How Nimble CRM Launches Real Estate into the Stratosphere

Nimble CRM is being used by fast-growing real estate and mortgage lenders across the country — from boutique shops to large real estate companies. Richard M Hartian, real estate marketing professional at Winning Agent, was instrumental in helping to define the best practices around the use of Nimble for real estate professionals.

Managing and Leveraging Customer Data and Interactions

Real estate professionals are constantly overwhelmed by vast amounts of customer data from daily interactions with prospective customers, brokers, mortgage lenders, referral sources, vendors, and more. Their success hinges on the ability to quickly capture contact details, schedule follow-ups, and create segmented groups for target marketing.

Without technology tools to help manage it all, real estate professionals are missing out on valuable business opportunities and precious time that could be spent nurturing prospective clients. Real estate professionals that take advantage of technology tools to automate data entry, provide social insights and streamline communications will set themselves apart from their peers and achieve greater sales growth.

Powerful CRM Functionality with Social Integration

Nimble is a natural fit for realtors and mortgage lenders because it offers simple, smart CRM functionality that integrates with social networks for a complete relationship management tool.

With a central database of prospects, customers, referral sources and associates, Nimble helps real estate professionals work seamlessly within Office 365 and Gmail to effortlessly develop business relationships across email and social media. With Nimble, realtors spend less time researching and entering customer data and more time building and nurturing connections. That deeper engagement leads to more authentic and relevant conversations that grow your business.

After interviewing a number of customers and documenting their success with Nimble, we wanted to provide insight into best practices on how real estate professionals can use this simple CRM tool to be Nimble in real estate.

How to Build Deeper Connections and Authentic Engagement to Grow Your Business

Realtors and mortgage lenders have found Nimble to be simple and easy to use to manage their business and nurture connections that turn relationships into revenue. Following are some of the many ways you can use Nimble to generate new business opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Customizable Dashboard for Activity Management

Start your day here with your personalized dashboard to prioritize and manage all of your activities. You can customize this page to show information important to you – deals, events, tasks, email tracking, onboarding checklist, stay in touch, stage funnel, etc. – accessible from one screen and one click away.

Use the dashboard to alert you when someone is interacting with one of your marketing pieces. Then you can create a group for anyone who has or hasn’t responded to a campaign and send further tailored messages.

nimble in real estate

Tracking Households and Family Members

To make it easier to track individual contact information for key members of a household, real estate professionals should follow these protocols:

  • Use Company records to track households and companies; create a naming protocol similar to “Last Name” + “Household” – ex: Hamilton Household
  • Use People records for family members in those households (or employees at companies).

Creating individual records for family members in a household enables you to access their contact information, profiles, walk in their social footprints to learn more about them, and identify referral opportunities from their networks. You can also enter data and add tags for each contact to refine your target marketing efforts.

nimble in real estate

Contact and Company Insights

Use the Profiles that Nimble builds to walk in your contacts’ digital footprints to get background information on them before you reach out, giving you context and helping you easily build a rapport with them. Nimble’s built-in profile matching algorithm scours the web to find social and company profiles and continually updates your contact records with the latest intelligence on your prospective customers.

It’s also a great way to initiate new relationships by building an expanding circle of contacts in a community.

“The social media profiles can quickly and easily give me background on my contacts to help me understand who they are and what they’re about. With access to their social information on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, I can immediately build rapport with them on initial contact, which has been extremely valuable and saves me a ton of time in research.”

– Vincent Sourile, Realtor, eXp Realty

nimble in real estate

Email Templates and Group Messaging for Outreach

These features offer the ability to scale your communications and use consistent and personalized messaging to save you time. Nimble also lets you know who is engaging with your emails by tracking opens and clicks for targeted follow up. Example template messaging might include:

  • I’d like to meet to discuss buying/selling your home
  • Thank you for attending our open house
  • I’d greatly appreciate your referrals
  • Congratulations on your new home purchase/home sale
  • Here is helpful information for new homeowners

nimble in real estate

Lead Tracking for Database Segmentation

Use Nimble to keep track of your contacts by type, status and source for easy segmentation of your contacts. You can track people and companies by the Lead picklist values you define. For example:

  • Lead Type – Buyer, Seller, Buyer/Seller, Broker, Referral Source, Friend, Vendor, etc.
  • Lead Status – Identified, Contacted, Working, Customer, etc.
  • Lead Source – Referral, Marketing, Social Prospecting, Home Showing, etc.

