SEO Strategies That Are Definitely Relevant in 2017

SEO is a trendy topic for a few years now. If people to find you throughout search engines, your search engine optimization tactics must be effective and productive. You see, Google, the giant search engine that controls most of the search results has a very complex system of algorithms.

In time, they have incorporated thousands of different automation algorithms that contain signals which contribute to the search ranking positioning. As marketers and webmasters, we need to stay up to speed with what search engines value the most when ranking websites.

In the present moment, plenty of case studies and research are suggesting which of a website’s factors are the most important when it comes to SEO optimization:

  • Search visits
  • Total visits
  • Direct visits
  • Global rank
  • Time spent on website
  • Bounce rate
  • Page views

Now, besides those, there are countless other factors that carry small weights of importance. SEO is not something that you learn in an article. That is why, during today’s post, you’re only getting a few powerful strategies and insights that’ll automatically boost your rankings. Let’s get started.

Social Media is Essential

Social engagement is basically a hidden factor that Google doesn’t admit to favoring. There’s plenty of evidence that Google now ranks websites that have a lot of social engagement. Now – in order to grow that engagement, you have to dive into social media and build a professional presence at first.

You need a good business page, you need a good strategy, and you need to take action consistently. Share your content, do contests, network, and do everything possible to draw more attention and awareness to your brand.

SEO and social media go hand in hand, as both represent awesome sources of traffic. Moreover, as we can notice, combining them makes your rank higher in the search engines.

A simple explanation is that more people visit your website, more people share your blog posts, and so on. Therefore, this growing process can go on and on as long as you promote yourself well on social media channels.

Mobile Optimization is at Its Peak

The mobile industry is at its peak right now, as the majority of people are using phones more often than desktops. Mobiles are more flexible, they’re much more frequently bought and used, and they represent the future of online browsing. In fact, impressive stats show that the “future” I’m talking about has already started.

According to Google, websites that are not mobile responsive will be penalized accordingly. This policy created a very big buzz and expanded the overall use of SEO mobile optimization processes.

Make sure that you have a mobile responsive website, and make sure that the user experience you’re providing is satisfying for both desktop and mobile users. This means no broken links, no glitches in the website, and no unpleasant surprises. Everything’s supposed to go smooth.

Offer the visitor the information that he’s looking for and make him feel good while he spends time browsing your platform. Basically, this is the key to a better user experience which eventually leads to a better business performance.

Voice Search Is Getting Popular

Did you know that the present Google Voice Search is one of the biggest trends of 2017? It is estimated that voice search is going to change the face of SEO forever, as everything’s different when you speak compared to when you talk.

Long tail keywords are going to get more popular than they are now, and there are going to be a lot of new twists regarding the keyword selection process.

Now…when it comes to Google, things are never simple nor easy. The present voice understanding technology presents a word error rate of 8%, compared to 2015 when the word error rate reached 20%. These guys are spending millions of dollars on the development of what it’s going to be the next “smart search”.

If you’re smart about it, you’ll start to optimize your websites in order to make them voice search friendly. There are more methods that you can learn here.

Content Remains King

Content was, is, and will be king. That means that it’s the essence of everything that’s going on. Every website needs some form of content in order to create a connection with their buyers or to simply inform what the business is about.
If a few years back content was being manipulated by most of the smartass marketers who found glitches in Google’s system, today things look pretty different. Websites that rank well will always have unique and valuable content.
You’ll need to create something that actually helps the reader with a problem or need. Start off by developing your content marketing strategy, continue with the creation of the content, go on with the distribution, and finally end up by promoting your work.

Share your content on social media, write for other blogs as a guest and link back to your website, and do everything possible to show off your brand’s name. The more brand awareness you build the more rankings you’ll get.


SEO is and will continue to be a huge factor in the development of contemporary businesses. No matter what type of business or website you have, it still needs to be visible to the general public.

Practice a lot, test a lot, fail a lot, and eventually start ranking. The moment your website shows up on the first page of Google’s results, lots of traffic will flood your website over time, making your time and money investment worthwhile.