Use Insights to Add a Personal Touch to Your Support

Nimble is an amazing tool for gathering insights on your current customers and prospects, but it can also be used to bolster your Customer Support operations. Whether you are a salesperson or a member of a support team, adding context to your conversations is a great way to reach out in a relevant and authentic way.

As the Customer Experience Lead at Nimble, I use our Nimble Smart Contacts App on top of our support desk system to add more context about my contacts before I send out a response. This helps me be sure I don’t let a big opportunity get away without giving my best effort. I’m going to walk you through an example case I handled in to show how Nimble helped me write the best response to this prospect.

When a customer writes in, I only have their name, email, and company domain. I can see their company and user case history, but this doesn’t really give me much to work with when I’m working to address a user’s needs, especially when it’s a new prospect.

The message above is from a prospect that’s interested in learning more about what we have to offer. I don’t know what industry he works in, where he works, or even what his title is at his company.

Using the Nimble Smart Contacts App to Add Intelligence to Support

Lucky for me, I have The Nimble Smart Contacts App for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox at my disposal. With the click of a button, I can get additional insights about my prospect, effortlessly. These insights include his social profiles, industry, company details and Klout areas of influence.

All I had to do is click the Nimble icon in my browser window, and now to see Rob’s Twitter handle and location, and once I add him to Nimble, I can even add in his company details to find out more about where he works.

Without Nimble, I would not have any idea that this prospect works at a successful local insurance brokerage. Now that I have this added intelligence, I can respond with context to reach out in a relevant and authentic way.

By using the Nimble Smart Contacts App on top of my current support system, we’re able to give the most helpful response possible for every prospect that writes to our Customer Care team.

To get started, register for a Nimble account at and add the Nimble Smart Contacts App to Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Then open the Smart Contacts App while in any email support tool to gather instant insights on any of your prospects.