How Nimble CRM is Unique and Can Help Your Business

How exactly is Nimble different? What is so unique about it and how does it stand out from all the other customer relationship management on the market?

These are some of the questions we receive from our customers every day. We figured that the best way to find out would be to ask the man behind the whole idea, and a pioneer of customer relationships solutions, our founder and CEO Jon Ferrara.

For those that are hearing about Jon for the first time, here’s a little intro:


Jon Ferrara is a pioneer and creator of CRM solutions. Prior to founding Nimble, Jon co-founded the award-winning customer management product called GoldMine which got acquired by FrontRange in 1999. After selling GoldMine, Jon took some time off to focus on his family and raised three children. Being an entrepreneur at heart, he quickly recognized the power of social media and started looking for a CRM tool that would integrate social media. He not only found out there were no customer relationship management systems that would integrate social media but they were also lacking the relationship aspect of CRM. It was at this point that he decided to create the next generation CRM product, Nimble.

We just mentioned Nimble being the next generation CRM product but some people might wonder what that means exactly. So Jon, what are some of the unique features of Nimble and what sets it apart from all the other CRM software out there?

The whole premise of Nimble is uniquely different than the CRM market. Most CRM systems are designed for management reporting and should be called management reporting systems not customer relationship management systems.

Nimble does everything that a traditional CRM does. It allows you to define contact fields, edit and update these fields with your customer information, schedule, and log tasks, log notes, forecast deals and report on them. What we do differently is that we make it fun to engage.

We do the heavy lifting for you by automatically building records on people and companies. Nimble maps their profiles, logs the emails, calendar activities, and the details about that person and their company. By doing all this heavy lifting for you, Nimble allows you to focus on what humans should do. Which is building relationships and turning connections into conversations and business opportunities?

Another thing that Nimble does uniquely in the CRM market is help you to take your network with you everywhere you go. [Tweet “Nimble works inside your browser and all the main Apps that you use in your business. “]That includes your inbox, social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Angel list, LinkedIn, CrunchBase, etc.). We are smart on the underline data, automatically build records and update them based off of that, enabling you to take your network everywhere you go.


When people consider buying a new product, they want to know how exactly it can help their business. What are some of the biggest problems companies often have to face and how can a product like Nimble help deal with them?

One of the biggest problems all companies face is getting accurate and up-to-date data in their CRMs. Without accurate data, you can’t mine that database for the people that matter in order to reach out and build the relationships you need for your business to grow. The key reason why CRMs fail is due to lack of use, which results in bad data. Nimble helps with the critical business process and solves the problem of bad data by automatically creating records with accurate information and keeping them up-to-date on a daily basis.

Another key business problem that Nimble solves is the follow-up and follow through. We all work in several different tabs and apps, and it’s a lot of work to go back and forth between your CRM and everywhere you are having conversations with your customers. Nimble solves this problem by being directly in your inbox or anywhere else you are on the internet.

Nimble provides you with your customer’s complete digital footprint and all the insights you need to understand who the customer is. It allows you to log all the details and schedule the follow up that you must do in order to succeed in your business. Nimble’s stay in touch reminders will make sure that you never go out of touch with any of your important contacts.

Your network is your net worth. [Tweet “Today you build your professional network and personal brand by giving your knowledge away.”] You should share valuable content that inspires and educates others, establishing yourself as a trusted advisor. If you are successful at this, people will plus one, retweet, like and otherwise engage with you. This will generate a lot of signals. How do you determine which of these signals matter? Nimble layers intelligence on every single contact and compares that to the DNA of people that matter to you. This lets you know who is important and who you should reach out and engage with.

What Nimble features are you most excited about at this moment? What can people expect from Nimble in the near future?

Our Nimble Everywhere strategy has been critically successful for our customers. It enables them to take their relationships out of the contact managers (Outlook, Address book, Google Contacts), and out of their CRMs everywhere they work. We’ve just released an even smarter Nimble Relationship App. The App builds records for people and companies in a much deeper and richer way. This allows you to build records not just for people in Nimble, but contacts you come across in your inbox, conversations, appointments, in your social interactions and even in articles you are reading.

This Nimble Smart Contact App is the foundation of our ability to layer intelligence on top of a record. Nimble will soon segment these records into groups and allow you to take actions on them.