How To Be Nimble In Twitter

If you are using Twitter for business you might enjoy this post. No matter if you are using Twitter on their native platform or in Hootsuite or any other social media listening app, the chances are, you probably communicate daily with so many people that it is hard to keep track.

Never Miss An Engagement Opportunity

It’s difficult to sort through new followers in Twitter’s interface and figure out who you might want to follow up with because of the way they are displayed. Nimble solves this for you by surfacing engagement opportunities from potentially important contacts in your network based on common areas of interest, their Klout score, and their overall reach and relevance in the social river. It also automatically builds live profiles including people’s other social networks, what they are influential in, etc.

New Followers Displayed in Twitter:

New Followers - Twitter

New Followers Displayed in Nimble:

New Followers - Nimble

* As you can see, Jock was listed completely at the end of my new follower list and I might have missed him. Nimble analyzed him for me based on the areas of interest we share (PR, Startups, Marketing, Social Networks) and brought him to the top on my Today Page in Nimble.

Always Keep Your Promises

Do you participate in Twitter chats or simply engage in discussion on Twitter? Then you might want to write down what you have talked about with certain people and make sure you follow up with everybody and follow through on everything you have promised.

[Tweet “We build our reputation on the promises we fulfill.”]

Our reputation is built on the promises we actually keep and not on what we are going to do 😉 Therefore it is very important to always know when and what we have talked about with certain people. Dunbar’s number tells us that we can successfully keep track of around 150 people only. If you are a business person, you probably interact with way more people than that. The good thing is that we have technology that can help us scale our efforts.

Insights Are Invaluable

The Nimble browser extension allows you to not only take your existing database with you on Twitter but it also gives you insights on people and companies you come across. All you have to do is to hover over or highlight their name.

In order to make a good impression and start conversations in the right way, you need to have enough information and insights about the people you want to connect with. If you want to engage somebody on Twitter, you shouldn’t have to open six more tabs to find something relevant to talk about with them. This is not only time-consuming but ineffective and unscalable. If you are prospecting or doing any kind of outreach, you need to have this information in one place for all the people that you are targeting. Spreadsheets might come to mind. They are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but also ineffective in terms of being able to take further action. Read on and find out how you can use Twitter in tandem with Nimble to take relationships from cold to hot in no time 😉

When going through notifications on Twitter, there’s an option to hover over a contact’s name and see their Twitter bio, their amount of followers, etc.

Shelly Kramer Notification

This information might not be enough for me to reach out to them in a relevant way in which I would stand out in their stream. Especially if we are talking about somebody like Shelly who has over 90K followers. Can you imagine what her notification section must look like? By using the Nimble browser app and hovering over Shelly’s name in Twitter, I can easily obtain all the information available about her in the background. It searches places like Klout, Foursquare, AngelList, etc. and gives me information about where she is from, where she went to school, when her birthday is, what her interests and areas of influence are, if she’s already connected to somebody on the team, and if so, when was a last time she was contacted by the team. This will then provide me with enough information to reach out to her in an authentic way.

Be Nimble In Your Inbox

Do you get notifications from Twitter in your inbox?

Notifications in inbox

You may not know who some of the people that interact with your content are. In this case, I got a notification that Ameer liked one of my tweets. When opening the email, the only information that is displayed is this:

Ameer Rosic liked your Tweet

This information is not enough for me. I have no idea who Ameer is. The good thing is that I can easily find out 😉 Here’s how:

Nimble creates a live profile and starts auto-mapping people’s other social profiles which can help me gather more insights into who they are and if I want to engage further with them (in this case, I found out that Ameer is a serial entrepreneur, an advisor for startups, and is interested in the topic of social selling. In other words, definitely somebody I’d like to connect with. Without the insights, he would just be a notification about a “Like”. Once Nimble creates the live profile, you can decide if you want to add the certain person/company into your database or just move on. If you decide to add them, you can do it straight from your inbox without having to go into the actual app. You also have the option to follow them, add a tag, add a note, create a task for yourself or other team members to follow up with them later, etc.

Social Listening

If you are using social media listening tool like Hootsuite, you probably want to be able to get more insights on people you interact with and be able to take further action on them. Nimble makes it super easy 😉

I get insights on everybody that shows up in my home feed, everybody that likes or retweets me, new followers, people from Twitter chats, people that mention me or anybody I come across on social. The browser extension allows me to bring people into my Nimble database in one click, schedule tasks to follow up, or give them a quick follow. Another big time-saver is the ability to send people emails without having to leave Hootsuite and go to my inbox.


Once you connect your email and Twitter to Nimble, all your conversations will be tracked. No matter what platform you use to email or tweet with people, Nimble remembers your last conversation and makes it easy to surface what it was related to.

Under “Pending & History” on a contact record, you can see all interactions with a certain person (or company), all messages (emails, tweets), deals related to them, notes, calendar events, and attachments.

Paul Bradley Smith, Pending & History Nimble

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