5 of the Most Popular Email Marketing Trends Right Now

Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques that are still relevant. Almost every business with an online presence leverages email marketing to some extent.

But, not everyone is equally successful at email marketing. In fact, in most cases, emails from businesses are either marked as spam or land in the promotions tab. According to a study, 14.8% of emails are not even delivered or are caught by spam filters.

inbox placement rates 2020

This basically means that you invest money in email marketing and your emails might not even reach your audience’s inboxes.

Don’t worry! It is not all doom and gloom. Email marketing can be highly effective if you know how to do it right. But, for that, you need to stay updated about the latest email marketing trends and be at the top of your game.

In this post, we will list five of the biggest email marketing trends that you should leverage for your business right now.

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1. The Popularity of Automated Emails

One of the biggest email marketing trends of 2020 that will continue in 2021 is email automation. With advances in artificial intelligence (AI), marketers can now understand user behavior and set triggers for automating emails.

What this means is that now you can send automated emails after specific actions users take on your website. 

For example:

Someone signs up for your newsletter and they can immediately receive a welcome email. A user makes a purchase and gets an email with the order confirmation and other details. Someone abandons a cart and gets an email with an exclusive discount code to complete the purchase.

You get the gist, right?

This trend basically lets you engage with your existing and prospective customers at strategic touchpoints. You can create different sets of emails to be sent to customers at different stages in the sales funnel. 

This is one of those email best practices that also increases the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. So, try automating your email workflows to make your email marketing more efficient.

email marketing automation

2. Rise of Personalization in Emails

Personalization has been a popular email marketing trend for a while now and is expected to remain one of the most important ones in 2021 as well. 

Simple personalization tactics like adding a receiver’s name can increase your email open rates. People tend to open emails that mention them by name, thinking that it might be important.

However, the personalization trend in email marketing will no longer be limited to just adding receivers’ names. Marketers are now experimenting with mass personalization techniques to segment their emails by different customer segments. 

So, you can send different emails to different customer segments based on various demographics and other parameters. Adding to the previous point, even people at the same stage in your sales funnel will receive different emails based on their classification.

You can choose how you want to segment your customers and ensure that you send the most relevant emails to each customer. If people do not find your emails relevant, they might mark it as spam or unsubscribe. Personalized emails reduce the likelihood of that by sending relevant emails to each user.

So, try personalizing your emails to run successful email campaigns in 2021. You can start small by adding each user’s name to your emails and then take things from there. The more you personalize your emails, the better the results you will get.

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4. Increased Use of AI in Email Marketing

While most of the email marketing trends are somewhat impacted by AI in some form or another, this still deserved a separate mention. AI is the one technology that has had the most impact on email marketing.

In fact, advances in AI technology have directly shaped email marketing trends and will continue doing so. Apart from AI’s impact on email automation and personalization, there are many other ways in which AI will change email marketing.

For one, AI is extremely useful in the smart segmentation of audiences and can help marketers understand and categorize their audiences better. AI can help you collect and use tons of user data to do this, which would have been extremely difficult to do manually.

AI can also help you optimize your subject lines and email content and get you higher open rates and more engagement. There are numerous email optimization tools that you can use for this purpose. 

Another area where AI can help you improve your emails is by increasing your email deliverability. There are many AI-powered tools that can audit your emails and help you make changes to improve your email deliverability.

5. The Rise of Interactive and Engaging Emails

While some of you may still swear by plain text emails because of their simplicity, the trend is changing now. Email marketers are increasingly preferring image-rich and interactive emails to engage their audience.

After all, plain text is boring and hardly catches your audience’s attention. Visual and interactive emails are growing in popularity because they are better able to engage the receivers and get more clicks.

Some common interactive elements that will be popular in emails are:

  • Roll-over image effects
  • Carousel images to showcase products
  • Surveys, quizzes, polls, and other interactive elements
  • Animated CTA buttons

These are just some examples of how interactivity will play an important role in email design. Hop on this trend early to make your emails stand out from the numerous others in your audience’s inboxes.

Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

These are the top five email marketing trends to watch out for in 2021. If you have not yet leveraged these for your email marketing campaigns, then it is time that you start.

Experiment with these email marketing trends in 2021 and improve your campaigns. These email marketing tips will help you get better results from your campaigns.

Have questions about these email marketing trends and how to use them for your business? Just leave a comment with your question and we will get back to you.

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