100 Great Technologies That Will Streamline Your Business

The flexible, affordable, and convenient nature of subscription services make them a natural choice for companies looking to streamline operations in every aspect of their business.

The rise of cloud technology and software-as-service products means that you have more choices than ever before, and spreading the payment over monthly subscription fees allows you to minimize the risk of your investment.

Not sure where to start? We’ve scoured the web to create the ultimate list of 100 premium subscriptions which will change the way you do business.


How to Streamline Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

Marketing tasks are never-ending, and the pressure to find new and innovative ways to grow your brand is intense. These subscription-based products and services have been designed to help your business stand out in the roar of the digital marketplace.

1. Survey Monkey

Take your audience’s pulse with attractive, custom-branded, easy-to-use surveys. With their advanced features, you can find your ideal audience, tweak wording, prevent bias with randomization, and get detailed reports and analytics.

2. Unbounce

You can create, publish, test, and manage high-converting landing pages for any campaign in moments with this powerful drag-and-drop builder.

3. Constant Contact

Bring all of your marketing efforts together under one roof. Manage email and social media campaigns, keep track of promotions, as well as plan and publicize events, all at surprisingly low monthly subscription prices.

4. Vocus

Bring out the big guns for your digital marketing and PR campaigns. Vocus offers a full suite of tools, services and support to help your business rise above the rest.

5. Gigaom Research

A corporate subscription to Gigagom gives your business access to the very latest studies, tickets to Gigagom events, and access to over 200 expert analysts who will help you build your information and thought leadership strategy.

6. EyeQuant

Add a sci-fi edge to your marketing campaign planning. EyeQuant uses “A.I. Neuromarketing Software” to predict what your customers pay attention to when they visit your website or open your email.

How to Effectively Manage Your Customer Relations

Quality customer service and support are the lynchpins of every flourishing business. The marketplace grows more competitive all the time and consumers demand fast and effective communication. These customer support and management subscriptions will simplify and improve your responsiveness.

1. Nimble

This “Intelligent Relationship Platform” allows you to manage your contacts and conversations in one place, with smart context and insights for deeper engagement and better sales.

2. SproutSocial

This social CRM and publishing tool makes it easy for business to engage with customers online. Helpdesk integration and collaboration features help your team stay on top of the conversations that matter to your clients and your business.

3. RelateIQ

A collaborative tool to give your team a clear and actionable picture of your most important sales prospects and relationships. RelateIQ automatically captures information to cut down on data entry, scrubbing, and other time-consuming relationship management tasks.

4. Intercom

This innovative CRM platform gives you live insight into how users are interacting with your product and allows you to communicate with them in real time through email or in-app messages.

5. Happy Fox

A comprehensive, easy to use helpdesk and support ticket system that helps you offer your customers excellent support and service. Keep requests of all kinds in one place, and stay responsive, agile, and available to your clients.

Streamlining Your Social Media Strategy

The influence and importance of social media continue to grow. As platforms proliferate and staying engaged online becomes mandatory, these social media apps and service subscriptions will help you stay on top of conversations you can’t afford to miss.

1. LocalVox

This platform helps you coordinate your social strategy and manage your reputation across a multitude of channels, including the many small local options which are crucial for gaining traction in your home market.

2. Percolate

Percolate picks up the social media slack to help your community manager find and develop relevant, quality content with unprecedented speed and scale.

3. SocialOomph

Boost your social media productivity with this powerhouse subscription app. Dozens of features let you automate common social media tasks and streamline many more.

4. Oktopost

Designed specifically for B2B applications, this subscription service allows you to manage large-scale content distribution easily and professionally. Create, manage, and analyze campaigns in minutes.

5. LocoWise

An analytics-driven social media marketing tool that helps you uncover the kind of content you should be publishing, when you should be publishing it, and how you rank with the competition. Get actionable insights and execute them in moments.

6. NewsCred

NewsCred enables your marketing team to research, source, create, and publish content all in one user-friendly platform. Active relationships with thousands of publishers means you can quickly and easily distribute your message through prestigious, trusted channels.