Tags for Further Segmentation of Contacts

Use Tags to further segment different audience types so you can send customized and highly targeted group messages. You can segment by any standard or custom field in Nimble, such as Lead Type, and then further segment your group with Tags. Lead Type is good for big categories such as buyers, sellers, referral sources, vendors, friends, etc.; Tags let you segment that group by a specific area of interest. For example: Little League, Dance, Skiing, etc.

It’s a great way to combine personal and business interests without being overbearing.

“I use Tags to segment people I am working with by creating categories such as Pre-Qualified, Actively Working With, Credit Issues, etc. Then, if I want to send a message out on how to fix your credit, for example, it just takes a couple of clicks to deliver a templated email to a specific group of people.

“Because Nimble sends the messages individually through my own email account, it doesn’t show up as spam. Each message looks like a personal email, leading to higher open rates.” – Richard M Hartian, Real Estate Marketing Professional, Winning Agent

Deals Pipeline for Opportunity Management

Create deal pipelines for different transactions, such as buying or selling a home, to track your sales opportunities.

Defining the deal stages and tracking expected close dates allows you to prioritize your most important follow-up activities. Track clients, deal participants, and activities on one deal record to manage complex transactions. If you have a high volume of activity to track, you can set up separate pipelines for buy, sell or rental deal types.

Use the Lead Source field to identify where business is coming from to refine your marketing strategies. For example:

  • Stage: New Listing, Offer Received, Awaiting Closing, Closed Won
  • Lead Source: Referral, Ad, Networking Group, Family, Social Media Prospecting

nimble in real estate

Task Manager for Relationship Management

Manage all of your relationships at one time and stay on top of everything with the help of the Task Manager. Build your task list and keep detail on all client contact, schedule calls, and set follow up reminders.

nimble in real estate

Stay in Touch Feature for Consistent Follow-Up

Use this feature for people that are not in an active transaction cycle so that they don’t fall off your radar. You can schedule reminders to keep in touch on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis for referral sources, vendors, or leads that you want to stay connected with.

nimble in real estate

Office 365 and G Suite Integration

Nimble is tightly integrated with Office 365 and G Suite, saving time and effort by providing bi-directional syncing right from email, contacts, and calendar. It also creates a unified view of all interactions team members have with their contacts from their Nimble record.

Support Page for Advice and Answers

When you need help, Nimble’s support page is available 24/7. Simply type in the text box field what you are looking to do to surface documentation that will walk you through the steps and show you how to maximize your use of Nimble.

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Nimble helps real estate professionals build and operate their business in a professional, efficient, and effective manner by providing the infrastructure to support critical strategies to generate and win deals.  Today’s fast-moving environment requires automated tools to meet customers’ high expectations. Some of the results mentioned include the following:

  • Decreased time spent researching contacts and manually entering data and increased time spent interacting with customers
  • Increased knowledge about potential and current customers with social insights for every contact
  • Improved target marketing with the ability to segment the database
  • More effective engagement with context and insights for relevant and authentic conversations
  • Refinement of marketing strategy by tracking and analyzing customer interactions to identify which marketing tactics are most effective
  • Better management of sales pipeline with sales opportunity tracking and analysis

“After collecting business cards and building my contact database in Nimble, I now have the ability to send out a group message to all of the buyer agents in my area about a new listing and track the activity for each realtor. I can also set up direct follow up based on the responses I receive. Nimble saves me a ton of time in manual data entry and research so I can spend more time engaging and developing relationships.”

Vincent Sourile, Realtor, eXp Realty

“I put my old contacts in Nimble and sent an email to reconnect, and within 24 hours I already had a response. It’s a great way to recall people that I have lost contact with and stay in touch. I have a hard time keeping track of my tasks, so having all my contacts and reminders in one place is invaluable to me. Nimble helps me manage all my relationships so I can better manage my business.”

Silva Eggers, Broker, Ardain Real Estate


“Nimble helps me stay on top of all my contacts so I can be in touch with them at the right time with the right message to move that relationship forward. With easy access to the history of interactions along with email and social activity, I can better manage and maintain follow up with my contacts. Nimble has helped me to be proactive vs. reactive in the way I approach my market.”

Richard M Hartian, Real Estate Marketing Professional, Winning Agent


Final Thoughts

The real estate professionals that we interviewed all found Nimble to be an extremely valuable asset toward achieving their goals for modern sales and marketing. They plan to continue to use leverage Nimble to help them grow.  

Specifically, they utilize the social CRM to store and access all of their customers in one place, track information about and interactions with them, and capture data points they can use to support targeted marketing. Nimble has proven to be key to supporting business strategies for success.