most sophisticated-looking charts and graphs. Yet, they, too, can benefit from a tool as basic as a CRM for traders, shifting the routine processes into a streamlined orderly array of occasions.

Indeed, with so much stress, figures, overwhelming losses, and exhilarating gains throughout a day, it’s easy to feel drained and mentally exhausted from just the moral pressure.

Are you into scalping? Day trading? Swing or positions trading? Whatever it is, your days still may take a bit of organizing. Are you trading from home? Have a team? Working for an agency? Whichever the case, contact management, calendar management, email, and task management modules will help save heaps of time and free up bytes in your headspace.

The benefits of using a CRM for traders

Free up mental space from routine. Organize household efficiently

Mental pressure and psychological burden may get too much at times.

From the times when you learn to the time when you trade independently making thousands of dollars a day.

Your head is full of knowledge, trends, estimates, guesses, headings, doubts, disappointments and it often feels like it’s ready to explode.

Keeping small things in mind, like shopping, cooking, cleaning, picking up kids, gym visits, massage appointments, and so on just takes up your headspace, that’s pretty overwhelmed anyway.

Keeping all the housekeeping tidy booked in your CRM and your business meetings and conferences set with alerts and reminders frees you up, so you can focus on doing things that matter.

Optimize repeat processes

Do you have to do a recap and self-review once a month or once a week to see why you lost or why you won on a specific day? Just create a recurring event with a reminder. You can still shift it and tweak it, but it serves as the carcass for your daily and weekly planning.

Do you need to have your housekeeper shop for you every week? Create a shopping list that you can update as the need occurs and keep it stored in G Drive, available to your housekeeper for print out on the day of shopping – so you don’t have to go for days because you forgot something.

Our work and life routine repeat processes take up time and mental resources. We try to keep them all on our radar and keep stressing if we forget about them. This is when CRM for trading becomes a housekeeping tool too – and it helps a lot.

Keep dreams in focus

More so with scalping and day trading than with swing or positions trading, every second spent behind monitors may mean money. So it is in human nature to want to get as much money as possible to feel financial security.

This, in its turn, keeps things that are important but not urgent out of focus. Things like development and dreams. Making sure you find the time for major life objectives is so much more important for a broker, as they may mean exponential growth afterward.

If it’s education, personal life, quality time with your family, hobby-related meet-up, that will keep you motivated for a month. Things that don’t bring your thousands each hour shall have a time slot in your busy schedule anyway. As they are priceless. Keep the focus on them by giving them a time slot on your calendar or marking them as a deal or task in your client relationship management tool.

Evolve or go extinct: education

Are you trying to combine a full-time job and trading learning, but lacking persistence? Keep those training booked in your calendar so there’s no escaping from it.

Learning is perpetual in trading. If you are trading in stocks, the forex, or currencies, you need to be in the know of global trends, industry happenings, major merger and acquisitions, political turmoil and their repercussions, new tools, regulations, etc.

The more you learn the more you are in a position to convert this knowledge into capital.

Keeping your workflow organized, your meetings tidily arranged and your housekeeping sorted, making time for education is the only way to grow your worth as a trader as opposed to becoming extinct sooner rather than later.

Best software for trading

Before we go to reviewing the best practices of using CRM for forex brokers and day traders, let’s see what industry-specific tools are used by brokerages and trading companies. Ultimately, some of the client-facing solutions can be integrated with the Customer relationship management system for best efficiency.

Best Online Broker Platforms

The major piece of software for a trader, online broker platforms are multiple yet have different conditions – from legal to commissions, that users choose their favorites based on.

These are top online brokers:

  • Fidelity investment
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Tastyworks
  • SMEG
  • Lightspeed Financial broker


Stock scanning software AKA Stock screener or Stock scanners

Stock scanners help traders to screen markets and see which of the stocks are worth investing in. With over 2400 companies on the NY stock exchange alone and 3800 listings on NASDAQ, beginners and veterans alike may use the tool from time to time.

These are some of the best stock scanners:

  • Trade Ideas
  • TC2000
  • Benzinga Pro
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Teletrader
  • Trading View
  • Finviz Elite


Charting software

Nearly all developers of the stock scanners will have a set of products in the realm of charting software, producing stock charts – most of them are free too. These are also among the popular tools in this category:

  • Stock rover
  • Stockcharts
  • CNN Money
  • Robinhood
  • Reuters


Breaking news provider

In the world where a person smoking while being interviewed on the radio may trigger stocks to significantly fall, breaking news platforms are the bare necessity in the life of an FX trader.

These are some of the most trusted sources:

  • Bloomberg
  • Investopedia
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The financial times
  • CNBC
  • Reuters 


Now that we’ve had an overview of key tools, which help traders make their bread and butter, let’s go through some functions of a Customer Relationship Management system and see where it fits in the life of a broker.

How to use a CRM for Traders and FX brokers

Contact management that syncs all communication channels

Sometimes it may take some time to pick up a conversation with a person you need to contact based on one technical impediment: you need to go through every possible channel to find the contact info. All those messengers, chats, emails, SMS can get confusing.

Best CRM trading software will have all the channels talking to each other and synched. Nimble CRM, for example, has an extension that takes contact management one step further. You can add and enrich your client and colleague profiles from anywhere on your desktop: from email, social media, third-party apps. The system will pull all the info available on the net and fill in every field known to the internet automatically for you.

Get calendar on your side

The calendar function is used to plan your days, time of your team members as well as allows you to send invites and postpone or cancel events. Singularly and in bulk.

If you already have your entire life planned in an Outlook, Google calendar, or any other major solution, Nimble is compatible with them. Moreover, it will sync when you join them to the account, passing the information in a 2-way manner, so you can introduce changes anywhere it’s convenient for you. 

Email marketing that actually saves times

Everyone hates their inboxes or most of the people. 

All your close contacts are on massagers by now, while there’s lots of spam inundating your inbox.

CRM inbox feature is a cross between email marketing software, chat, and aggregator of all communications. For example, users can send group emails to a chosen segment, say: hedge fund managers in California who have visited a certain conference. At this point 2 of the former parameters are there in the system by default, but the latter is a custom-made field that you can attach to contacts for easy search and reporting.

Need to know if your message is getting across? The open rate feature will tell how many times your email has been opened and read.

Yes, you can also create a task or a deal right there in your inbox – or attach a document you need to be associated with this person.

Manage your team with customizable task management

Task, deal, and pipeline management are of immense use to trading companies and FX brokerage firms. 

This allows users to create tasks, assign them to specific team members, monitor their execution, and create analytics based on them.

Analyze to improve and progress

Reporting is the medium so familiar to all brokers and traders, they are used to seeing graphs and picking up trends, so the reporting module is usually very well taken by users from trading companies. 

The possibility to create a custom field on the level of contact, task, and deal allows creating a column in a report out of pretty much any datapoint.

Nimble CRM for forex brokers and traders: for independents and agency

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Its user-friendly interface is packed with sophisticated features that are guaranteed to bring efficiencies into the life of any entrepreneur. At just $25 per user per month or $19 per user per month, if billed annually, this CRM solution managed to gain recognition in all major app rankings, like Capterra and G2Crowd.
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