How Nimble & Office 365 Helped StoryMiners Reinvent Their Customer Experience

Mike Wittenstein is the founder of StoryMiners, one of the world’s first customer experience design consultancies. The company is renowned for its ability to hone into the core values of a company and translate them into captivating experiences, enabling their clients to reach their full potential. Last year, Mike found himself facing a problem many of his clients can relate to: his numbers were slipping. Referral rates were starting to decline. His prospects were decreasing in size.


The Problem

It was obvious something was not working in tandem with the company’s ambition to cultivate meaningful business relationships at a scale which resulted in new sales, despite their best efforts. The team was bogged down by the redundancy of data entry and time spent researching prospects, causing them to miss out on potential opportunities for growth.

The irony of an experience design consultant agency having these issues was not lost on Mike; however, he was not deterred.  

Instead, he turned his consultancy onto his own company by identifying key issues, asking clients what they valued most, and envisioning disruptive changes to deliver the value his customers needed while recrafting their stories.

According to Mike, their vision was to “speed up (without creating stress for anyone), say more (by communicating less), individualize the client experience, leverage tech (and lower operating costs), streamline delivery and learning into the same workshops, and follow the two-click rule (from anywhere, whatever you want should be no more than two steps or two clicks away).”

Next, he set out to identify the tools to enable personalized, incremental conversations with customers and prospects, with a natural cadence and at scale.

The Solution

Mike quickly realized that the right social CRM can make a world of difference in ensuring his team was engaging effectively in conversations informed by valuable social media intelligence and prior communications, focusing less on internal processes and more on results, and working on-the-go without compromising the organization.

Enter Nimble and Office 365. He trusted Nimble to serve as the most pivotal growth hack to pull StoryMiners out of the red. By tapping into Prospector (Nimble’s newly released AI-assisted contact discovery and enrichment feature) and Nimble Mobile 3.0 CRM for easy access to contacts, profiles, and pipeline/email automation tools while on the go, Mike saw stronger revenue growth in Q1 and a higher 2018 sales pipeline.

We ditched our CRM and replaced it with something different and way better. Nimble is a game-changer for us. It helps us manage relationships smarter. By doing the research and data entry for us, Nimble frees us up to communicate individually and meaningfully with each person we know. Instead of spending hours googling people and working in batches on a schedule, Nimble lets us work on-the-fly. As we think of something, we act on it, wherever we’re working. As a reminder comes to us, we handle it. With Nimble, we’re talking less—but getting heard more. (Can you tell I love this one?) Nimble has changed how we work–and helped us improve the quality of the experience we offer.”

You can read more about the power of Nimble and the toolbox Mike used to optimize StoryMiners’ customer journey through the full story here.