Industry Professionals Share Their 2022 Resolutions

Professionals Share Their Resolutions

Whether 2022 is just starting to gain traction or you’re already completely submerged in projects and meetings, it’s important to keep our goals in mind to stay on track and avoid detours.

As we’re embarking on the journey this year is bringing, a powerful tool that can help anyone would be the lessons learned from the previous year. 

We want to put out positive energy for everyone by sharing with you some of our favorite industry professionals’ 2022 goals and 2021 lessons.

The 4-day Workweek

Neal’s Resolution: My New Year’s Resolution is to implement a 4-day workweek.

How do you plan to achieve this goal? 

It’s simple: Focus more on strategic work and less on everything else. For instance, are all of the social media channels I spend time on beneficial? Do my content creation efforts generate business? If not it’s time to change how I spend my time. I also hope to delegate more work to my team/service providers to free up more time for client work and my own development of new products & services.

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Your Network is Your Net Worth

Ross’s Resolution: Help more clients build quality relationships to increase sales, revenue, and profits.

How do you plan to achieve this goal? 

I’ll show businesses why & ways “Integrated Account-Based Sales & Marketing” strategies will help them achieve their goals more quickly.

In 2021, I saw many businesses & professionals achieve greater success with “Integrated Account Based Sales & Marketing” strategies. This increased utilization of resources and results. Mark Schaeffer recently said, “Lack of resources increases resourcefulness”.

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Ivana’s Resolution: Focus and Optimize on my strengths

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

The key to success (and saving money on marketing) is to run a 1-2-3 Marketing Process. That means to focus on a single strategy, 2 tactics and 3 tools.  Then optimize each one.  Don’t start anything NEW without clear data.

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Short, Sweet, & to the Point

Kyriaki’s Resolution: As a Content Writer I help people get from point A to point B and my goal is to write the best content they can get access to with resourceful advice on how to achieve their own aspirations.

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

Actionable content is valuable content so the plan is to create content that allows readers to get the tips they need right away. People are busy and the world is changing fast and sometimes the only way to get access to reliable information is through articles. The content needs to be up to date, and offer as much data as to give them in-depth insights into the topics that interest them.  

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Wesleyne’s Resolution: I don’t do resolutions! I select a word of the year. My word for 2022 is Abundance

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

Having an abundance mindset in everything that I do is my goal for the year. In 2021, I was operating from a place of scarcity. Becoming hyper-niched last year gave me the feeling of “There are not enough STEM companies that need help with sales. I am leaving money on the table.” This was so not true. This year I am fully leaning into the abundance of STEM companies that want to work with me!

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Health Comes First

Laura’s Resolution: I’m a goal-setting person. I set goals for how I can better serve our customers, my company, community, family, & friends – with a reminder that to do this well I need to stay mentally, physically, & spiritually healthy.

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

Each day, I identify at least 1 action I can take to positively impact one, or more, of my goals.  I set a measurable target for every task. 2021 was the year of experiments, with an emphasis on fast failure. We expect the business scape to continue to change rapidly and plan to continue with experimentation to support our customers and enable them to adjust their growth strategies as needed.

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Let’s Get Digital

Larry’s Resolution: As an entrepreneur and a marketer, my new year’s resolution is to stick to our marketing goals for this year and be more engaged in Instagram marketing and SMS marketing than ever. 

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

I’ll be looking into more SMS and Instagram marketing strategies for this year. One of which that has worked for us is creating chatbots for our SMS campaigns to send out scheduled text messages to our blog subscribers. The other is creating chatbots that auto-respond to Instagram comments. Both of which have increased our engagement KPIs in 2021. Both tactics can be done through MobileMonkey.

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Jenn’s Resolution: Rather than doing “resolutions”, I pick a word each year to help keep my focus. For 2022, my word is “Amplify”

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

With my focus on amplifying things in my life and business, I’ll be finding ways to capitalize on the foundations I’ve put in place in recent years to increase those impacts. I’m going all in to build my membership, Profit Your Profile, which launched in 2021. And I’ll be working strategically to book more speaking events – which we all know is a struggle after 2021 😉

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Million-Dollar Resolution

Gaurav’s Resolution: Making Attrock a Million dollar agency is my top goal this year and we are already halfway there. Second is building strong team leaders who deliver high performance and third is launching a SaaS (Martech) product.

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

Lessons I learned:

Most clients choose cheap price over quality, which makes it hard to survive by just serving 1-2 verticals (SaaS and e-commerce). Not investing enough money in SaaS was a big mistake I made in 2021.

How I plan to achieve my goals:

We will serve more industries and will launch a new SaaS product.

We will focus on providing more value to clients at lower prices than our competitors.

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Listen to Learn

Jon’s Resolution: To listen more than I speak or think

How do you plan to achieve this goal?

I am putting a post-it note on my bathroom mirror that says “Listen more than I speak or think” to remind me each day that it’s better to listen more because it’s only through active listening and being present with others that you can truly learn about others and ideally find ways to add value.

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Here’s to a successful 2022!

Reading industry experts’ goals and resolutions is always inspiring. It’s even more powerful to see their evolving, human side by reading the lessons they’ve learned and how they plan on utilizing that going forward. 

We want to thank the amazing Nimble community for an incredible 2021 and we’re looking forward to another wonderful year. We wish everyone prosperity in 2022!