5 Must-See TED Talks To Improve Your Customer Support


Customers are the foundation of any thriving business and understanding how to satisfy your clientele takes more than putting on a good smile and nodding occasionally.

To truly impact your customer’s journey, you must be willing to put your ego aside and place yourself in their shoes – to show empathy, to connect and to truly listen without bias. Having strong emotional intelligence does not come easy to everyone but with enough sincere practice, it can be cultivated.

Improving your customer support shouldn’t rely solely on a few customer-centric blog post and paying precise attention to the overly zealous barista at your favorite coffeehouse. We learn and gain inspiration in many different ways.  

So how do TED Talks play into customer support? TED Talks are short, powerful speeches about ideas worth spreading. Many turn to TED Talks to gather insight on a particular subject matter. When it comes to key aspects of supporting a business and in turn, its purchasers, TED Talks don’t fall short in these departments.

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Here are a few TED Talks that’ll change your approach to customer service for the better:

Building Compassion, Trust and Connecting With Your Customer

“Why Aren’t We More Compassionate?” By Daniel Goleman

In Daniel Goleman’s TED Talk, he covers the topic of compassion.  In our everyday lives, we are constantly moving from one task to the other and sometimes we miss an opportunity to help a person in need.  This is a great lesson in customer support. When working with a client, it’s important to put personal affairs aside and focus on the opportunity to truly be present.

“How Airbnb Designs For Trust” by Joe Gebbia

Trust is the base of any relationship and it is key to building strong, long-lasting connections.  In this talk, the story of the man who donated his blood to a guest who suffered a heart attack during his stay at an Airbnb is a clear representation of building trust and empathy for those around you. Joe Gebbia shares an inspirational, engaging talk on trusting in the most unlikely situations.

“The Art Of Asking” by Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer delivers an elevating speech on the art of not only compassion, empathy, and trust but also on connecting with your audience in an authentic way. In her TED Talk, she demonstrates just how important it was for her to establish a personal connection with her listeners.  We can all learn from this lesson. When we work with clients, it’s important to take the time to create a relationship and to help them in their journey, rather than simply selling.

Learning To Listen

“10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation” by Celeste Headlee

“We’ve all had really great conversations. We’ve had them before. We know what it’s like. The kind of conversation where you walk away feeling engaged and inspired, or where you feel like you’ve made a real connection or you’ve been perfectly understood.

There is no reason why most of your interactions can’t be like that.” This is a quote from Celeste Headlee TED Talk where she shares informative tips on improving your listening skills. Most of us are used to talking. When you talk, you have the control. However, knowing how to speak is only one aspect of a conversation. You must also know how to listen and listening is vital in any customer support career.

Take Time For Self-Care

“All It Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes” by Andy Puddicombe

With all the care you are giving to others, it’s important to know when to allow yourself a breather. Often times we are too busy assisting others to check in on our own psyche. It’s essential to be aware of how we are feeling as this can affect the relationships we have with our customers in numerous ways. Andy Puddicombe shares the importance of Self-Care in his Ted Talk.

For more self-care tips, check out my blog: Self-Care Tips For The Dedicated Customer Care Agent

Use TED talks as a way to think outside the box when nurturing relationships with your customers. Remember to use empathy and compassion as a way to connect with your customers and don’t forget to listen! Apply these tips to your everyday interactions and your customers will be happy you did.

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