The Saleshacker’s Prospecting Guide to AngelList Nimble Growth Hacking

What’s the point in selling to small and mid-size businesses (SMBs)?

After all, SMBs are dwarfed in scale by enterprise sales, and there are plenty of small businesses that will be forever modest or outright die.

What may not be so obvious, however, is that SMBs account for 54% of US sales, and they’re responsible for 24% of new patents. Sometimes smallness in size equals greatness in innovation, as nearly half of all American tech workers work in small businesses, and their reliance on tech continues to grow.

Interested in targeting this lucrative segment? Jorge Soto is the man to show you how.

The former inside sales lead at Twitter, Jorge today is co-founder and CEO of, a video production company helping startups and SMBs grow by producing on-demand video content for their marketing efforts.

Recently, Jorge sat down with Mark Fidelman, host of the Nimble Growth Hacking web video series and Fanatics Media CEO, to talk about how he hacks AngelList to source leads and how he uses Nimble to discover contact data, customize outreach and follow-through 10x faster. Get the full scope in the video above, and highlights below.

The AngelList Hack

Inside sales is the lifeblood of FirstCut’s growth engine, according to Jorge, and the main lead source is AngelList, a website for startups, investors, and those seeking work at startups. While does utilize LinkedIn,“. . . it really just complicated our workflow that we didn’t have something that went with us everywhere.”

Jorge and his team became avid Nimble users when the company released Prospector, a built-in sales intelligence feature that enables users to quickly discover emails, phone numbers, and address details.

“When Nimble provided this [sales intelligence tool, I] got incredibly excited because I can not only find contact information within AngelList, but in addition to that I get social information, I get hooks into the CRM, and if I need to export this information. I can do that from the plugin. . . I don’t have to have 25 tabs open; I can just have Nimble open and it goes everywhere with me.”

Historically, the process of locating contact data for leads requires many open tabs, tedious cross-referencing, and is generally considered an inefficient, time-consuming procedure.

Utilizing Nimble, however, Jorge and his team have saved untold hours researching prospects, discovering common grounds for engagement, and eliminating the seemingly endless guesswork for obtaining corporate email addresses and phone numbers for potential leads. This has improved Jorge’s and his organization’s productivity dramatically.

Jorge attributes this success to how effective and intuitive Nimble’s system is:

“I have to say that [Nimble] is really well-designed. Their identity matching is something that they’ve been doing for such a long time; they’ve been one of the organizations that have been able to breakthrough all of the [industry] challenges.”

Part of what makes the system so effective, as Jorge points out, is the comprehensiveness of the data Nimble generates:

“It’s not only about being 10x more efficient and prospecting in general; which if you look at some of these other tools that are no longer around, they were just collecting email addresses. But that’s not enough anymore. We need social information, and that is one of the most powerful attributes of [Nimble]. I’m really excited about continuing to use it.”

Where to Find Jorge

Jorge is genuinely thrilled by the effectiveness and efficiency that Nimble provides his prospecting process.  Today, Nimble enables him and his team to qualify prospects and conduct targeted outreach at unparalleled levels that significantly assist FirstCut in continued growth and success as a startup.

If you want to connect with Jorge Soto, you can leave a comment here, follow his personal Twitter account, FirstCut’s Twitter page, or you can reach out to him on the FirstCut website for on-demand video production services.