7. Buffer

Make scheduling posts across a variety of accounts and platforms simple with this handy tool. Buffer also provides link shortening and in-depth analytics so that you can measure your content’s performance.

8. Netvibes

Real-time brand monitoring, reputation, and sentiment tracker. With an intuitive dashboard and powerful analytics, Netvibes lets you track mentions of your company and competitors, as well as sales and other internal info.

Sending More Effective Email Marketing

Social media may be making all the noise these days, but surveys show that email marketing remains the most effective way to grow your relationships with your customers. You need the ability to send dynamic, targeted, valuable email communications to your clients on a regular basis. These email marketing subscriptions make it easy to deliver.

1. Active Campaign

With an intuitive drag-and-drop design editor, Active Campaign makes it easy to create beautiful marketing emails and HTML newsletters in minutes. You can set up autoresponders, create automated series, and track the behavior of subscribers.

2. Campaigner

A flexible and dynamic email marketing program which offers some really great features, including customizable sign up forms, the ability to repurpose any email as a newsletter, landing page, Facebook tab, or Website embed, a viewer which lets you see your email as it will appear in 30 email clients, and much more.

3. Pinpointe

Powerful email marketing tool with monthly pricing based on the size of your contact list. Design, automate and track campaigns in their feature-rich platform, with over 1000 templates and real-time analytics.

4. Cakemail

Easy, affordable, scalable email marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. You can try it first with a free plan (for contact lists up to 2000) and upgrade to a paid plan as your needs grow.

5. Yesware

Make email marketing work harder for your business with templates, tracking, collaboration, reports and analytics, and much more.

6. GetResponse

A smart suite of email marketing tools which include some great tools for making the most of your messages. Design, preview, and robust testing and analytical features help you craft effective campaigns.

7. MadMimi

Break out of boring templates and design beautiful email newsletters in this easy-to-use software, which is free to try for contact lists up to 2500. List management, reports, and tracking come standard, and advanced add-ons are available.

Ensuring Your Cyber Security

As more and more of your business moves online, keeping your data safe is a huge priority. These online security subscriptions will help you and protect the privacy of your company and your clients

1. Lookout

Mobile security for your business. Lookout uses intelligent threat prediction and multidimensional correlation, powered by the cloud. It sees potential problems before they happen and helps you manage mobile risk and vulnerability.

2. ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

Unprotected Android devices can be a threat to your security. An affordable annual subscription fee buys you the premium features of this powerful safety app for Android, including proactive anti-theft, anti-phishing, and remote wipe capabilities.

3. WatchGuard

A full suite of business-grade security subscription solutions for your network and website, including spam blockers, anti-virus, application control, data protection, intrusion prevention, reputation enabled defense, and more.

4. Worry-Free

Designed especially for small businesses, this software, and subscription package provides comprehensive protection across all your devices: PC, Mac, Android, point-of-sale, servers, and USBs.

5. Cyberoam

Flexible security subscriptions for your business network with sophisticated privacy add-ons which can be bundled. You choose the level of protection your company requires.

6. SecureSafe

A Swiss bank for your data. SecureSafe offers a highly secure environment for your sensitive files, and allows sharing and collaboration safely, even over mobile internet. Powerful permission and verification controls.

7. Duo

A better two-factor authentication solution. Easy-to-use interface and unlimited integrations. Their business and enterprise premium plans offer advanced features.


Help your customers trust your website with their information. For an annual subscription fee, the TRUSTe Verified Seal lets you display their seal and gives you privacy scanning, a dispute resolution program, and a privacy policy generator.

Time- Saving Accounting Software

For many growing businesses, bookkeeping takes up a huge amount of time and resources. If you don’t stay on top of things, invoicing can lag and tax time can quickly become a nightmare. Manage cash flow and keep an eye on expenses with these great accounting subscriptions.

1. Expensify

Take the pain out of expense tracking and reports. Direct imports, receipt scanning, and smart auto-categorization make it easy to keep up with what you’re spending, and efficient administration tools make processing reports simple and fast.

