How Wot-Link CEO Uses Nimble for Office 365 to Rock Every Meeting

About Wot-Link

Based in Australia, WOT-LINK is an IT consultancy and services firm that helps clients make the most of their IT investments to reduce costs and be more productive. Anthony Miller, Wot-link’s CEO, started the company 11 years ago to help small businesses succeed, recognizing that they were underserved by overbuilt enterprise-grade solutions. For clients overwhelmed by the multitude of offerings available, WOT-LINK seeks out the best cloud solution and applications for their business needs.


The Challenge

To help clients select the right IT solution for their business, Miller created WOT-LINK’s Hyperlink Your Office bundles; personalized, world-class yet low-cost cloud-based solutions. While Miller was looking for a CRM offering to incorporate in the VIP edition bundle, he was also looking for a solution WOT-LINK could use internally.

With contact information stored in multiple systems, visibility among different segments of the business was non-existent, making it difficult to manage and support clients. WOT-LINK also wanted to be able to walk the talk and recommend products and solutions to their clients that they were using themselves.

Miller evaluated several CRM systems including Infusionsoft, Dynamics, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM but none of them fit the bill. He had been watching Nimble evolve and decided to take a closer look.

He ultimately chose Nimble

The Solution

WOT-LINK uses Nimble and Office 365 to integrate contacts from disparate locations into a single platform. Now the company can easily access enriched contact details about their customers and contacts in one location to give WOT-LINK the visibility to better serve their clients.

“Nimble gives us complete visibility into our clients that was not possible before, and that genuinely saves us time and money. And the ability to quickly scan client activity allows me to be more informed when I’m talking to our clients, so we can have more productive discussions,” notes Miller.


In addition, Nimble is ideally suited for the majority of WOT-LINK’s clients. “Nimble is a sweet spot for small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t need the extensive functionality that larger scale CRMs like Salesforce or Dynamics have to offer,” explains Miller. “We tell our clients Nimble is ‘future proof.’ The strategic alignment between Nimble and Microsoft gives them the features, functionality, and capabilities they wouldn’t get out-of-the-box with Microsoft Dynamics without having to spend a fortune and make the effort to onboard another CRM solution that won’t fulfill their needs.”

WOT-LINK integrates Nimble with Web Force 5 for website development and Atera for remote management and monitoring.

The Nimble Experience

Nimble sales intelligence has been instrumental in helping WOT-LINK drive business opportunities and close deals that propel the company’s rapid growth.

As Miller recalls, “Nimble gave me game-changing information on a contact I was about to meet with. In addition to being the CIO, I found out the contact was also the CEO and one of the owners, sat on several boards, and ran a nonprofit. I walked into that meeting much more prepared knowing I was meeting with a critical decision maker. Nimble gave me that insight I wouldn’t have known otherwise.”

In another case, Miller received a referral that contained only a name, email address, and a mobile number. He imported the details into Nimble in seconds. With the information Nimble provided, he had an informed conversation with the CEO of a company funding start-ups and small businesses who were looking for technology solutions — including CRM. Miller shared the story of how much information he had learned about her because of Nimble. Blown away by Nimble’s capabilities, she immediately agreed Nimble had to be incorporated into the technology package.


WOT-LINK also enjoys Nimble’s partner enablement program, which the company has found to be one of the best in the industry. Miller tells us the onboarding material exceeded his expectations and that he was able to put the marketing and costing material to use in the marketplace right away.

“Nimble is really focused on customer success. They make it easy for us to be an effective partner and tell the Nimble story.

Future Plans

WOT-LINK is in the early stages of their Nimble deployment. However, they’re already pushing the envelope wherever they can to further develop their relationship management capabilities for their own use and ultimately, for their clients. Over the next two quarters, they plan to mature their Nimble usage to give them the opportunity to provide more value-added services to their clients.