2. Spotlight Reporting

Keeping track of KPIs, forecasting, and planning just got easier. Create intelligent, attractive, powerful reports in minutes.

3. Intuit GoPayment

Turn your smartphone into a credit card reader and take payments wherever you are, and also allows you to track cash or check payments. Syncs directly with Quickbooks to make keeping track easy.

4. LessAccounting

For a small monthly fee, this web app will import data from Paypal, credit cards, and your bank account. Designed for small business owners who hate accounting tasks, it’s designed to be quick and easy, with hand-holding tutorials all the way through.

5. Fathom

A “virtual CFO” which takes accounting to the next level. Get deeper insights into cash flow and other metrics with a host of features such as customizable KPIs, benchmarking, and alerts, as well as powerful analytics and reporting.

6. InDinero

All of your accounting, tax filing, and payroll jobs are handled in this snappy software, with a clear, simple dashboard. Designed with entrepreneurs in mind in order to free you from the drudgery of back-office tasks,

7. Abukai

Lightning-fast expense reporting. Snap photos of your receipts with your phone and Abukai will transform them into an Excel spreadsheet report and email it to you with the receipts attached as a PDF.

8. PayDirt

Smart time tracking and instant invoicing capabilities along with impactful visualization tools will help your team bill more hours. Cool Chrome and Firefox extensions let you track time anywhere with one click.

9. Kashflow

This intuitive, user-friendly cloud-based app lets you log in securely from any device. Import from Quickbooks or Excel in seconds, create professional quotes, estimates, and invoices, see outstanding payments and automate common tasks.

10. Monchilla

Secure and simple cloud-based accounting which handles payroll, invoicing, taxes, new hire reporting and more. Gorgeous graphs and reports make it easy to see and share your numbers each month.

11. Invoicera

A smart, comprehensive invoicing program which incorporates time and expense tracking, powerful translation, and currency conversion tools, and full integration with more than 20 payment gateways.

12. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

The domain giant operates this simplified and very affordable accounting software, formerly known as outright. With automated imports and clear steps, it will make invoicing and tax prep a breeze.

13. FreshBooks

Complete mobile access means you can stay on top of your company finances at all times, no matter where you are. Painlessly log billable hours, invoice, take payments from customers through many portals, and keep track of expenses, all on the go.

Automating Day-to-Day Operations

The day-to-day tasks of running your own company can be complex and varied. As a business owner, you’re used to wearing multiple hats, but finding ways to simplify and automate as many processes as possible will free you up to concentrate on development and growth. These subscriptions can help you handle it all.

1. TripIt Pro

An inexpensive annual subscription lets you plan, book, and organize your business travel all in one convenient, mobile accessible app. Detailed itineraries, calendar sync, alerts, and points tracking are just a few of the features. If you’re coordinating travel for several employees, check out the TripIt for Teams option.

2. StratPad

An annual subscription fee to StratPad gives you access to this smart cloud-based business planning app. The software asks you a series of questions and then creates all the financial statements you’ll need for your business plan.

3. Work[etc]

Manage and automate a full range of operational tasks with this cloud-based platform. Combines CRM, billing, collaboration, workflow management and more

4. HelloSign

Create legally binding signatures and sign documents without ever leaving your Gmail account. Fully integrated with the entire suite of Google Apps. Bank-level security and the ability to request signatures from up to 20 team members.

5. EchoSign

This Adobe product lets you digitally sign and share PDF documents from any device, allowing you to close deals on the go, securely.

6. ScannerPro

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable document scanner. Creates high-quality PDF files which are automatically cleaned and neatened for a clear, professional finish.

7. Zapier

An app to rule your apps. Zapier lets you “automate the web” by integrating with and pulling information from all of your most commonly used apps to move data and automate tasks.

8. Ontraport

Easily manage and automate tasks in all branches of your business. Ontraport makes it simple to deal with payments, partners, marketing, publishing, CRM, and more, all from one intuitive dashboard.

9. Sweet Process

Systemize your processes and procedures to make delegation a breeze. This platform makes it easy to document, illustrate, and share best practices with employees, saving time and making handovers foolproof.

10. JumpTech

This company offers a suite of innovative cloud-based logistics subscriptions, including a paperless Proof Of Delivery system, an inventory tracker, and order management.

11. Amazon Subscribe and Save

From staplers and printer ink to break-room snacks, cleaning supplies, and more, you can cut out tedious re-ordering by setting up a totally customized subscription. You choose the products, you choose the frequency, and you can pay as you go and edit or cancel your subscriptions at the click of a mouse.

Getting the Most Out of Your Productivity

Gaining traction in your business is all about doing what you do faster, better, and more efficiently. Get the most from your own performance and inspire your team to new heights with these productivity-boosting subscriptions.

1. TimesheetMobile

Let your employees clock in and out with their mobile phones. GPS tagging ensures that they are on site when they say they are. The software will then create and email you a timesheet which can be seamlessly imported into Quickbooks. You’ll also get an email if anyone goes over 40 hours in a week.

2. Producteev

A sophisticated task-management platform that’s more than just a to-do list. Plan, assign and track tasks and subtasks for unlimited users. The subscription pro version allows you to sync directly with Outlook and gives you 24-hour support.

3. TSheets

Mobile time tracking for your employees. An easy interface makes it quick for employees to clock in and out anywhere from any device. The app then tracks and calculates timesheets and PTO, all in real time.

4. Freckle

Easy time tracking for teams with automatic invoice creation and useful reports to see where time is going, keep an eye on project overhead and identify profitable and unprofitable clients.

5. Wunderlist

This hugely popular productivity app is about to launch its 3rd version. Easy delegation, due dates and tracking across all platforms, along with file sharing, unlimited subtasks, and handy communication tools.

6. Pocket

Research smarter. Pocket allows you to save websites and articles to be read later, even offline. The premium subscription lets you create permanent resource lists, use advanced search options, and suggests tags for easy organization.

7. RescueTime

A premium subscription gives you access to advanced time tracking tools (including time spent offline), more detailed reports, logs, alerts, and blocks distracting websites.

8. TaskAnt Pro

Assign, track, and search tasks in minutes with this one-stop to-do list repository. It handles large volumes of tasks for complex projects and operates like a cross between your email and sophisticated bug-tracking system.

9. Todoist Premium

Another popular and powerful organizational tool packet with cool features such as GPS alerts, automatic backups, emails-as-tasks, and more.

10. CatchApp

You can track and monitor everything your team is working on from this handy platform. It automatically integrates with the apps employees are using to give you real-time updates and notifications.

11. Boomerang

Rule your inbox, don’t let it rule you. Boomerang allows you to schedule sending and receiving email in your Gmail account.

Evolve Your Collaboration and Communication

The way we work has changed drastically in the last decade. Cloud and mobile technology have given rise to a truly global workforce, which means your team may be scattered across the globe. Stay truly connected with these excellent collaboration subscriptions.

1. PukkaTeam

If you’re dealing with a remote team, Sqwiggle makes it easy to feel more connected by supplying video on demand. You stay passively connected to team members with still images every few minutes. One click and you’re instantly in live, high-quality video chat.

2. Asana

This popular collaboration tool has been topping lists for a couple of years, and it keeps improving. Cut down on email and organize internal communication within a slick user interface.

3. Google Apps

Chances are you’ve used the free versions before, but Google also offers a snazzy premium suite for businesses, with enhanced features and security.

4. ConceptShare

Designed to keep creative teams moving forward together, this creative operations management tool streamlines the review process through multiple departments and clients.

5. Doodle

Scheduling meetings and avoiding endless games of phone tag can be difficult. Doodle allows you to create simple polls to see who’s available when, and also syncs seamlessly with your calendar to prevent conflicts.

6. Box

This Enterprise File Storage and Sharing [EFSS] platform is a powerful, flexible, and secure solution which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device. It makes organization and collaboration easy and safe with file synchronization and advanced IT and admin controls.

7. Quip

Deal with document version control and messaging in one place. The simple design makes using the shared team workspace easy, and mobile alerts help everyone to stay on top of edits.

8. HipChat

Persistent chat rooms, video chat screen sharing, and drag-and-drop file sharing make this hosted messaging solution perfect for teams. Create rooms for individual projects or entire departments to keep all communication in one searchable space.

9. ReadyTalk

Conferences, webinars, training sessions and more. ReadyTalk is packed with advance features which make it easy to plan, record, and syndicate communication for your team and your customers.

10. SmartVault

Store and share files securely. SmartVault makes it easy to manage version control and workflow. It lets you create a compliant, branded client portal, and allows you to access files from within your apps.

Implement Exemplary Human Resources

A company is only as good as its staff. Find, train, and retain the best employees in the business with these excellent human resources and management subscriptions.

1. The Resumator

Recruiting the right people for your company is time consuming and expensive. The Resumator lets you publish and update job openings to all of the top job boards at once, and manage all applications in one place. Integration with social networks makes casting a wide net easier.

2. HotSchedules

HotSchedules provides a suite of HR related subscriptions to help you plan and communicate employee schedules, complete paperless hiring, and provide online staff training.

3. YouEarnedIt

An innovative employee recognition and reward system which allows you to publically thank team members and assign them customized performance rewards. Completely mobile for real-time recognition anytime, anywhere.

4. BambooHR

Brilliant online HR software helps you to track comprehensive employee information, cultivate a strong company culture, organize training and more.

5. Bonus.ly

Encourage and motivate your workforce with this clever peer-recognition “micro bonus” program. Employees are given a small budget with which to instantly reward each other for great performance.

6. Effortless HR

A full-service online HR solution which offers customized employee time clocks, PTO tracking and accrual, employee record centralization, and much more. It includes an employee portal which lets workers edit information and request time off.

7. Pluralsight

Pluralsight gives business managers access to top-quality online training programs as well as efficient tools for assessment, marking, and reporting. You can save time and money while offering your staff excellent skill-building experiences.

8. GiveAWow

A social media-based employee recognition solution which lets you and your team nominate high performers for public appreciation and a wide variety of compelling awards.

9. TribeHR

The new breed of Human Resources Information Management is socially engaged and mobile. Tribe HR lets you handle recruitment, retention, reviews, rewards, and more, all in one cloud-based platform.

10. Tiny Pulse

Your employees have strong opinions about your business, but you might never hear them if you’re not listening. Tiny pulse lets you collect honest, anonymous input from your workers on a regular basis.

11. 15Five

Get weekly insights into your employee’s experience, including triumphs and challenges, morale, and more. Each employee spends about 15 minutes a week answering simple questions, which the software transforms into reports which managers can read in 5 minutes.

Website Optimization Tools

Your website is the first point of contact for many customers, and should be working as hard as you are. These apps and service subscriptions ensure that you’re alway putting your best foot forward online.

1. LaunchList

Smart quality-control software which will help you prepare and preview your site before launch, so that you can meet the public with confidence.

2. Knack

Build your own online database with no coding required. Completely customizable with an online app builder and more.

3. Kraken

Optimize your website for speed and save bandwidth and storage space with this professional image compressor. An easy web interface and smart API make it simple to use in any environment.

4. LiveEngage

This intelligent customer engagement software can be embedded right in your website, offering live chat as well as personalized content and offers.

5. Wufoo

Easily build professional online forms for your website. It will automatically build databases and backend scripts, to help you collect and understand data easily, process payments, integrate with many existing platforms, and more. The premium plan includes cloud storage.

6. Appery.io

A visual app builder that lets you rapidly design, develop, build, and test your own mobile and web apps.

So that’s our mighty list of 100 paid, premium subscriptions for business owners. While free apps and services pop up all over the place, sometimes you get what you pay for. When it comes to your business, you want the best. A subscription model puts you in an ongoing relationship with the provider, and gives you access to support and peace of mind.

A few carefully chosen subscriptions can transform the efficiency of your business. For a manageable monthly investment, products, services, and software like this will help you to cut out repetitive tasks, bring out the best in your workforce, get your message out to the masses, and serve your customers better than ever.